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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Leap of Faith
Stage Info:

Must have:
1) A team that can tank a hit of 23244 ambush damage (whether via high HP or damage reduction)

Nice to haves:
1) Cards/craft that produces Dark runes/ignore puzzle shield
2) Cards that increase combo count
3) Board exploders
4) Dodge cards/Cards that allow healing without Heart runes

2* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally, Dark + Earth team)
Goodnight Lullaby Hatsune Miku + Galileo*/Captivating Melody Megurine Luka*/Darwin*/Phi* + Goodnight Lullaby Hatsune Miku + Love Clock Tune (or any craft that ignores puzzle shield):

*Luka can be replaced by other Human or Machina exploder like Shiryu, Froid or Dohko
*Darwin is not really essential but more to help refresh board to hope for favorable rune groups in wave 7A. Aforementioned exploders can also work. Nicole can be handy if you want to duplicate a favorable board for 2 more turns.
*Phi and Galileo are not essential per se but do make your life easier for wave 7A. Galileo allows you to spin easier while still maintaining Good or Cool rating while Phi allows to heal especially in cases of Heart drought. Feel free to add other Dark or Earth Machina/Human members if you feel like it. Li Tieguai is an honorable mention for giving extended spin time for the whole wave. It should be noted though that adding Humans may decrease team HP which will cause you to die in wave 6 from Ambush. Be cautious.

2* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally, All Dark team)
Ying Zheng + Theresia*/Nicole*/Lancelot/Mellow + Ying Zheng + Aggressive Timely Spell (or any craft):

*Theresia and Nicole can be replaced by other bursting/boosting members like AR Tuchigumo, Zhuge Liang, Hiei or PR Satan. You can even use Pangu in wave 7A to form a board with 2 groups each of Water, Fire, Earth and Dark runes followed by Nicole's skill to copy that same board for 2 more turns.  

Other Teams:
PR Satan (2*):
Ultraman ZERO (1*):
Jabir (1*):
SR Loki (2*):
Miku & KAITO (1*):
Aqua (1*):
Light/Dark Yanxi (0*):
Ophiuchus (2*):
Aria (1*):


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