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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Raging of Ancient God
Battle info on wiki:
This is a tough stage. You need high HP and damage, a way to deal with poison or high REC, and a dodge/stalling effect for the boss. 

0 Diamond Clear with Killua + Chrollo, PR Endor, Iori, Septem + Gon and Aggressive Pique Seal to stall CD on the boss

1) Kill light, stall CD on water as long as possible
2a) Spin through
2b) Chrollo + Endor to burst, make sure to avoid fire runes
3) Spin to kill sides, switch and spin to kill middle
4) Stall back all of your CD/EP here. 
4b) Chrollo + Endor
5) Gon
6a) Iori, Killua skill 2, Septem
6b) Spin and DC

Other Teams: 
Azathoth (with Caterpillar for poison and Zhao Yu for stall):
Megumin (with Nyarlathotep for dodge):
Hiei (with Caterpillar for poison):
Namtar (DC to dodge attacks):

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
I used Mesopotamia, Circe, Sariel, YJ, Nidhogg.
The key is to used YJ at last boss and the DC that delayed for 1or2 turn, the rest just spin thru at your best.
circe, sariel, and nid can be replaced.


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