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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Midland Conquest
Battle Info:
Also in screenshots below
[Image: bc339154cbd2668c9e9eb2cb5e7c4afb.jpg]

[Image: a432755fb169afd853bbc13d43409c16.jpg]

[Image: faac1723cd88dd0d532c9977408bd0c9.jpg]

[Image: 46ad6c7e6b4dd622d1917947a6be4788.jpg]

[Image: 72a4f4d8749e7ced358f4cf35e019983.jpg]

All dark
All light
Demon Leader + Ally

DC Reward:

Apologies that these achievement videos are with premium teams, but the stage is pretty difficult. 

2* Clear (Dark Team, Demon Leader + Ally) with Dual Stan + 2x VR Odin, Anubis, Tsukuyomi

1, 2a) grind, turn on anubis when ready
2b) burst down with odin 2.5x
3) grind, make an enchanted light rune
4a) spin and kill with satan, turn off anubis before moving on
4b) tsukuyomi, odin convert, anubis, satan
5) grind through
6a) odin skill 1
6b) anubis back on, odin skill 1, satan, dc

1* Clear (Light Team) with Dual TSZ + mina fusion, PR Ra, Camera

1) grind
2a) grind, stall for all actives
2b) mina fusion, tsz
3) ra, mina convert
4a) mina delay to stall back cd, spin and kill when ready. use camera in emergency
4b) dc to prep board, tsz + camera to burst 
5) stall for everything
6a) spin, tsz if needed
6b) everything left,  mina stall if available

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Nice work! Doesn't look impossible from your videos but not sure I've the concentration to farm him at this difficulty.

Those who just want a 0D clear can grind with dual Haza team.
Haza, medusa, booster, panda, booster, Haza.

Strategy ..... Just grind thru everything lol ....

Thanks aahlsy for doing the thread!

I think I will pass this craft, I can probably get the mono dark and leader ally demon but my light leaders are not good fire this stage.

Enviado desde mi BLL-L23 mediante Tapatalk
ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.

Zero-Diamond clear possible with the new Puppet team. I choked on the boss stage and ate one Diamond.

Yi Yeh Shu + Yi Yeh Shu / Arthur / PR Endor / Ye Shiao Chai + Ye Shiao Chai

Like aahlsy, apologies for the premium team; This SM is fucked...

Basically, I followed this guy:

Stage 1: Grind for CDs. Make sure you have 10k+ HP to tank the First Strike on the next stage.
Stage 2.1: Turn on YSC.
Stage 2.2: Burst with YYS. Make sure you dissolve all Light runes to trigger the conversion.
Stage 3: Burst with remaining turn on YYS.
Stage 4.1: Turn off YSC to convert and burst.
Stage 4.2: Turn on YSC, burst with YYS, Arthur and Endor. Make sure you dissolve a set of Fire to ignore DEF.
Stage 5: Grind for CDs.
Stage 6.1: Burst with YYS. Try to dissolve all Light runes in case you don't burst him down in one turn.
Stage 6.2: Burst with YYS, Arthur and Endor. If not enough, burst with DC on second turn.

Look at these ridonkeys videos on the Chinese side though, lol...

Fully electrified board
Dual PR Sirius clear
[Image: mrvUKKA.png]
Also available (AM): All VR Greek, KOF Kyo/Mai/Iori, LDB
UID: 22963116
Farming with Lu Bu | Diaochan | Refined Odin | Yomi | Lancelot + Lu Bu. It's a little tankier than Satan would be so there's a little bit of room for error.

1: Kill ASAP, since you can't keep a single one alive to grind. If you do take a hit, try to heal up.
2: Grind here instead. Leave one lightning undissolved so you don't do any damage, and then you just have to deal with 15k CD2. Once you're done grinding, activate Lancelot's buff and move on. Lancelot's convert can be activated here if runes are short when dealing with the reborn form.
3: Yomi to clear out the lightning and enchant some runes. If there's a shortage of attack runes, Lu Bu can be used here. Do NOT use Lancelot's convert after Yomi, he'll give you a whole board of Dark and that won't help with the next wave. Spin and DC.
4A: You should hopefully have some enchanted Light on the board, whether from Yomi or DC. Just spin, using Odin's convert+enchant if necessary for more Dark runes.
4B: Lu Bu + Diaochan, Odin boost, and spin.
5: Grind your actives back. This part is a little tricky. Avoid making any groups of 5 if you're also dissolving Dark runes, and conserve Hearts where possible.
6A: Yomi, Lu Bu convert, Lancelot convert. This gives you a fully enchanted board next turn.
6B: Lu Bu + Diaochan, Odin boost, Lancelot boost, DC.
Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

SM History Chart | Amel List
Active Skill Catalog (Spreadsheet)
did this with:
aloha dodo furi panda medusa haza

no need for dual haza because rd4a&b and 6b will kill u anyhow. better to take a 5x leader. medusa and haza to stall.

4a doesnt need more than normal spin with furi, dodo and panda then full burst 4b

One mistake i made was killing rd5 and 6a too quick and not allowing dc to come back up. The next try i just whiffed rd5 to kill my furi and dodo then just grinded them back. rd5 and 6a are grindable with just panda on.

There is no team passive and this card will not help much on a stage like this so no need to waste stamina on it.

first stage with 45mill boss and 10+ mill miniboss. This is bad because the pili puppets dont solve this. The opposite is true here as the puppets arent really better than teams since last year at handling this.

boss has 44 mill hp and when u get him lvl99 he has 2800 hp. Not enough thought into this.
Tried couple of times (3 times for light team achievement and 2 times for dark demon achievements) to get 0 diamond clear.

TSZ, Minamoto and fusion buddy, PR RA, Colin.

Satan, VR Odin, Yocto, Anubis, Yomi.
dang, these recent sm... #$&%@

based on @KaerfNomekop team with some modif coz dun hav Lancelot.

LuBu (L), Diaochan, Odin, Yomi, SGB, LuBu (A)

failed multiple times. especially on what to replace Lancelot. went with Morris first, thought high recovery good to stall. came in mind Wawel as well, CD5 leech. or Edward short CD burst. but seems LuBu team is crazy powerful, what really need is a converter.

step by step just follow the original posting. some note...

#1: i cant really spin 2 or 3 group of 5 runes. so i used 1st turn to prepare and 2nd turn to KO
#2: hope no heart drought. failed lots of times here as well... if lots of Hearts, great.
#5: low HP can KO it, but to stall CD back, i used 1 dime to revive here.

and didnt realize boss 1st HP, electrified all Light runes if Dragon or Elf in the team. thought Dragon Elf for Atk 2x and electrified Light is sure happen :/

2 dimes refill, 1 dime revive. got 1 dime back and a Harpy. think i just Harpy this guy. shit.

done Smile
RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays

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