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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Enchanting Song
Clear 2*
Shz, odous, andro, zhaoyun, aloha, shz.
Easy, just use aloha+zhaoyun for 10 combos.
Aloha, basti, shingen, fury, panda, dodo.
Shingen active cant by pass 10combo.
Use basti and spin for all atk to kill left and right.

Farming team .
Ysc, yocto, thomas, kat, yys, yys. Dc that delay enemy turns or that break frame.
Super steady.
Thomas almost no use in this battle, only for precaustion incase you kill too fast.
1. On ysc. Just spin to kill.
2. Kill 1 by 1
3a. Just spin
3b. Activate 1 yys dissolve all light.
4. Yys left over, fill the frame.
5. Aim for trunk, reactivate ysc, yocto full board, yys, kat and spin for 10 combos(easy).

(08-26-2017, 01:36 PM)wong ah neh Wrote: Shingen active cant by pass 10combo.
yes, neither Shingen or Zhuge Liang cannot bypass this initial combo shield.  MH screwed the description up of the skill thats already too dam long to begin with.
Normal combo shield and its no problem.  This one says initial combo which u would think would still add the combos but no.  Ive met quite a few times things like this are screwy...some in my favor and some not.  This is a not.

Probably too late... but Lu Bu team can easily farm quite easily.

I used Lu Bu, Diao Chan, OVR Odin, Tsuki, Dark Valky (not wine), Lu Bu ally. Probably can swap Diao Chan for Long Kui and OVR Odin for AR Gemini.

R1 Stall as much as possible. Remember to heal to above 7537 hp.'
R2 Try to stall 1 round then kill both.
R3a Try to stall 1 round then kill.
R3b Try to stall 1 round then kill.
R4 If you manage to stall out the 0rec debuff you can stall again for Long Kui/Diao Chan.

If sky drop doesn't give you enough dark runes to kill, just use Lu Bu or OVR Odin 2nd skill.

R5 Unlock god skills, Tsuki, Long Kui / Diao Chan, burst buff, stack 10c, DC, win.

Diao Chan (w/o Lu Bu combine skill), Tsuki, OVR Oding 2.5x, Dark Valky and DC is enough to burst down boss, even with 0 5-runestone chains / sky drops. But stalling is incredibly luck based...

Old stage, use the usual suspects to clear. 

2* Clear (Dark Team, God Team) with Dual VR Artemis + AR Pollux, PR Valkyrie, Qi Tian Di, Khaos
1) Stall CD here as long as you can, while charging up Pollux
2, 3a, 3b, 4) Spin through, continue charging up Pollux. You need Valkyrie ready before moving on.
5) Valkyrie to unlock skills. Qi Tian Di to remove heart runes. Turn on Artemis and Khaos to burst down.

1* Clear (Dragon Leader and Ally) with Dual Azathoth + PR Kulkulan, PR Novalis, PR Ursula, Colin
1) My Azathoth leader isn't max CD, so I wasted one turn here. Otherwise you can just spin through this stage.
2, 3a, 3b, 4) Spin through, use Colin to help with the puzzle shield. DO NOT TURN ON NOVALIS.  
5a) Kulkulan to kill the left enemy. Then turn on Novalis, Ursula, Azathoth
5b) Azathoth

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
2* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally, All Dark)
SR Daji + Narmer*/Khaos*/PR Anubis*/Killua* + SR Daji + Necrofan Seal (or any craft):

*Killua can be replaced by other cards that convert away Heart runes, like AR Alma, Human Lu Bu, or PR Yocto.
*Feel free to replace the other 3 members with any other non-Dark cards, since this stage is relatively old.

2* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally, All Beast)
Zetton + Zetton*/Magatano-Orochi/Magatano-Orochi*/Cerberus + Zetton + Successive Wild Spell (or a craft that ignores Defense):

*Magatano-Orochi can be replaced by another card that will allow you to do initial 8 combos, such as a time extender (eg Garuda) or a card that can do lots of damage to bypass the 80M defense (of the left mob (which will then allow you do defeat the boss by just doing 6 combos), such as Copperfield.
*Feel free to substitute the dupe Zetton with any other Fire Beast that you want like PR Suzuko or Gomora.

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