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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Heterochromatic Doctor - Ultimate Stage
2* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally, All Fire)
Natsu + PR Medea/Shakuro/PR Rococo/Mai Shiranui* + Natsu + Aggressive Pique Seal (or any damage-boosting craft):

*Mai Shiranui can be replaced by a Fire exploder like VR Refinement Seth or a Fire fixed board converter like a 2nd PR Rococo

1) Spin and stall for some CDs. Activate Shakuro's skill once ready.
2A) Spin.
2B) Spin. May use Rococo's 1st skill if more Fire runes are needed.
3) Spin.
4) Use Natsu's 1st skill and activate Medea's skill followed by Mai's 2nd skill. Dissolve runes and take note of the position of Dark runes.
5A) Use Natsu's 1st skill followed by Rococo's 1st skill to produce more Fire runes. Switch Rococo. Spin and do not dissolve Dark runes.
5B) Use Rococo's 2nd EP skill. Make 5 combos and burst with DC.

2* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally, All Light)
Erza + Laxus/PR Morse/Virgo Shaka*/Mavis + Erza + Molded Seal - Exquisite (or any damage-boosting craft):

*Virgo Shaka can be replaced by other Light Humans that do multi-turn Attack boost like Kurapika, Tsang or Yuan Shao

1) Spin
2A) Spin
2B) Spin. May use Erza's skill to hasten process. Make sure to dissolve both Light and Water runes to survive the hits via Erza's damage reduction.
3) Spin.
4) Spin. May use Erza's skill and Morse's 1st skill to simplify board.
5A) Activate Shaka's and Mavis's skills. Switch Morse. Use Laxus's skill and spin.
5B) Use Morse's 1st EP skill for more Light runes. May also use Erza's skill. Use Morse's 2nd EP skill and make exactly 5 combos. Burst with DC.

1* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally)
Mech Xwanwu + Delta/Smilodon/Epsilon/Phi + Mech Xwanwu + Emerald Sword Pattern:

1) Spin. Activate Phi's skill once ready.
2A) Spin.
2B) Spin. After 20-hit shield is broken, activate Smilodon's, Delta's and Epsilon's skills. Dissolve runes.
3) Spin.
4) Spin. Remove as many Frozen runes as possible.
5A) Use Delta's and Epsilon's skills and dissolve runes.
5B) Grind for CDs. Use Delta's and Epsilon's skills and do 5 combos.


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