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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Prince of All Demons
What do you guys think about :
Harley, Xi, Ed, Ed, Ed, Harley ??

Super yolo team with low hp.. 8509 hp should be enough to tank ambushes and some hits.. easy to heal 70% of that.. Xi to provide dark runes after R3.. Triple Ed to burst on all 3 bosses..

EDIT: Tried and failed badly.. hahahah.. difficult part is to reach R3 (where we can grind for Xi).. keep having dark rune drought..

Clearing SM/GM with defensive teams ftw~~
dang it, 5 diamonds clear %!#$@!

hesitated between 2 team, Abadon or YJ.
Abadon: afraid of #5, X fire hard to spin... have VR Tyr to convert but... hmm. if use this one, boss stage would be easier. if die, revive no drawback. but no convert to Heart... DC + Fire ss duck?
YJ: before boss stage ok. at boss if revive, Circe down.

decided to go with
YJ (L), Circe, Duncan, Vali, Tyr, DP (A)

planned to use Duncan on #6 and spin best at #7... if skydrop break def, cool. if not, use 2 diamonds to stall till Circe up. Duncan and Tyr at CD8, Vali CD7 should up before Circe. dang, no Medea, this is not the 1st sm having trouble without both Circe & Medea. maybe need to rush Taurus a little bit. planned to pass with 2 diamonds. really concern about #7b dissolve Earth -50%.

didnt break the def, before die, off Circe. so need to stall 8 turns till Circe, Duncan, Tyr up. paid 2 diamonds. killed #7a.
on #7b, Tyr convert, on Circe, Vali, Duncan.... err... did i finish #7b in one turn... anyway, couldnt finish #7c. died... Circe bye. ended up used another 3 diamonds #7c... Sad

if didnt make the purchase, no sure Abadon draw. and surely wont take this sm... the more you got, the more worries eh... well see it as use 5 diamonds to draw a card... and not dupe. still have 1 diamond and Harpy in return...

darn, cant believe use other team (YJ) for the sm... compare with MS Lucy... the sm basically was made for Lucy. this one... heck.

stage #2 and #6 can stall forever till CD up if want to...

since Mastema can put Ed as def breaker... for non Mastema (RGBL) that doesnt have cards with 'ongoing' active skill... Witches, Taurus, etc etc... maybe can get one Belial the hard way. then power level it (KFC maybe) and put in the team if wanna farm. #6 is stallable. Belial skill is a def breaker as well...

RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
PR niddogh + PR niddogh + Green demon dragon +DBK non-PR + byakee + PR barbara all of them all maxed except DBK can do it with 1 diamond. the diamond is for R-7.1

i made it with 3 dimes because i had not the DC in the final stage of the boss and didnt burst enough, (that 7.5M HP...) and ended dying two more times.

I'm from Spain, so excuse my language mistakes, "beaches" Big Grin

[Image: giphy.gif]

ID 65664166
Simple, simple clear with Abadon

Abadon + VR tyr,PR Medea,PR Agatha,PR Fire ED + Abadon

R1: Murder green, stall 3 turns, murder dark. Try not to one shot them both on first turn
R2: Team has low-ish regen, just stall until you cant and destroy him. Use PR Agatha if you're threatened. Use DC at end to filter earth runes
R3: Use Fire ED (green > heart), one shot this bitch
R4: 1-2 shot dark one and leave the water one for 5 turns. All skills should be available now, destroy the water demon with one proper spin
Now for some fun
R5: Turn on medea, use agatha + fire ED, OHKO. Show him the power of 1c
R6: VR Tyr, OHKO. Can't 1c, I think. Just spin 3-4c
Make sure you memorise board while moving to boss
Make sure you memorise board while moving to boss
Make sure you memorise board while moving to boss
R7.1: Using the memorised board, one shot the first form despite the 9 ? runes
R7.2: Whole field earth runes? Earth = Fire. Use Abadon skill, spin a good 5-7c + DC > OHKO
R7.3: Turn off Medea. Grind 3 turns, you'll only be hit once for 10k. Abadon + Medea + agatha + fire ED > OHKO

This stage is a little too easy with this set up. Only R3 poses a threat because I sometimes reach R3 in the 3rd turn = GG
(04-02-2016, 03:53 AM)Arigato Wrote: Total ATK absorption is 13895
Multiplier is 7x (Nidhogg 3.5, dagon 2)
13895 * 7 = 97265
To break 1000000 with Novalis (without ursula carry to cthugha), you need to spin like 4 set 7 combo with 1 sword to achieve the damage. With Ursula, you only need to reach 666687 on Novalis, which takes 3set 6combos 1sword or 3set 7combos.

Oh arigato.... I almost win with 0 dime. T.T
That high defense is no worry. Use the strategy filter dark rune and several other runes for nice combo at round 6.
Ursula skill still active, that high def broke by ctugha.

I died at final burst, I didnt make fire ecnhanted, hence the body healed, revived just to slap him to die.
Relatively easy 0 diamond clear with PR Yukionna (L) + Robert, PR Pisces, PR Ao Guang, Flygja + Azazel (A).

All maxed team with successive frenzied pattern craft (fiend connection craft) that has the skill "damage received will not lead to your damage for 1 round). This craft is necessary. Without it, you'll definitely eat 1 diamond on wave 7-1.

Wave 1: Target dark dragon and kill within 4 turns. Activate Pisces if necessary. After that, can take your time with the earth dragon.
Wave 2: Stall for CD as required. Activate Flygja and spin normally.
Wave 3: Activate Yukionna as required. If the starting board has no heart runes, consider using craft to store fire runes for Yukionna to convert. You only need 20 heart runes.
Wave 4: Target Mastema and KO her within 3 rounds. This deck can tank both hitting at the same time. If it's OVR Ao Guang instead of PR Ao Guang, should be able to tank both at the same time. Use Pisces as required.
Wave 5: Burst with Ao Guang and Robert and down Abaddon within 3 rounds..
Wave 6: Stall for CD as required (don't form and dissolve enchanted runes). Activate Flygja, bring down Samael down to about half life then burst with Ao Guang, Robert (and Azazel or Pisces if necessary).
Wave 7-1: Dissolve water or most abundant rune on the board to attack every turn. When the wing is as CD 1, activate craft. This will save you 1 diamond.
Wave 7-2: Stall for CD. Activate Flygja when ready. Use Yukionna and Ao Guang to heal as required.
Wave 7-3: Full burst. Remember to dissolve at least 1 enchanted rune.
Regular ally (all maxed): Guan Yu / PR Jia Rou (weekends)
Other allies available upon request
UID: 25661324
Guild: AC Slackers  (Guild No.: 1563)
I got a 0 diamond clear with a Nidhogg team consisting of: Pr Usrula, PR Cthuga, PR NOvalis, PR Xi, PR Nidhogg x2
It was quite a nerve wracking clear but it was well worth it. Round 3, 5 and 6 are the hardest with 6 being the most difficult to maneuver. I must admit though, it was enjoyable actually having to really think about how to clear a stage for once instead of just blitzing it. So even though my clear was quite long at 74 rounds, it was still fun to have to use my spinning skills. I am happy with both my clear and the stage design so this was a good day of TOSing.
BigMack: 65467877
Main Allies-  Killua (WIP), Anubis                      
Other Allies: PR Athena IV, PR Poseidon IV, PR Nidhogg , PR Artemis IV,  PR Apollo IV, VR Tyr

I'm planning to enter this SM with a LHY+wukong grind team, about how much diamonds I need to throw to pass R1 and is Septem required?
‘Well...A sissy is more educated than a m-o-n-k-e-y.’

MH confirmed Arthur is Wukong
(04-02-2016, 06:03 AM)Arigato Wrote:
(04-02-2016, 05:10 AM)joetjef Wrote: Yeah, they just announced a change of skills for the 2nd and 4th round:

Quote:[Adjustments on Enemy Skills in Ultimate Stage “Prince of All Demons” Announcement] ( 2016 / 4 / 2 )

Some enemy skills in Ultimate Stage “Prince of All Demons” (which started on Apr 1 at 22:00, UTC+8) were appeared as abnormal and we’ve already made relevant adjustments on Apr 2 at 02:40, UTC+8. The details are as follows:
1. In the Second Battle, the skill of “Foul Dragon of Corrupting Maggots” has been changed to “All Heart and Earth Runestones will be locked in the first Round and also as Summoner receives Damage from the enemy. If any of the Locked Runestones remains, the enemy recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt by Summoner in the Round”;
2. In the Fourth Battle, the skill of “Mastema” has been changed to “Each Round before Summoner starts moving Runestones, 1 random Runestone will be weathered. If any Weathered Runestone is touched, Runestone movement will be stopped immediately and a Damage of 3,000 will be dealt to Summoner. The Weathered Runestones remain after the enemy is defeated”.

To express our apologies, we will be giving compensation to all Summoners. Details will be announced on our TOS Official Facebook Page later. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and greatly appreciate your patience.


So, it is essentially april fool for people who fight it right after 10pm...
Even better, guess what the compensation is?

1 diamond!! Hooray.

[Adjustments on Enemy Skills in Ultimate Stage "Prince of All Demons" and Compensation Announcement] ( 2016 / 4 / 2 )

Our Team has noticed the enemy skills in Ultimate Stage “Prince of All Demons” (which started on Apr 1 at 22:00) were appeared as abnormal in particular circumstances, and we have already fixed the problem on Apr 2 (Sat) at 02:40, UTC+8.
To compensate for the impact on Summoners, Summoners will receive Diamond x 1 as compensation. Summoners can log in to the game and receive the compensation during Apr 3 (Sun) 00:00 – Apr 9 (Sat) 23:59. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
(The compensation is only applicable to Summoners who have reached Level 10 or above before Apr 2, 23:59)
[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
well... since i didnt go in before the changes... i'm cool with that compensation.

btw, need to confirm something...
the right part of the boss has this effect: Enfeeble 50% ‧ Earth

lets say team atk 10k. when enter 7-2:
#1: cant kill it, dissolve Earth, team atk become 5k
#2: still cant kill it, still dissolve Earth, team atk become 2.5k
my understanding correct? or just -50% only once?
RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays

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