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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Heterochromatic Doctor - Ultimate Stage


Light Team
Same Leader and Ally
Fire Team

DC Reward:

You need something to deal with 20 hit shield, and enough actives to burst down stages 4 and 5a consecutively. 
Revolutionary heroes (Rococo, Morse, Yocto) are ideal to help deal with the boss since they don't get reset and allow you to get 5 combos easily. Of course, you can just spin the 5 combos since 4 seconds is still a lot of time. 

Basic strat: 
1) Kill 2 and stall CD on the third
2a) Spin through, continuing to stall CD
2b) 20 hit shield enemy (e.g. use biweekly cards or a witch)
3) Stall CD a bit more if needed
4) Burst
5a) Make sure you have switched on enchantress type effects and switched revolutionary heroes before bursting. 
5b) Burst with DC. 

Achievement Teams: 

2* Clear (Fire Team, Same Leader and Ally) with Dual Pompeii + Machina Agnesi, Fire Yan, Rococo, VR Seth

1, 2a) Stall CD. Turn on Yan when ready.  
2b) Pompeii 
3) Spin through
4) Seth
5a) Agnesi, Pompeii, Rococo switch
5b) Rococo skill 2 and DC

2* Clear (Light Team, Same Leader and Ally) with Dual Faraday + Sondra, Huang Zhong, Yi Yeh Shu, Morse

Make sure to put Sondra early in your lineup. Also don't turn on Huang Zhong until after stage 2b. 
1, 2a) Stall CD  
2b) Sondra, Faraday
3) Turn on Huang Zhong. Kill one, stall CD on the other. 
4) Faraday
5a) Faraday, Yi Yeh Shu
5b) Morse skill 2 and DC

2* Clear (Fire Team, Same Leader and Ally) with Dual Pompeii + Pompeii, PR Medea, Rococo, filler 

Fast 3.5 minute clear for those that are lucky enough to have 2x Pompeii. 
1, 2a) Stall for 6 turns
2b) Medea, Pompeii
3) Spin 
4) Pompeii
5a) Pompeii, Rococo switch
5b) Rococo skill 2

Other Videos: 

2* Apollo:
2* Arthur:
1* Atlantis:
1* Azathoth:
2* Daoloth:
0* Lionel:
2* Maya:
2* Maya:
1* Mobius:
1* SHJ:

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
I am overusing the 2CD delay DC again lol. Because for some reason I have never trained multiattack cards in time for stages that need them.

Important notes:
1. If you kill wave 2A on 2CD, 2B will be on 2CD. For those of you who bought the 1CD delay from trade fort recently, this can save you if you just wanna pass and don't have a multiattack card.
2. As Aahlsy said, boss will only reset CD, not neutralize active toggles. Enchantress effects and sustained buffs like Luna or Edward are fine.

I used:
2* Maya - Strelitzia - Luna - ML - ML + Maya
2* Hephaestus - Cao Guojiu - Fire Bride - Shakuro - Yog Sothoth + Heph.

Second team was a really stupid choice because I forgot that 2B had uncontrollable. Passed anyway. Should've brought Seth instead for the frozen runes.

Same technique for both of them, just kill 2A at 2CD, use the delay DC so you can complete the attacks requirement. Both are high recovery teams so they're not in danger of dying anywhere else, Heph might at boss 2nd HP bar but if you have Seth unlike my dumb butt it won't happen because you'll have more bulk.

Overall pretty simple SM. Won't farm, this card's not great, but well done to MH for doing charity work? I'm kinda confused about the source of this card and who it's helping.

DC is for Daoloth I guess, but maybe a sign of PR Copper too. Who knows?

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
LF: Love and condo buyers. JK.
|Skill Training Guide For Newbies|
VR athena - Kim - Turing - Izanagi - Rakshasa - VR athena

Wrote a long per round guide on wikipage, but "session hijacked" appeared and deleted all I wrote.

Anyway, very easy stage it seems.

[Image: 33524995_10209013023281931_3363942841494...e=5B8742B6]

Manage to do a three-card clear with Pompeii, DC skill is survive one round of attack
 Big Grin Angel

Cleared all Achievements with two teams.

Mono Fire + Same Leader/Ally: OVR Heph + Farrah / Kyo / Smilodon / Shakuro + OVR Heph (Filtering DC)

Wave 1: Kill the Earth mob, stall a bit on the Water mobs for CD.
Wave 2.1: Turn on Shakuro and stall for Farrah.
Wave 2.2: Turn on Smilodon and Kyo's multiplier active, then burst with Farrah.
Wave 3: Spin through.
Wave 4: Filter out Dark runes.
Wave 5.1: Turn on Heph.
Wave 5.2: Spin through.

Mono Light: Arthur + Sondra / TYR / YYS / Morse + Arthur (Filtering DC)

Wave 1: Kill Earth mob and stall a bit for CDs.
Wave 2.1: Turn on TYR and burst with YYS.
Wave 2.2: Burst with Sondra and remaining round of YYS active.
Wave 3: Grind for CDs a bit.
Wave 4: Transform Morse and burst with Time Tunnel active + DC, filtering out Dark runes.
Wave 5.1: Burst with YYS.
Wave 5.2: Spin through.

HP is a bit low on this team, so Huang Zhong might be better than TYR here. Use Arthur wherever you need to survive. If you can dissolve all Frozen runes at Wave 4 without Time Tunnel, you can use him at Wave 5.2 instead of leftover round of YYS.
[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
2* pompei, agnesi, rococo, fire bride, ovr seth, pompei
1. Normal spin
2. Normal spin
2b. Agensi+pompei
3. Normal spin on yan if shes ready
4. Seth+ rococo convert
5a. Transform rococo. Pompei
5b. Rococo fullboard convert spin for 5 combos.

1* daoloth, pr pluma, pr solar sirius, ovr ra, colin, daoloth. Dc delay turn
1. Normal spin.
2a. Normal spin
2b. Normal spin utilize colum under pluma for amel recovery. Colin or dc if you low on hp.
3. Normal spin
4. Ra
5a. Sirius 2nd active. Spin
5b. Spin for 5 combo+dc.
Im farming this sm with pompei team.

Guys is this card good? any teams recommended with her?
(05-27-2018, 09:48 PM)ernesthoo Wrote: Guys is this card good? any teams recommended with her?

Supposed to be okay for human and God leaders that have a "heart=attribute" condition. Izanagi and SHJ are good examples. In either team, the card will change to earth and water respectively (earth for Izanagi, water for SHJ).

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