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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Falling into Temptation
Yogi enchantresses is probably my fav farming team cuz it has no concern over rune spin time being deducted or whatever rune shenanigans.

Only problem being at 2b, then 4a, cuz you have to kill 2b by hitting high enough damage, and then 4a, cuz you wanna do just the right amount or else you'll lose your powers.

Otherwise, it's pretty much a steamroll with her, with the fiend armor you get as well.

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Super lazy spinning today...

2* Clear (Water Team, God Leader and Ally) with Dual Abraham + PR Raphael, Chris, Leona, AR Pisces

1) Kill in 3 turns
2a) Kill ASAP
2b) Grind
3) Burst
4a) Grind 
4b) Burst
5) Grind 
6a) Burst
6b) Full burst with everything left

1* Clear (All Humans) with Dual Kyo + Chizu, Kim, Terry, Benimaru

Not much strategy. Basically just grind through the first few stages, burst down the last 2. 

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