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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Eye Hunting
Battle info on wiki:

3* Achievements: 
Beast Team
Light Team
3+ Races


General Strategy: 
As per usual these days, mobs have high damage (CD 1 with 13k+ damage on most stages) and high HP (8m+). Hence you usually need teams with high damage output and rec. 
1) Need to be able to consistently hit 6-7 combos. Aim for 6 combos if you're trying to stall CD, then go for 7 when you're ready to move on. 
2) Ideally kill them both together, but target the water enemy first if not. You need 26k HP on the second turn if you're planning to tank!
3) Spin through.  
4) Time tunnel or something that can clear electric runes will be useful, so you only need to focus on one of the board hazards rather than two. 
5) Spin through quickly
6) If you're running a full/mostly beast team or a team with EP instead of CD then you can just tank the hit before spinning through. Otherwise you probably want to use Cancer or a DC that ignores initial shield so that you have some skills for the next stage. 
6b) Explode the board, full burst with all skills available. 

Sample Teams: 
1* Clear (Beast Team) with Mellow + Choux, Ghostie, PR Dodo, VR Ra + Zero

1) Spin through. Dodo when ready. 
2) Do full attacks if you can, target water first if not. 
3) Spin through
4) Choux
5) Ghostie
6a) Tank the hit, spin through
6b) Mellow, Ra, Zero, DC

2* Clear (Light Team, 3+ Races) with Dual VR Inanna + Anu, PR Magic Lamp, Colin, VR Ra and Aggressive Pique Spell as DC to bypass initial shield

1, 2, 3) Spin through while stalling CD
4) Colin and hope the puzzle shield is in a good spot!
5) Turn on Anu, Inanna
6a) Spin with DC to bypass initial shield
6b) Inanna, Ra, Magic Lamp and spin

Other Teams: 
more teams TBA
1* Apollo:
0* Aqua:
0* Atlantis:
0* Azathoth:
1* Alternate Cathieves:
2* Daoloth:
1* Darkness:
0* Gon/Killua:
0* Megumin:
1* Suzuko:
2* TSZ:
1* Yusuke:

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
I cleared this with the above mellow ghostie team.  Not hard but not easy either.  My advice is to use choux liberally while saving vr ra for later.  Don't try to spin with crap on the board.

I cleared the other 2 stars with Daoloth.  Daoloth pluma choux Ra ironhamel Daoloth.  This was a lot easier than beasts I thought.  Just use iron Hamel if u need a big heal and get rid of dark on the last stage.  Forget ianna unless u need more races.

The craft stinks...thanks madhead...

Card is meh.


2* Achievement (All Light, 3+ Races)
Condemned Fantasy Kagamine Rin + Len/PR Mech Griffin*/PR Bael*/Erza* + SR Wukong + Twin Butterfly Tune:

*PR Bael can be replaced by a dupe Len, or other Light cards that decrease HP like VR Divergence Jack or Rider Bishop. It should be noted though that the latter two are not as effective as Bael since they don't decrease HP to 1. 
*Erza is the most expendable member. Feel free to include other non-Machina or non-God Light members. I chose for the additional combos in wave 1.
*Mech Griffin can be replaced by other Light Machinas like Samoy or Upbeat Vocal Kagamine Rin. I preferred Griffin for the dual purpose of boosting fuel, as well as converting away Dark runes.

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