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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Forging with Bones
Image Source: TOS Wikia


1[Image: 45?cb=20141124101003&path-prefix=zh]74152(2)281800000[Image: 22?cb=20150217101353&path-prefix=zh] Post Attack Conversion - 4 Fire
After enemy attacks, 4 random runes willl be converted to Fire.
[Image: 45?cb=20141124101003&path-prefix=zh] lvl1
1[Image: 45?cb=20140619022118&path-prefix=zh]106222(3)24794461720[Image: 22?cb=20150217102648&path-prefix=zh] Minus 2 Seconds Spinning - 3R
For 3 turns, rune spinning time is reduced by 2 seconds.
1[Image: 45?cb=20141124101003&path-prefix=zh]74152(1)281800000[Image: 22?cb=20150217101353&path-prefix=zh] Post Attack Conversion - 4 Fire
After enemy attacks, 4 random runes willl be converted to Fire.
[Image: 45?cb=20141124101003&path-prefix=zh] lvl1
2[Image: 45?cb=20160919055233&path-prefix=zh]112321(1)52347525190[Image: 22?cb=20150217102910&path-prefix=zh] Entry Masking • Masked Runes
Enemy masks runes at fixed position upon entry. Enemy greatly increases drop rate of masked runes.
3a[Image: 45?cb=20151116122927&path-prefix=zh]137691(1)20584176370[Image: 22?cb=20150217102759&path-prefix=zh] Enchanted Puzzle Shield
Summoner need to dissolve enchanted runes according to frame shape (can dissolve together with runes outside) to inflict damage to enemy.
3b[Image: 45?cb=20151116122927&path-prefix=zh]100174190546370[Image: 22?cb=20150501002241&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150325185546&path-prefix=zh] Deduction Trojan - 50% • Same Initial Combo Shield - Water & Earth
Summoner need to dissolve same number of group of Water and Earth runes during initial dissolve to inflict damage to enemy (Must dissolve Water and Earth). When enemy first attacks, 50% of summoner's HP will be deducted. When enemy attacks next turn, 100% of summoner's HP will be deducted.
4[Image: 45?cb=20140618221729&path-prefix=zh]131833(3)42126694240[Image: 22?cb=20150217102647&path-prefix=zh] Inheritance
When enemy's companion is defeated, it will absorb its stats and fully recover HP.
[Image: 39?cb=20140618221725&path-prefix=zh] lvl1
4[Image: 45?cb=20151116123130&path-prefix=zh]45631(1)43571804360[Image: 22?cb=20150217102647&path-prefix=zh] Inheritance
When enemy's companion is defeated, it will absorb its stats and fully recover HP.
[Image: 39?cb=20151116123131&path-prefix=zh] lvl1
5a[Image: 45?cb=20160125115720&path-prefix=zh]115931(1)246795814790[Image: 22?cb=20150217102911&path-prefix=zh] X Burning - 10%
Enemy burns 10 runes at the 2 diagonals. Every time burning rune is touched, 10% of summoner's HP will be deducted.
5b[Image: 45?cb=20160125115720&path-prefix=zh]140841771953014790[Image: 22?cb=20150217101353&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102911&path-prefix=zh] Entry Conversion - Fire • Alternating RC Conversion - Fire • Burning Trail - 1000
Enemy converts a random rune type to Fire upon entry. After enemy attacks for the first time, enemy converts a random row to Fire; After enemy attacks for the second time, enemy converts a random column to Fire; This effect runs as a cycle. Enemy burns 6 most recent positions along spinning path. Every time burning rune is touched, 1000 HP will be deducted.
6[Image: 45?cb=20160125115722&path-prefix=zh]89522(2)652154310260[Image: 22?cb=20150217103122&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102801&path-prefix=zh] Spam Trojan • Non-enchanted Absorption
Every time after enemy attacks, enemy's ATK doubles, to the max of 32x. From 6th attack onward, enemy attacks twice in a turn. When enemy receives damage from non-enchanted runes, damage received become recovery.
7a[Image: 45?cb=20170119115107&path-prefix=zh]196271450001[Image: 22?cb=20150217103123&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102911&path-prefix=zh] 25% Tumbler Shield • Ambush • Post Attack Triple Burning - 10%
Enemy receives damage up to 25% of its max HP per turn (Excluding active). Enemy attacks once with 65% of its ATK upon entry. After enemy attacks, 3 positions will be burned. Every time burning rune is touched, 10% of summoner's HP will be deducted.
7b[Image: 45?cb=20170119115107&path-prefix=zh]1167011320879695470[Image: 22?cb=20151005153350&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102801&path-prefix=zh] Fire Marking - Dissolve 20% Weaken • Trojan - Gold
Enemy marks all Fire runes every turn. For every marked rune dissolved, summoner's ATK is weaken by 20%. The lower the enemy's HP, the higher its ATk, to the max of 20x. When enemy's HP is below 30%, enemy attacks twice in a turn.
[Image: 45?cb=20170119115107&path-prefix=zh] lvl1


  1. Team consists of only Water Members. (Team skill excluded)
  2. Leader same as ally.
  3. Hidden: Team consists of only Dark Members. (Team skill excluded)
[Image: 120?cb=20170109224842&path-prefix=zh]
Type: Pattern of Connection
Restriction: Fire Demon Only
Charging Condition: Dissolve Fire Runes
Skill I: For 1 turn, reflect 30 times damage received as attribute-less damage back to all enemies.
Skill II: For 1 turn, Demon's ATK +30%.
Skill III: For 1 turn, ignore puzzle shield.

Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Wow look hard.

Haza Team looks pretty stable here, just need to figure out what to do about missing DBK for the Enchanted Puzzle Shield...

Okay, i manage to clear the SM in 14 turns. Basically 1 turn kill for all stages except for R1 which takes me 5 turns.

Lu Bu + PR SGB + Gondul + Yocto + Diao Chan + Lu Bu
My leader craft is Shadowy Tryannical Pattern which have a 35k snipe.
All member's craft are dissolve dark charging condition so it charges insanely fast for this team. (Everyone is converter)
R1 - Spend 5 turns here unless you can break the defense. (Quite possible for Satan team). Since Lu Bu always launch full attack, 5 turns is easy as long as you dissolve dark every turn.
R2 - Use Gondul. If feel that rune is not enough, use Yocto as well.
R3a - Use SGB, break the shield with all enchanted dark runes. If Yocto is not used last turn, use here.
R3b - Lu Bu + Craft
R4 - Use the filtered board to burst.
R5a - Lu Bu
R5b - Yocto Transform, Bankai
R6 - SGB + Gondul
R7a - Simply spin a set of dark and use craft.
R7b - Lu Bu + Diao Chan combined skills. Spin 6 columns and end the stage.

For people who want to go even faster, there are 2 ways:
1) Somehow break the defense in R1. 
2) Use a sniper active instead of sniper craft at R7a.
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Just 1 thing to take note, you only need tank less than 13k in R7a, the ambush is at 65% of ATK
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313

dang... thought gonna give this one a pass... couldnt believe only January and cant pass an sm... but... hmm.... Wukong? Smile
almost give up... of coz no achievements :/

Hades (L), Fylgja, Amduscias, Verthandi, Ed, Wukong (A)

always make sure Verthandi active is ready before entering next round
full burst: Hades both actives + Fylgja max accumulation + Amduscias + Ed + Wukong

#1: grind till CD ready and burst if want
#2: grind till CD ready and burst if want
#3a: on Verthandi, on Fylgja when ready. when Hades is up, use both Hades actives once... 'should be' able not to KO it. then grind till all CD up. then start prepare the board. want to have as many Dark runes as possible. with 1 set of Water and 1 set of Earth. prepare board. let Verthandi suck it dry

[Image: H4GSdiJ.png]

my prepared board. didnt realize that Fire rune in the middle should be Dark rune... skydrop messed up a bit Smile
move from the left most column, lowest Fire rune all the way to the right then up...

#3b: Hades makes Dark to enchanted, do not activate the full board of coz. Fylgja already on previously, on Amduscias, on Ed, on Wukong, plus DC.
#4: i'm not confident at #5a, so i used burst on #5a instead here. it's hard to take down both at same time without burst. take down the CD1 one... if accidentally take down CD3 one no prob, with Verthandi 3 stacks always heal back. when one KO and the other absorb... total HP will be 8+ mil... can use full burst without Ed once, wont KO it. then spin it down. if confident at #5a, just burst both down here
#5a: i used full burst here
#5b: grind CD back. 7 mil HP can use some kind of burst... both Hades active with Amduscias should be OK. then spin it down
#6: full burst
#7a: spin it down. need to atk every rounds. dont want the burning getting out of hands
#7b: grind CD back and full burst with DC

done Smile
RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
Don't have a decent water mono leader? Have fun grinding for 40 minutes with a Pisces defensive team!

1* clear (water team) using PR Pisces + PR Raphael, Gretchen Fusion, Gilgamesh + Cinderella.
1-3a grind through
3b Full burst using Gilgamesh, both fusion actives, Raphael, one converter + DC
4 Grind for actives
5a Burst down
5b Grind through, try to have all your actives ready before you move on
6 Full burst
7a Spin once then Monstro snipe
7b Grind all actives back, then full burst

2* clear (Same Leader + Ally, Hidden: Dark Team) using Dual Satan + Norvi, Sunnie, Cowardly Lion, PR Osiris. 
1 Kill middle mob within 3 turns then stall cd on side mobs
2 Use Lion if needed 
3a Sunnie and spin
3b Norvi + Satan 
4 Grind back actives a bit
5a Norvi + spin 
5b Lion + Satan
6 Grind back CD a bit, but kill within 4 turns
7a Osiris snipe
7b Everything left

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
For those looking for a straightforward clear,
Guan yu - PR Medusa - PR Sean - PR Shu - PR Circe - Guan Yu
Got me a 0 diamond clear. Was a pretty fun challenge, will update with the strategy later today.
ID: 60302480

Allies available: Inanna (All Max), Dumuzi (All Max) PR Apollo (All Max), PR Virgo (All max), VR Freyja (All Max), Stolas (Ame II), Huang Fu Duo (Max lvl, Ame IV), PR Yang Jian (Max lvl, Max CD), PR Athena (All Max), Beelzebub (All Max), Samael (All Max) Jia Rou (Ame IV, set on weekends), Satan, Guan Yu, Lu bu. 
Used similar team as deathexe:

Guan Yu (L) + PR Circe, PR Medusa, PR Tefnut, PR Sean + Guan Yu (A)

All maxed team with blade slashing DC.

Wave 1: Target middle and kill. Grind the 2 sides one by one to get Circe and DC ready for wave 2.
Wave 2: Spin and use DC to prepare enchanted runes for the next wave.
Wave 3A: Spin and fill in enchanted puzzle shield.
Wave 3B: Use Guan Yu, spin and ensure same initial number of earth and water combos dissolved.
Wave 4: Spin and attack all to kill both together.
Wave 5A: Plan carefully and spin.
Wave 5B: Spin and create enchanted runes for next wave.
Wave 6: Spin and create enchanted runes.
Wave 7A: Use PR Medusa, spin.
Wave 7B: Use PR Tefnut, then Guan Yu and PR Sean to burst.
Regular ally (all maxed): Guan Yu / PR Jia Rou (weekends)
Other allies available upon request
UID: 25661324
Guild: AC Slackers  (Guild No.: 1563)

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