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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Evil Ambition
Stage info:

Must have:
1) Craft

Nice to haves:
1) Cards to deal with Enchanted quintet shield
2) Cards to deal with Heart shield
3) Teams that can burst down full-board Burning runes or burst with minimal rune movement

3* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally, All Gods, 3+ Attribute)
Ultraman ORB + Ultraman Tiga/Ultraman Tiga/Ultraman Dyna*/Ultraman Gaia + Ultraman ORB + Molded Seal - Exquisite (or any damage-boosting craft):

*Dyna is probably the most expendable member. Can be replaced by Ultraman ZERO, Tiga or ORB or other God members like AR Luna
*Ultraman Tiga may be replaced by a second ORB but his switch skill is valuable for the added boost.

Other finishes:
Darkness (1*):
Jabir (2*):
Eve (2*):
Ultraman ZERO (3*):
Seiya (2*):

Okay here's a the way I've been using to clear the stage with Orb + Gaia + Dyna + Taro + Ultraman + Orb, important things to keep in mind are that starting from water runes heal you and dissolving heart Or dark runes guives a shield while starting fire gives a little extra damage:
R1: Do a combo or don't it doesn't matter. Just make sure here's earth runes on the board.
R2A: Start from an earth rune and spin, should have enough damage to clear in two turns.
R2B: I use Taro and try to make one extra combo but Orb can be used.
R3A: Just spin and make the same number of combos, it will die.
R3B: What Dyna is here for, can use Taro or Orb to secure the kill.
R4; Target the Golem (Emerald Monk, the one that attacks if earth runes are dissolved), follow the vortex and kill before it can attack, then kill the melog.
R5: Orb active should be enough for the kill.
R6A: If Orb active is ready then use Gaia and hearts to kill else stall. Here you can stall by starting from water runes and dissolving heart or dark, when the actives are ready use Gaia and proceed.
R6B: Use Orb and swipe.
R7: Use Ultraman to unlock the members, do not make water combos. Can use Taro or Orb but you need to move the water runes so they don't dissolve.
R8A: Can be grinded or bursted down just make sure to use the craft before prceeding or you are dead. If you can filter the dark runes better.
R8B: If it explodes 2 or more runes I use everything to kill him, else it can be grinded by using the damage reduction.
R9: Almost there! I stall here to get back the actives, it's pretty safe so long as you always start from a water rune. The hazed runes can be dissolved if stalling.
R10: To secure the win go Taro Orb for those extra combos, can go Dyna Ultraman Taro Orb and craft for that sweet overkill!

Good luck! Gaia is the most replaceable member of the team so feel free to replace him, Dyna can be replaced too!

ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
I used this one. I flubbed the earlier stages, so I didn't have enough oomph to kill the Combatant. This caused me to stall later.

I do see in my leader board, the top one uses ORB/Gaia/Tiga/Luna/Parvati/ORB. 14 rounds. Third one uses the same thing with 17 rounds.



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