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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Nemesis of Justice
Stage Info:

1) Team or members with quick Light rune generation
2) Team or members with quick Heart rune generation
3) Full board enchanter/exploder
4) Card that increases combo count
5) Card that removes or converts away Dark runes

2* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally, All Light)
Ultraman Tiga - AR Jiang Ziya*/Ultraman ORB*/Jiutian Xuannu*/AR Luna* - Ultraman Tiga
Craft: Molded Seal - Exquisite (or any craft)

*JZY can be replaced by other Light Gods that produce Heart runes like Dionysus, Daikokuten provided you can stall for CD before wave 3.
*If you have Xuannu in the team or you're confident that you can do 9 combos, ORB can be replaced by other damage-boosting Light members like He Xian'gu, Kuafu, or Kubera.
*Likewise, Luna can be replaced by any of the previously mentioned alternatives. She does provide nice spin time extension and added attack buff via her AR skill.

2* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally, 3+ Attributes)
Lucy - Erza/Wendy/Laxus/Jellal* - Lucy
Craft: Spiral Tyrannical Spell (or any craft that allows filtering runes)

*Jellal can be replaced by cards that can solve full-board masking, and locking like Camera of Kurapika, Shion, or Seiya or exploders like CF Chang'e or Shiryu. But do take note that Jellal is preferable for the Attack and HP boost with Erza.

Other teams:
Ultraman ORB (2*):
Seiya (2*):
Jabir (2*):
Xiwangmu (2*):
Erza (2*):
Nuwa (2*):
Thor (2*):

Anyone farming this card? Stage seems a bit easy.

(08-11-2019, 07:09 AM)Lordshado Wrote: Anyone farming this card?  Stage seems a bit easy.

I farm with lucy team.


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