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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] On Generation & Corruption
Battle info on wiki:

General strategy: 
A number of stages are tailored to machina teams - high enemy attacks (sometimes initial), 40 hit shield, the last stage locking attacks of non-machina 
Darwin/Galileo and Pompeii are both fine here. Einstein may have some problems on the enchanted 5 colour shield on stage 2. 

1) Kill 1 and stall CD on the other as long as possible. If you have enough rec, you can do this by dissolving light runes. 
2) Use active skill (e.g. Darwin) to create an enchanted board. You might be able to spin through or need to use DC to help here
3a) A dark converter is helpful to get through this. Ideally you want to kill it at CD 2 which makes the next stage easier. 
3b) Burst it down. 
4) The petrified runes don't regenerate, so you can either dissolve the layers manually or bring a defense breaker. 
5a) Grind through until you clear the 40 hits. The witch biweeklies or Snowball are good options to speed things up.
5b) Burst with whatever you have available. If you don't have machina team members, you can bring an unlocker or use DC. 

Sample Teams: 
1* Clear (3+ Races) with Dual Pompeii + Smilodon, Pompeii, Ghroth, PR Uriel and Aggressive Pique Seal for 2 turn delay in emergency

1) Spin through while stalling CD and making enchanted runes
2) Smilodon when ready, spin through if you have the required runes. DC if not. 
3a) Spin through using Pompeii to full heal if needed. Ghroth when ready
3b) Pompeii 
4) You can spend 1-2 turns stalling back CD here. Uriel, Pompeii to move on. 
5a) Spin through, use Pompeii to heal and generate extra attacks.
5b) Burst down with Pompeii and DC

2* Clear (3+ Attributes, Different Leader and Ally) with Galileo + Turing, PR Baihu Machina Form, PR Baphomet Machina Form, Darwin + Darwin and Aggressive Pique Seal for 2 turn delay in emergency

1) Kill one and stall CD on the other
2) Darwin
3a) Baphomet for dark runes. On turn 2, Galileo and Darwin
3b) Spin through with DC
4) Baihu to break defense
5) Spin through. Turing to help clear the board and for damage reduction in emergency. Darwin to help burst down once the 40 hit shield is gone. 
5b) Full burst with any skills that are up plus DC

Other Teams: 
0* Pompeii:
2* Cathieves:
2* Cathieves:
2* Darwin/Galileo:
2* Darwin/Galileo:
2* HxH:
2* Lionel/Darwin:
1* Ying Zheng:
1* Ying Zheng:

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Safe farming team + 1* Achievement (3+ Attributes)

Lucy + Erza/Wendy/Kurapika/Laxus + Lucy ally (preferably with Heart of Fantasia) + Any craft

1) Attack only the left mob by dissolving less than 5 Hearts and kill. Stall all CDs by dissolving Light. Use Erza if you don't have Light runes on the board. Use Wendy as needed to make sure you have Hearts for full recovery every turn. Once all CDs are up, kill 2nd mob without dissolving Light.
2) Use Wendy, Lucy, Kurapika 1st skill then Jellal.
3A) Spin. This will be a relatively long round. Attempt to dissolve as many Dark runes when enemy is at CD1. Use Wendy and Lucy when the shield is down.
3B) Use Erza, Wendy, Lucy and DC.
4) Spin and dissolve the petrified runes accordingly. The team should be able to tank the hits and recover fully. Use Wendy's skill liberally.
5A) Grind through. Once the shield is down, switch Kurapika and use Absolute Time, then use Wendy then Lucy.
5B) Kurapika's 2 buffs should still be up. Use Lucy then Erza. Dissolve as many runes as possible then DC.

Team I ended up using for farming:
[Image: KLe9qiOl.png]
Einstein - Mecha Qinglong - Descartes - Edison - Mecha Cthulhu
DC: Store runes.

R1: Stall for CD/Charge fuel to 100% (Can use Cthulhu to speed up fuel charging). When going into R2, try to remove water from the board.
R2: Make sure you have fire/light/dark/earth on the board. If not, there are a few rounds to clear excess runes and all water. Once you have all four non-water attributes, use Einstein and Edison and dissolve all four colors (water will dissolve thanks to Einstein's active). Can use DC and store dark runes. From now on keep Einstein on at all times.
R3a: Dissolve dark runes and kill in 2 turns. You can take extra time here if you fail to kill.
R3b: Mecha-Qinglong to kill.
R4: Need to 1 hit kill. Use Cthulhu to increase damage runes, Descartes and stack runes to remove two layers in one turn.
R5a: Grind until 40 hits are up. Use Cthulhu and Edison and kill.
R5b: Mecha-Qinglong, DC to kill.

Various Other Clears (2* Lucy, 2* Darwin/Galileo, 1* Aqua):
No walkthroughs because I don't remember what I did.

ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
I used Gon Killua team. Somehow boss 2 didn't lock any member's skill. Quite easy for 1HKO.

For farming, YZ is safe and fast.
ID: 25.610.510

Welcome all friend request.
(02-24-2019, 10:09 PM)kukingkong Wrote: I used Gon Killua team. Somehow boss 2 didn't lock any member's skill. Quite easy for 1HKO.

For farming, YZ is safe and fast.

Did you use Kurapika? Absolute Time prevents skills to be locked.
Catthieves are a reasonably safe team to farm although they're somewhat grindy.

Ghostie + Ghostie + Plumpy + Wimpy + Zero + Zero
Wimpy for unlock on 5b to burst is required due to the trojan and 94M hp.
Ghostie lead preferred to avoid the weathered dark runes on R2a which convert to enchanted.

R1: Avoid dissolving light, no need to stall. Try to have all 5 attributes on the board before entering R2 if possible.
R2: Make any additional attributes you need, can use craft to stall for additional round if needed. No need for burst since you'll dissolve at least 5 combos to pass.
R3a: Ghostie lead will unweather dark runes. Normal spin to clear 15 dark shield. Then Ghostie + Zero to burst so you don't have to keep grinding.
R3b: Ghostie + Zero for full burst again due to trojan attack.
R4: Stall by not dissolving all petrified runes right away, they don't come back so keep one on the board until all skills are back active. Then manual spin to kill.
R5a: Manual spin, dissolve 3 electrified runes and additional combos until 40 hits are done. You can't die if you make at least 4 combos due to team skill healing. Ghostie + Zero for full burst once you've hit it 40 times.
R5b: Unlock with Wimpy. Activate Plumpy for attack boost. Activate Ghostie + Zero + craft for full burst.
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