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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] King of the Chimera Ant - Nightmare Stage
(06-15-2018, 12:43 AM)Alson41999 Wrote: Fuck this game AI. Reach stage 4 with like 1 hp and have enough burst to kill the fire elf but the AI distribute the dmg evenly to the light guy and I died. What is this AI!!! Could have reached at least to Pitou stage fml.

Side Note: Using Gon and Killua X2 team...No Circe so I have to use Cassandra which explains the 1hp...6 draws for Circe up week still no Circe =_=

To Cash 150 dimes or not...

If I had to use Cassandra in place of Circe, I'd rather not use any enchantress at all in a Gon/Killua team, way too risky. They've got nice burst with or without enchantress anyway and you lose out on the earth+dark = hearts passive with cassandra active.

As for the game targeting system, we've all been there XD. I hope you learnt your lesson on manually targeting when it counts.

Akanto Wrote: Ducks are awesome. Big Grin
Wanted to clear 0 diamond mono god team with Lu Dongbin, but I realized on 8a I would die anyway, so made this a 1 diamond clear instead for convenience's sake. No shame in dying in a stage of this difficulty XD

1* Atlantis:
1* Killua/Gon:

Akanto Wrote: Ducks are awesome. Big Grin

Well, I just wasted 20 dimes to force Cornflower through this. Water achieves have to stop MH, when there is literally only one water leader flexible enough to do them. Maybe I'll regret it but I was in a real don't give a shit mood after the other two achievements.

1* Monowater: Cornflower - May Lily - Shuta - Yidhra - Jelly + Cornflower
Tactic: Use diamonds.

1*Monogod: Maya - Luna - Sun Wukong - TSZ - Bael + Maya.
Tactic: Pray for luck. She can do the whole thing without dimes if you have infinite luck. I ended up using a couple because I messed up the burst at the final boss HP bar. It's all just grind and pray, use your actives freely, just ensure you have all of them ready to push off Neferpitou debuff. Bael is for the invisible HP bar. Luna is just there for team damage, probably there is a better option, maybe HXG. SWK is for piercing defense after the boss's defense boost.

1* Diff L/A: Killua - Kurapika - Florice - Yashiro - Circe + Gon.
Tactic: This team is the easiest to do without dimes. I still used one, because I'm tired and I dissolved light by accident on Daoloth like a tool. The thing about Yashiro is that bonus combos add a lot of recovery to this team, which based on what I saw with Aaron's stream seems to be the main problem with using Killua as leader. Florice to clear Pitou (turn off Circe first), Kurapika switch at Pouf, Kurapika 2nd active at Daoloth, Janjanken Paper at Meruem's first HP bar, stall for Janjanken Rock and use it to finish off his 2nd HP bar once he defense boosts. Everything else is just good spinning and gauging when you need to burst.
[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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Cleared with the above team, except that I slotted in an extra Killua for that Earth member between Circe and Gon.
1 diamond clear as I didn't manage to have Kurapika's Time Force up to burst in 10b, could've saved a diamond if I still have my
other Killua untransformed but I got nervous in 7F and accidentally touched the sleepy runes.
Decided to not be so fixated on the no diamond clear and have a peace of mind instead since I still have to study for my exams Tongue 
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(06-14-2018, 10:50 PM)Doublegambler Wrote: Water Greek or Earth Greek possible? I’m going to be a bit salty if it’s only Atlantis possible. It looks like Even hxh teams may have trouble. My most looked forward to stage since the collaboration dropped.

Looks hard as shit. Feels like there’s another power jump

Stumbled upon this video, hope it helps & all the best man Smile!
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[Image: 38562eb70dd1ddca62e366a4bf61d9a9.jpg]

Much more difficult than double Atlantis, but uisng Yidhra got me through.

1. Spin and get actives up. Wen Zhong whenever ready, but don't use Cassandra (save her only for bursting, since you don't heal very much otherwise).
2. Spin.
3a. Spin around the burning spots. You'll heal up fine.
3b. Yidhra, Tefnut, Cassandra and Atlantis.
4. Deactivate Cassandra. Grind.
5. Laugh, spin.
6a. Tefnut and Atlantis. Don't activate Cassandra or you'll be stuck without healing in 6b.
6b. Grind, making sure to do odd or 6+ combos for damage reduction.
7. Yidhra, Tefnut and Atlantis. Cassandra can be activated for this burst.
8a. Deactivate Cassandra if she's up. Florice to remove the debuff. Get Wen Zhong online again. Continue grinding.
8b. You can spin slowly here, always planning to get odd or 6+ combos for damage reduction, or use Atlantis + Yidhra to finish her off. Save Tefnut and Florice just in case.
9. High pressure round. Spin very carefully, dissolving the two Awakening runes without touching them. Having Cassandra active here will make things faster, but you'll be stalling somewhat less, use your judgement. Tefnut needs to be ready when you finish this wave.
10a. Florice, Tefnut, Wen Zhong, Cassandra, Yidhra, Atlantis. Don't bother with DC, it'll be overkill here.
10b. The long grind. Making sure to always get odd or 6+ combos for damage reduction, take him down to around 20% before bursting with everything.
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Some more setup:

1. Yidhra-Atlantis:
2. Sakura:
3. 8 Xian:
4. Pompeii:
ID: 25.610.510

Welcome all friend request.
The bug's been fixed, I think, be warned. You won't be able to 1HKO him anymore.
[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
LF: Love and condo buyers. JK.
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