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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Long for Friendship
Cleared all Achievements with two teams.

Mono Dragon + Same Leader-Ally: Azathoth + Copper Bullet / PR Novalis / PR Nidhogg / Colin + Azathoth (Filtering DC)

Wave 1: Grind for CDs.
Wave 2: Target the right mob and spin through.
Wave 3: Colin.
Wave 4: Azathoth.
Wave 5.1: Grind through, using Nidhogg's heal and Copper Bullet's dodge as needed.
Wave 5.2: Spin through.
Wave 6: Turn on Novalis and clear board with Azathoth.
Wave 7.1: Clear board with DC.
Wave 7.2: Burst with Colin.

Mono Light: Kurapika + Sondra / PR M&M / Morse / YYS + Kurapika

Wave 1: Stall for CDs. Try to have Kurapika up at least.
Wave 2: Turn on the Ally Kurapika and target the right mob.
Wave 3: M&M's conversion active.
Wave 4: Transform Kurapika, then Absolute Time + Nen.
Wave 5.1: Sondra.
Wave 5.2: Transform Morse and Time Tunnel.
Wave 6: Transform other Kurapika.
Wave 7.1: Absolute Time.
Wave 7.2: M&M's conversion active and burst with whatever.

[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
Stupid Stage even though its so old...

2 Star Mono Light, L/A Same with

Apollo, ML, ML, Little Witch, Colin, Apollo
The tricky part is stalling at Wave 1, 1 shot Wave 2 and survive Wave 3, otherwise you're good.

2 Star Mono Dragon and L/A Same with
Azathoth, Nidhogg, Novalis, Colin, Random (used Water Schema), Azathoth
Most important part is to try stall and kill Wave 2. Wave 3 you can stall a bit, and use DC to heal/Nidhogg at 5a.

ID: 25923781
Looking for: Any ally that is at least dual max

Main Allies: Azathoth, Killua, Yusuke, Aqua, Darkness, Hiei, Natsu, Lucy, Atlantis

CN ID: 878758321
Main Allies: Daoloth, Meso
Looking for: Daoloth, Meso

Azathoth, Maya, do I even have to list the teams? It's very dull. This stage is annoying because of the Wukong 20 hit. I used stall DC for both teams to get a safe 20 hits in, though Sondra is safer for Maya. Just recover through for Maya or take up to two hits for Aza.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
LF: Love and condo buyers. JK.
|Skill Training Guide For Newbies|
2* Achievement (All Light, 3+ Humans)
Saori Kido + Shaka*/Seiya*/PR Morse/PR Modi & Magni* + Seiya + Molded Spell - Exquisite (or any craft):

*Seiya and Shaka can be replaced by other Light Human Saint Seiya cards like Mu, Shion or Aiolos. Likewise, Seiya can be replaced by other Light Humans that give attack boost and burst like Erza and Laxus but you do lose out on HP and Attack for having too many non-Saint Seiya cards. It should be noted that Seiya provides much needed offensive power and additional spin time. In any case, if you have Seiya, it's easier just to use Seiya leader. Saori is just a meme leader anyway. XD
*Modi & Magni's conversion is not too essential in the last wave, though it is useful to make the board mostly LD.

1* Achievement (All Dark)
Cleo + Cleo/Felix*/VR Daji*/Xi Shi* + Cleo + Aggressive Pique Spell (or any craft):

*Felix can be replaced by cards that remove many locked runes through conversion like Hiei, Lancelot or another Cleo.
*Daji is more to extend spin time. Can be replaced by other Dark Elf or Demon. Same with Xi Shi (especially if you're confident in making initial 6 combos).

1* Achievement (3+ Humans)
Lucy + Laxus/Edison*/Li Ji*/Jellal* + Lucy + Spiral Tyrannical Spell (or any craft):

*Edison can be replaced by any Human or Elf with full board conversion or explode like Shion, Camera of Precious Flashes, Cullinan or Kurapika. Take note that Edison only works if there is another race (preferably Elf) in the team.
*Jellal can be replaced by cards that convert board to mostly Dark + Light runes like PR Modi & Magni, Blodgett or Copernicus.
*Li Ji can be replaced by another time tunnel cards like PR Santa, VR Daji or Kenshin. If using a Dark + Light board converter, there's really no need for a time tunnel card so this slot can be replaced by any other card that provide boosts or other FT members, or even a card to help recover HP in wave 2 like Oichi or Paladin King of Light.

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