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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Grand Chariot's Judgement
Stage info on Wiki:
Stage 5 seems to be missing for now. 
3 second spinning time debuff for 5 rounds. If HP is above 30%, it can't die. When HP falls to 1, it heals to full. When HP is below 30%, it randomly marks 12 runes with roses. Running into them stops your spin and does 9000 damage. 

3* Achievements: 
Earth team
Fire Team
Human Leader and Ally

General Strategy: 

As per usual these days, most mobs have high HP (9.5m+). Attack damage varies a bit, so you do have a few opportunities to stall, assuming you have enough HP and/or rec. 
* Lots of time debuff stages, so it helps to have increased spin time as part of your leader or team skill.  
* It is ideal not to bring any Gods due to stage 3a locking attack and skills FOR THE ENTIRE TEAM. 
* Board converters and/or explodes will also be very useful due to annoying enemy skills like stage 5 and 7b
* You will need to be able to survive 4 turns of poison ranging from 20-80% of HP (as well as 6k per turn damage)

1) Kill quickly. Don't turn on enchantresses until the next stage.  
2) Assuming you have over 20318 HP, you can stall a bit here. 
3a) I hope you didn't bring any Gods. Spin through while stacking dark runes. 
3b) Burst it down, possibly with DC since it will get reset on stage 6 anyway. Make note of the heart runes before moving on, because there's a shrouded board on the next stage. 
4) Spin through quickly; you can probably only tank 2 hits. 
5) A slight breather here as it's "only" 7700 attack CD 1. Ideally you stall back CD a bit and clear the time debuff. You'll need something to remove the rose runes after it's below 30% HP. 
6) Hope you brought recovery skills and/or can ignore poison (e.g. Caterpillar). You need to rely purely on your team and active skills, since DC will be reset. 
7a) Spin through while stacking water, light and dark runes (so ideally you want to convert or explode these away!)
7b) Clear the electric runes and burst. Good luck!

Sample Teams: 
1* Clear (Fire Team) with Dual Pompeii + Smilodon, Pompeii, Agnesi Machina, Ghroth 

1, 2, 3a) Spin through while charging CD and fuel. Turn on Smilodon after stage 2. 
3b) Pompeii
4) Pompeii
5) Stall back CD a bit here, since the damage per turn is low. Pompeii after it's below 30% HP
6) Spin through. Use Agnesi (and less than 12 runes), or Pompeii for emergency heal. 
7a) You can stall CD a bit here if needed. When ready to move on, Pompeii while stacking water runes. Repeat with 2nd Pompeii if not dead. 
7b) Pompeii, Ghroth

2* Clear (Earth Team, Human Leader and Ally) with Dual Mesopotamia + Ubume, Gon, VR Shu, Caterpillar

1, 2) Spin through. Turn on Mesopotamia and Ubume after reaching stage 2. 
3a) Spin through while stacking dark runes
3b) Burst with DC. Make note of the heart runes after spinning is over. 
4) Spin through while stacking heart runes
5a) Spin through, Shu when it's below 30%
6) Spin through. Caterpillar on the third turn.  
7a) Spin once while carefully avoiding light and dark, with Gon skill 1 and switch. On the second turn, Gon EP skill 2. 
7b) Shu to clear the electric runes, spin through. 

Other Teams: 
0* Azathoth:
0* Cathieves:
1* Killua/Gon:
0* Lucy:
1* Natsu:
0* Xuanwu Machina:

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
That skyfall on the Lucy clear tho...


Just wanted to share this one, super easy and safe.


I am waiting on Mondays patch so natsu, Lucy and Erza are improved before trying this sm.  I don't think this sm is worth farming because cd7 is too high.  The craft is also not worth it but may pick it up because natsu is two star team.  It's kinda dissappointing the patch and the sm don't coincide.

I hate Mesopotamia.  That Mesopotamia team is dependant on healing every rd or death.  Maybe a kurama team can do it.
Some non-black card Earth achievement teams:
Kurama + Yomi + Shyplant + AR Tengu + Samael + Kurama
DC is just an attack booster.
Pretty reliable clear. Can use this to farm if you want. 

[Image: kARiNmYl.png]
Start using Shyplant every turn once it's up unless otherwise mentioned.
R1: Spin
R2: Spin. Clear dark as much as possible.
R3a: Spin. Use Kurama Active 1 if there are too much dark.
R3b: Tengu, Switch Kurama, Kurama EP8, Shyplant. Remember where hearts are (alternatively use DC to remove hearts).
R4: Spin. Don't spin hearts.
R5: Spin a couple rounds while charging Kurama's EP. Use Kurama EP8 to clear the Ice Roses. Doesn't really matter if there's a revive or not.
R6: Don't use Shyplant on this wave. Once the enemy is down to 40% HP, use Yomi to absorb the attack. Keep charging Kurama's EP.
R7a: Spin while charging EP. This team has enough HP to tank the reflect and attack. Once Kurama EP8 is usable again, Tengu, Shyplant, Kurama EP8 and don't spin Water/Light/Dark.
R7b: Don't activate Shyplant. Switch ally Kurama, use Kurama EP8 and Samael for a 12s time tunnel. DC here to clear.

Haza + YunYang + Ghostie + Medusa + Mufasa + Haza
DC is attack boost
Pretty grindy, but pretty safe.

[Image: JZFGpiil.png]
R1: Spin
R2: Spin. Turn on YunYang and remove hearts.
R3a: Stack dark. You can use Haza 1+2 plus Mufasa to speed up.
R3b: Medusa + Ghostie + Haza 1+2 (if not already there).
R4: Spin.
R5: Spin. Use Ghostie to remove the Ice Roses.
R6: Spin as much as possible to keep healing.
R7a: Spin until Ghostie/Haza are ready again, clearing out Water Light and Dark. When you have a good board, Haza 1+2 and Mufasa to speed up.
R7b: Ghostie, Haza 1+2 (if you don't already have it).

2* Natsu (Pre-patch):
Natsu + Biscuit + Shakuro + Roccoco + Fthaggua + Natsu
DC nullifies attribute disadvantage.
Eats through the first couple rounds like crazy, but struggles a bit more against the boss.
Put Fthaggua next to one of your Natsu. 

[Image: Tfy0h9sl.png]
R1: Just spin.
R2: Spin. Clear out dark.
R3: Spin. Stack dark.
R3b: Split fire into as many combos as possible.
R4: Don't spin hearts. Use Roccoco 1 to remove hearts if necessary.
R5: Use Biscuit/Shakuro to heal up. Just spin. Use Natsu 2 to clear the Ice Roses.
R6: Spin, using Biscuit's heart conversion just to be safe.
R7a: Roccoco board convert + Fthaggua.
R7b: Natsu 2 to explode the electric runes, Natsu Combination Active, throw in Biscuit's self attack boost if it's around, plus DC.

Other teams (see images here):
No walkthrough, just some basic notes.

1* Darkness (2 versions)

CF collab + HxH collab version:
Darkness + Faraday + Hubble + Kurapika + Biscuit + Darkness
DC is damage boost. 
Use Hubble for the Ice Roses/boss's first life.
Use Biscuit for healing through poison
Use Kurapika to clear the electric runes and spin seven combo.

No pre-Konosuba collab card version:
Darkness + Laxus + Hattori + Nathaniel + Mirajane + Darkness
DC is damage boost/HP recovery.
Mirajane to avoid poison.
Laxus to explode Ice Roses/Electric Runes and for burst on R3b.
Use Darkness as heart conversion to survive boss's first life.

1* Lucy (pre-patch):
Lucy + Wendy + Laxus + Grey + Juvia + Lucy
DC is damage boost 
There's a 7 combo pattern for the Izanagi board that doesn't hit the electric runes. I found it from this video:

0* Aqua:
Aqua + Mitsurugi + Sie Kensou + Tefnut + Plumpy + Aqua
DC is conversion and HP recovery. 
Not recommended, but possible. Unlock is mandatory! 
Plumpy - to counter the possibility of running out of heart against poison. Can also use this to heal after R3b.
Sie Kensou - Water unlock. Must have.
Tefnut - Remove Ice Roses and Electric Runes. Recommend OHKO Ultear so you can stall on the revived form after removing the Ice Roses. 
When the poison round is almost over, carefully remove Water/Light/Dark from your board. Use DC to burst R7a as you cannot stall at all on the boss.
ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
Cleared all achievs with:
Kurama shyplant yomi arTengu oldyaoji
I didnt have the superior samael so yaoji was the best i had.  arTengu ar boost is really nice in this team due to auto poison or shyplant.  I wasnt expecting it.

Next?  Natsu biscuit rococo shakuro andddd...prSanta
I didnt have a second natsu or whatever.  Medea is garbage. Pr santa is perfect because he give 2x boost and timetunnel to easily spin perfect 7 combos.  No mention of santa anywhere i saw.  Some ppl use pr starter which prevents craft usage and leads to trouble.  Pr santa far superior imho.

Craft selection was amulet with pretty common ignore attribute.  I would prob farm with this team.
I was able to clear all earth achievement with Ghostie x3 Mufasa Haza Haza ally quite easily. Third Ghostie can be Wimpy instead.
Cleared all Achievements separately.

Mono Earth: Haza + PR Mufasa / Yunyang / Ghostie / NVR DBK + Ghostie

Wave 1: Spin through.
Wave 2: Turn on Yunyang if ready and spin through.
Wave 3.1: Stack Dark and spin through.
Wave 3.2: Burst with Mufasa + Haza's damage buff + Ghostie + DC.
Wave 4: Spin through.
Wave 5: Ghostie when the Ice Roses show up.
Wave 6: Heal twice, Ghostie on the third Round and Haza's heal on the fourth. I ate a Diamond here because I'm bad.
Wave 7.1: Spin through. Speed up by converting Water away with DBK.
Wave 7.2: Burst with Mufasa + Haza's damage buff + Ghostie + DC.

Had a hard time with this team, so I probably didn't know how to play it properly.

Human Leader-Ally: Killua + Kurapika / Biscuit / Sun Shang Xiang / Gon + Gon (Healing DC)

Wave 1: Spin through, keeping your Heart runes away from the bottom row. Heal with Biscuit when needed.
Wave 2: Turn on Kurapika's multiplier and spin through.
Wave 3.1: Convert Dark to Earth with SSX, then burst with Ally Gon's SPR, picking Rock + Transform Leader and Ally + DC.
Wave 3.2: Burst with Gon's EP12 active.
Wave 4: Spin through, using Killua's EP3 active/SSX when needed to manage Heart runes.
Wave 5: Burst with Member Gon's SPR, picking Rock + Transform, then remove Ice Roses with Gon's EP12 active.
Wave 6: Free pass.
Wave 7.1: Convert Water/Light/Dark to Earth with SSX, then burst with Gon's EP6 active + Transform Kurapika + DC.
Wave 7.2: Burst with Gon's EP12 active.

This team is fairly inconsistent due to how hard the Wave 1 mob hits.

Mono Fire: Pompeii + Smilodon / Au Shiau Hung Chen / Biscuit / NVR Seth + Pompeii (Ignore Attribute DC)

Wave 1: Stall for Fuel, then spin through.
Wave 2: Turn on Smilodon and spin through.
Wave 3.1: Spin through, stacking Dark.
Wave 3.2: Burst with Pompeii.
Wave 4: Burst with Seth.
Wave 5: Spin through, using Pompeii when Ice Roses appear.
Wave 6: Heal twice, then ASHC on the third Round. Use Biscuit as needed.
Wave 7.1: Burst with Seth + Pompeii. Use Biscuit to stack Water runes.
Wave 7.2: Burst with Pompeii + DC, spinning 7C.

Ended up farming with this team, which I found way more consistent.
[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
(01-15-2019, 02:00 AM)Ainvar Wrote: I was able to clear all earth achievement with Ghostie x3 Mufasa Haza Haza ally quite easily. Third Ghostie can be Wimpy instead.

I had a hard time staying alive in first round with my Ghostie/Haza combinations.

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