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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Lunar Eclipse Nightmare
What about a diablo team with 4 newborn elves for Nightmare mode ?
the tricky round should be the 1st all the other should be safe since most of the CD are 3 or 4.
on some safe round, heart runes can be collected at bottom of screen to be able to burst on next stage (when the next stage have more than one enemy for example).

What do you think ?

According to the Chinese Wiki, SM Achievements are:
  • 3 or more Dark team members.
  • Clear in 15 turns or less.
  • 3 or more God team members.

Looks very doable while working towards the guild Achievement bonus rewards.

[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
Cleared with 0 dia using pr faugn+ 2 rgb ed + novalis + ursula + daji.

Hardest part is stage 2. You need to be careful but its still fairly easy.

Stage 1 : stall as long as you can. Try making as many enchanted runes (any color except light), while trying to stay alive.
2 : use all converts possible, and even ursula even novalis is not up. Hope you can kill this guys in 4 turns.
3: just spin quickly and make sure the 3 does not hit you at the same time.
4.just use your runespinning skill to the best. If you can hit 5 combos on aberage he will attack you at 8k/turn which is still doable.
5: try to kill both at once. You can still grind through even you make a mistake though. faugn
7. Kill him normally without using your heart converters.
8. Heal to the max with your heart converters on. 4 turns should be enough to deal with him.
9. Blast away with ursula
10.waste a turn on your ursula to grind. Try to stall until ursula is up again as it is easier to stall here.

10b. Non-colored rune is much harder than i thought since we are not used to it. But he is grindable with 2 heart converters. Once ursula is up(or already up) blast him away with daji + ursula.

Much more challenging than the previous 2 nightmares imo.

Alright. Just cleared both SM and NM with the same team. Don't despair if you have a half-assed Dragon team like me with no Ursula. No diamonds needed!

PR Faugn, Evil Gargoyle Golem, PR Cthuga, PR Dagon, Novalis + Ursula Ally.
All Ameliorated 4 except for EGG at 3. And CD Maxed except for Faugn at 13

Ameliorated 2 EGG is useful because of the enchantment effect. Otherwise you might need to spin for enchanted runes for round 2. But doing that would mean accidentally killing the round 1 mobs a bit too quickly.

R1: Stall as much as you can, they don't hurt a lot.
R2: If Novalis isn't up yet, continuing stalling here. I used EGG here to kill the fire wolf first. Remember that you are stalling for Faugn as well.
R3: Novalis should be up by now, 250k damage isn't difficult either. Just spin normally and/or convert if needed to kill both.
R4: Faugn's active
R5: Use Ursula's active here, make sure you kill in one turn, convert everything you can, but save some for Round 6.
R5: Target Lunar Sirius, 1 shot him with your remaining 1 turn of burst from Ursula. And slowly grind down the other 2 wolves.

R1: Same deck as before. Kill one first and stall CD with the other. My deck only has 22k HP, hence the need to kill one first if their CD happen to be synced.
R2: EGG is handy here once again. Also, would be nice to have both Ursula and Novalis ready. I didn't have Novalis ready but Ursula's burst is enough here.
R3: 2nd burst from Ursula for the elf and the wolf. Stall on the remaining mob.
R4: Stall/Convert and heal when needed. >7 combo might leave you here for a while.
R5: Bring both to about 20% and just kill them both together, nothing special here.
R6: Faugn's active.
R7: Stall if needed, nothing special again.
R8: You have 2 turns to recover 91% of your HP. Cthuga and Dagon <3 Try to keep their actives
R9: Ursula
R10.1: Second burst from Ursula should kill this first form rather easily.
R10.2: Just recognize the runes and plan your route properly before spinning. Should be able to stall another 6 turns till Ursula is active again.

Cheers Smile
Cleared with 0 diamonds using PR Faugn IV (L) + PR Water Ed IV, PR Fire ED IV, Novalis II, Ursula II + PR Daji (A).

Here's how I did it.

Stage 1: Try to stall as long as you can but it's pretty hard with a Faugn deck since healing attacks. Try to make and store an enchanted rune when you need to kill the 2nd leopard.
Stage 2: Kill as fast as you can. This is the toughest part of the whole battle.
Stage 3: The masked runes disappear when you start spinning. Target Lamia and get rid of her first since her skill is the most irritating. If that's done within 3 turns, go for the werewold since the pawn has first hit shield. This is where I store cd for Novalis and PR Daji.
Stage 4: I used 1 converter, Ursula and PR Daji for major overkill.
Stage 5: Convert and kill both together with Ursula's active.
Stage 6: I stalled a bit for Ursula before using PR Faugn.
Stage 7: I used 1 converter and Ursula to kill (my Ursula is cd 8). (EDIT: on my second run, realised that no need to burst here, can just grind down normally)
Stage 8: Convert and kill with Ursula's active.
Stage 9: Stall until Ursula is ready then activate and kill.
Stage 10 first life: I wanted to waste a turn so as to stall for Ursula, but sky drop ended up killing with Ursula's active.
Stage 10 second life: Be careful and heal until Ursula is ready. Convert, use Ursula and PR Daji together to kill.
Regular ally (all maxed): Guan Yu / PR Jia Rou (weekends)
Other allies available upon request
UID: 25661324
Guild: AC Slackers  (Guild No.: 1563)
#16 much as I hate to say it, Dragons have their way easy again through this. But please be assured that this isn't due dragons, it's due Daji. It's always Tower of Daji. Heck, you know what team composition is OP? Skydrop+Daji, now that's OP!

Nightmare with bread-and-butter ED-Ursula-Novalis team:
Round 1: Stall as much as possible. Kill one, leave the other alive for experimenting. At the end of its expiry date, make Fire, Water, Dark and Heart enchanted runes by doing some match-5s.
Round 2: Both converters should be up. Skydrop accidentally killed me through stage 1, so it's teeteringly dangerous here. My damage output wasn't certain until both converters are up. I proceed to chain 5 of either Earth or Fire in case Dark runes aren't available while keeping Water enchanteds available. By skydrop, I slain the beast before it struck.
Round 3: Blast all 3 to oblivion, starting with Lamia, Wolf, and then Knight guy. Remove inconvenience, then the next possible target, then the next possible threat.
Round 5: Due Ursula's 2-turn burst, MOAR DAJINESS
Round 6: Skydrop+Daji done put the nail in the coffin. Failed to stall.
Round 7: Keep them hearty attacks coming, CD3 is an easy blow to recover from.
Round 8: Use a converter or two, depending on the state of your board. Healing to full health with 3 sets of heart runes is very much possible.
Round 9: Ursula blast. Convert or Daji your way through if you're not confident with your board.
Round 10: Second Ursula blast or just keep dissolving 2 or 3 sets of hearts.
Final round: For your concern, the skill might look useless, but combined with 4mil health and the apparent gradient in some runestones, you will have to carefully calculate your way through this. If Daji is up, wait for Ursula and commence elf-on-dragoness les-action and the dark dawg (and the 100% PR component) will be yours.
UID:29234960 | PRFaugnIVMAX, PRAthenaIVMAX,PRNidhoggMAX, PRNezhaIVMAX
Guild ID: 2016 | Join us in this fateful year! 

Mono light Greek clear. 

[Image: e75c5880.jpg]

We're [SG] Eärendil

Aiya Eärendil Elenion Ancalima!
Tried it with that exact greek light team (mine isnt as high level or cd.. but still has over 17.2k hp needed to survive the evo material stage) and lost 8 diamonds and no clear Sad 
That guy made it look so much easier

SM clear using usual Loki team with PR Wukong inside, basically grind all skills at enchanted shield enemy, activate WK at stage before boss and kill all enemies, at boss normal spin both minion will die, activate all skills to kill boss

My ultra fast NM clear 21 turns in 6 min using Apollo ML team

Super simple with this setup, basically just clear board

Before meeting the AOD, activate ML and PR Yan and just clear full board, skydrop will do the job

Activate Minamoto to heal at first form of boss and also first Apollo, second form use second Apollo and Luna and you're done

@Cluster, would you mind pinning my video at OP, thanks Smile
[Image: fdsffsd_1.png]
Dark Greek is the only option unless there is a way to grind through

My only option

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