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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Oath to Erase Humanity
Ended up using Haza + Mufasa, Pluma, Aloha, Panda + Haza (in that order)

Died once at boss because I killed Shermie too quickly and didn't have any actives. Restarted and stalled on Round 4 this time. Pretty easy.
Stage 1 kill water, light, earth in that order. Try to kill light within 2 rounds if possible, if not, try to kill by 4th. Kill earth last. I didn't stall here.
Stage 2 Stall stage. Turn Panda on when ready and clear all hearts.After all actives are up and the debuff is gone, kill.
Stage 3a kill without actives
Stage 3b reactivate Panda. I stalled 3 turns here, but mainly I was just whittling down his hp. When ready to kill, activate Haza 2nd skill, Mufasa, Pluma. Spin + DC.
Stage 4 try to dissolve 1 set of light on initial dissolve so you don't hit her and your buffs go away. Stall by either not dissolving too many earth, or by doing 1 or 2 initial dissolve lights. Turn Panda off and try to get his active back up before killing. I didn't use Aloha here, but it could be used.
Stage 5a turn Panda back on. You have 3 turns to lower his hp some. After 3rd turn, use Haza 2nd skill, Mufasa, Pluma. If you have too many light, you can use Aloha, but use him first so his extended time gets pushed out instead of something else.
Stage 5b stall for all actives. I wouldn't hit him too hard. Again, use Aloha first, then Haza 2nd skill, Mufasa, Pluma. Spin + DC. He was still only hitting me 2x when I killed him.

DC I used was 3* opal with 50% beast attack increase

Was nice that this stage was 3 days instead of 2.

Cleared with:
kyo kim mai iori chizu kyo

why two kyos? because he is the lowest cd dupe i have. died multiple times with other cards with free stamina. still had to eat a dime at boss because mh creep gms just increase hp as they run out of ideas.

also cleared with:
haza inari panda VRdbk mufasa haza

no dimes but too much grind. Increased hp for all rds creeped everything including beasts. too much grinding to be fun.

Died many times and gave up on hideyoshi. basically u cant stall with hideyoshi. Quite a few sm I try hideyoshi and cant stall even with no actives. skyfall gets me all the time. 1 skyfall and ur done. totally depends on luck.

The sm card is not worth it. Yeah u can use it for certain stages but in the end u just get 1 more condition that makes it harder not easier.


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