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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Heaven's Arena
Stage info is up:

There do seem to be variant enemies, but nothing as crazy as the 40k ambush from the last transmig. Difficult parts include:
  • Wave 10: A one turn 99999 damage 20 hit shield (I guess this is why they released the cyborg girls again so soon).
  • Wave 12: A neutralize reset with reflect damage (This is a variant, the other one is just neutralize with spam trojan and it's a lot simpler).
  • Wave 15b: Converts whole board to water, water dissolve reduces spin time and nulls damage + trojan.
  • Wave 16: Attributive shield with heart attack, similar to hearts shield but the enemy loses a percentage of health per attributive rune dissolved instead, while her attacks create rows and columns of hearts. This last skill is to block low recovery teams like Azathoth and Daoloth I imagine, but Aza will be able to clear with the right members and good spinning as with Charles's team below. Not sure about Daoloth, but he has a full heal in Chickie now so maybe.
  • Wave 18: 20k ambush and weather random row/column, first attack after is boosted by I don't remember how much damage. Must survive ambush and kill in two turns.
  • Wave 19a: Another 20k ambush, electrified column, nonhumans locked down for 1 turn.
  • Wave 20a: Sticky orb shield. Earth damage -95%.
  • Wave 20b: CD reset (no neutralize) for all non machina. Non machina locked for one turn. 100% HP reduction.

In general, this is an easier transmigration in terms of shields though high on the stats, the back end bosses are biased towards the two latest releases: Pompeii and Hunter X Hunter, to some extent Turing (Although earth null  Sad ). EP will not be reset and there is no neutralize for enchantresses, so 20b does not matter so much for the new EP cards.

I got all the way to stage 20b with Maya then died, the boss seems to have a lot of health. Will try again after farming Sondra next week so I can go with Kurapika instead of ML and maybe make the boss easier, but I need to see the numbers before I know for sure. Lionel/Khaos seems the cheapest way to clear though, possibly elves also? Probably I've ignored one of the important enemies having phantom so idk. Atlantis can probably pass with Mobius, water Lionel, and Florice.

Edit: lol I was off one stage around 17 and 18. And way off on some of these skills my memory/symbol reading abilities are terrible.

Some clears by not me lol:
Lionel team clear:;
Azathoth team clear:

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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Cleared with Pompeii/Smilodon/Agnesi (Machina)/Medea/Ghroth/Pompeii 

Used the craft that delays CD for 2 rounds. Using other crafts that help build its charge quickly is important as you have to use both charges within a short span of one another

Turn off Smilodon before entering stage 9,12. Turn off Medea before entering 9,12, 18 & 19
  • Stage 10a: Use Pompeii to guarantee you get the maximum number of hits, you'll get the chance to stall its cd back later
  • Stage 16: Off Medea and grind away
  • Stage 17: I got Modred. If you get him, the way to beating him is to ensure that you trigger his tumbler skill, as he won't recover hp, and he'll also only have 1 hp left. Not as scary as I initially thought. Also, turn Medea off here as well.
  • Stage 18: Don't activate Medea Yet. Stall 1 turn, then use Ghroth to kill.
  • Stage 19a: Activate Medea, and use craft to use craft to delay cd. 3 turns to do this, not that difficult with Pompeii. If you need to stall, keep Medea off and leave just 1 electrified rune on the board.
  • Stage 19b: I was fortunate enough to get enough attacking runes with enough dark runes to fill up the shield, so I just used Agnesi here to kill. But if you aren't as lucky, use Pompeii.
  • Stage 20a: Use your second Pompeii, and mess up your board to get the correct number of combos. Not very bulky so this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  • Stage 20b: I had my other Pompeii up so I just used that instead. But if not, use your craft (which should be ready) and Angesi (if not used at 19b) to burst as well as delay its cd. 3 turns to kill here as well but do your best. 

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Used OP Pompeii team...

Dual Pompeii + Smilodon, Fire Yan, Turing, Pompeii
1, 2, 3, 4) Spin through, turn on Smilodon and Yan when ready
5a) Pompeii
5b) Pompeii
6) Spin through
7) Spin through, Turing if you get Phoenix
8) Spin through
9) Pompeii
10a) Spin carefully
10b) Pompeii
11) Turn off Smilodon and Yan, Grind back CD
12) Turn Smilodon and Yan back on, Pompeii
13) Turing
14) Pompeii
15a) Follow the number of orbs
15b) Pompeii, stack water runes
16) Grind through
17) Pompeii. If Mordred, just spin after getting HP down to 1 and he will die.
18) Pompeii
19a) Turing
19b) Grind back CD, Pompeii when ready to move on
20a) Pompeii
20b) Pompeii and DC

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Cleared with Turing, Phi, Froid, Red Lionel, Smilodon, Turing and craft that delays for two rounds.
Craft is needed for 10a and 20b.
I don't know why several damage reducing skills (Turing, Froid, Red Lionel) don't work together(enemy hits 60k with 3 skills enabled), so the craft is needed to pass this 10a level

With Phi enabled it easy to grind on almost all levels, otherwise, use skills if the enemy can kill.
Enable Phi and Smilodon when they are ready.
Alternate Fire Lionel clear from Bahamut that I followed:

Fire Lionel + Smilodon / Water Lionel / Shyplant / Colin + Khaos (80% damage reduction DC)

Key stages:
Wave 10.1: Reduce damage with DC.
Wave 11: Turn off Smilodon.
Wave 12: Turn on Smilodon.
Wave 13: Khaos.
Wave 14: Colin.
Wave 15.2: Colin.
Wave 17: Turn Smilodon off and on if you meet the Fire mob, spin through otherwise.
Wave 18: Colin.
Wave 19.1: Fire Lionel to dissolve as many Electrified runes as possible, then burst with Water Lionel. If you can dissolve all in one turn, then activate both.
Wave 19.2: Khaos.
Wave 20.1: Grind for Lionel by spinning 1C off, tanking with Shyplant and healing with Colin.
Wave 20.2: Turn Smilodon off and on, then burst with Fire Lionel + Water Lionel + DC.

Good luck~. ^^
[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116

Cleared with Pompeii, Smilodon, Agnesi (Machina), VR Refined Fire Bride, and Turing.

Used craft that delays 2 CD.

I did have some difficulty with Guan Yu, and the 8 combo shield, but overall pretty easy.

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I finally completed this lol.

Killua - Endor - Mai Shiranui - Yashiro - Circe + Gon. Turn on Yashiro and Circe ASAP, hold the rest. Yashiro will likely turn off several times over the course of the stage because you'll go over 15 combos. At least 1 turn delay DC required. My Endor has Dragonware so she has double attack and reduced CD.

Wave 10a - Switch Killua here to dodge the first hit.
Wave 10b - Yashiro, Endor if you've lost him.
Wave 11 - Turn off Circe.
Wave 12 - I got the reflect one, burst with Gon's first active here.
Wave 13 - Mai Shiranui 2nd active, lose Yashiro.
Wave 14 - Got Locked Board. Can use Gon switch or Killua 2nd active to clear.
Wave 15b - Gon second active after switch.
Wave 17 - Got Sengo, can kill in two turns without actives, spin well.
Wave 18 - Gon 2nd active.
Wave 19a - Mai Shiranui 2nd active.
Wave 19b - Killua 1st active + Endor to fill shield.
Wave 20a - Your last farming spot, since Earth is nullified it will take a bit to kill him unless you are unlucky and are getting 5 orbs every turn (with Circe on you might get 3 combos and deal no damage at all). Gon and Killua need to be returned to max EP, Circe and Yashiro must be on before passing.
Wave 20b - Do minimum combos first turn (because you don't want to turn off Yashiro by accident) and delay DC. 2nd turn Killua's 2nd active + Gon's 2nd active. Make sure to align the right color runes under the members for full multi. Shouldn't need to extend to a 3rd turn. GG.
[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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