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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Heaven's Arena
I finally completed this lol.

Killua - Endor - Mai Shiranui - Yashiro - Circe + Gon. Turn on Yashiro and Circe ASAP, hold the rest. Yashiro will likely turn off several times over the course of the stage because you'll go over 15 combos. At least 1 turn delay DC required. My Endor has Dragonware so she has double attack and reduced CD.

Wave 10a - Switch Killua here to dodge the first hit.
Wave 10b - Yashiro, Endor if you've lost him.
Wave 11 - Turn off Circe.
Wave 12 - I got the reflect one, burst with Gon's first active here.
Wave 13 - Mai Shiranui 2nd active, lose Yashiro.
Wave 14 - Got Locked Board. Can use Gon switch or Killua 2nd active to clear.
Wave 15b - Gon second active after switch.
Wave 17 - Got Sengo, can kill in two turns without actives, spin well.
Wave 18 - Gon 2nd active.
Wave 19a - Mai Shiranui 2nd active.
Wave 19b - Killua 1st active + Endor to fill shield.
Wave 20a - Your last farming spot, since Earth is nullified it will take a bit to kill him unless you are unlucky and are getting 5 orbs every turn (with Circe on you might get 3 combos and deal no damage at all). Gon and Killua need to be returned to max EP, Circe and Yashiro must be on before passing.
Wave 20b - Do minimum combos first turn (because you don't want to turn off Yashiro by accident) and delay DC. 2nd turn Killua's 2nd active + Gon's 2nd active. Make sure to align the right color runes under the members for full multi. Shouldn't need to extend to a 3rd turn. GG.
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