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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Final Decision of Hearty
Info on wiki:

General Strategy: 
Stage 2 (-100% non-demon damage and CD reset) and stage 3 (God racism) make the stage highly biased towards demons. However, since the reset is only on stage 2 you can potentially stall on stage 3 if desired. Teams with water members are preferable as the majority of the enemies are fire attribute. 

1) If you have non-demons then don't bother stalling here. If you have a mono demon team you can stall here a little bit if needed. 
2) Spin through quickly as most teams can't handle 90% poison 
3a) If you don't have gods you can stall here a bit
3b) Burst it down
4) Spin through
5) You can probably just spin through the first 2-3 forms. May need to use a booster on the 4th form. 
6a) Convert heart runes if needed and spin through. You can spend 1-2 turns preparing the board if needed although be careful that you don't end up with too many fire runes. 
6b) Full burst
7) Spin

Sample Teams: 
Dual Ying Zheng + PR Xi, Lancelot, 2x filler demon members

Dual Ying Zheng, Lancelot (3 member clear)

Dual Ying Zheng, Samle (3 member clear)

Dual Ying Zheng, PR Tuchigumo, AR Yuki-Onna, Theresia, Paimon

Dual Azathoth, Ursula, Novalis, Megumin, Hiei

Dual Wu Zetian, Raizen, Illuminated Savant, Y'glonac, Neferpitou

Dual Wu Zetian, Raizen, AR Kejourou, Patra, VR Jack

Dual Eve, Ghroth, Y'glonac, AR Yuki-Onna, Illuminated Savant

Dual Eve, AR Yuki-Onna, PR Yog, PR Xi, PR Tuchigumo

Dual Lucy, Bishamonten, Megumin, Wendy, Laxus

Dual Yusuke, Raizen, AR Yuki-Onna, Ubume, VR Elizabeth

Dual Yusuke, Raizen, AR Yuki-Onna, VR Jack, Paimon

Dual Aqua, Mitsurugi, AR Yuki-Onna, Lucy, PR Raphael

Other Teams: 

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Using Lucy team:

1) Stall CD so Lucy's skill is ready. Use Lucy's skill on last turn before finishing up mob.
2) Spin through. As soon as Unison Raid is ready, activate it and finish off enemy.
3A) Stall CDs back up. Lucy should be able to tank the attacks easily.
3B) Activate Lucy and Yuki-Onna's skill, and Unison Raid. Make sure to spin 7 combos.
4) Stack Fire runes and spin through. May switch Florice and use 1st EP skill to remove some Fire.
5) Spin through the revivals. On the HP with burning cross runes, activate Florice's 2nd EP skill, Lucy's skill, and Unison Raid. Use DC if needed.
6A) Spin through Puzzle shield and use Yuki-Onna to remove Fire runes. You can stall CD here but make sure to move Fire runes to the leader and ally columns to convert them to hearts so your board will not be flooded with Fire.
6B) Use all skills + DC to burst
7) Spin.


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