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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Ma Chao the Alpacaherd
Did ignore puzzle shield dc breaks 7a by dissolving fire rune outside the box?

Did the obvious VR Heph and KOF clears, but those have already been covered, so here's a Zhurong clear:

[Image: LUt2RiEl.png]

Sun Hsiao Mei for the puzzle shield, Yukimura to clean up the attack debuff, Yashiro to give constant damage boost and ignore the 7 combo shields.
Cai Wenji on the weathered runes and the boss. You can use Zhurong (whichever's higher) on all of the Trojans and the boss, IIRC.  

For Liu Bei, spin first and then use DC to store the remaining fire runes.

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Gonna go in with zhurong then. Wish me luck!

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Zero diamond full Fire elf Sakura clear is possible, I died twice on 7.1 but it was my fault.
Full burst on troyan when around of half hp left.
Marchosias isn't really necessary, last boss won't kill you anyway.
Alas, 7.1 is fairly long grind without ignore puzzle shield DC.
[Image: caGBXc0.png]

* Leader and Ally are Human
* Team consisting of 3 or more different Attributes (excluding team skills)

Team note:
* the order: since boss 2nd HP marks left and right column, to maintain Kyo's active, put 3 Fire on the left. So can just spin 2nd and 3rd column to maintain Kyo's active.
* Sakuro for the healing, Athena for burst and damage reduction.
* Tristan CD4 and choose 1 column to convert, good for healing and strategic position convert. Especially good at puzzle shield, boss 1st HP. i was 'lucky' cleared on 1st try Smile
* i choose Yashiro over Circe, just for increase combo, increase healing.
* KOF rare i only have Kyo, so... only put him in the team.

[Image: HoYzOhh.png]

* Team consisting of only Fire members (excluding team skills)
Seth for X Weathered runes.

[Image: tJcNwfR.png]

* Team consisting of 3 or more different Attributes (excluding team skills)
3 Attr variant Smile
Better grind till Kyo 3 stacks and active up again before entering X Weathered runes. So can use Kyo's active to explode the board.
The 4th member can be anything, card that changes attr to Fire.

if have DC that can delay Earth enemy, use it... i used this
Molten Intimidating Opal. only 2 stars, but good Big Grin
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King of fighter has already been covered and VR fire greek is a free clear. Posting this as a mono fire/leader + ally human alternative.

[Image: eaf8d1c8d35829715460bf995027275a.png]

Hardest stage is stage one, you can either try to kill one before you die or grind untill one of your actives is ready. Your best bet is the last one, clear as much of the board as possible but keep 3 heart runes if possible and keep healing. The rest of the battle is relatively safe, just burst 3b with Rococco and Sun Hsiao Mei then use Princess star on stage 4 with Scrooge to make sure you kill stage 4. Craft is not needed anywhere so you can even use it to help you on stage one if you can charge it.
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Wanted allies: anyone who is active

Well, I 3 star cleared with Heph and KOF. I always hate playing KOF, especially since I mostly only have the f2p cards anyway and I haven't fully trained any of them.

Heph - Chessia - Shakuro - Bedivere - Medea + Heph.
Mai - Yashiro - Terry - Chizuru - Benimaru + Kyo

I feel like the only card that really matters with Heph is Shakuro, everything else is just fluff. Heph + Shakuro is basically an elf team without tumbler.

Yashiro was the star of KOF because he adds to base combos and not ex. combos, so 7+ is only 4 combos with him, trivializing the early 7+ ex and the debuff. Did 30 fire manually, it's not so hard because that wave has 2CD. Otherwise, it's pretty much just grind and burst the whole way through.
[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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