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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Egyptian Gods' Trials
Fixed teams for these stages, so you just need to focus on your spinning skill and getting lucky with skydrops.

1, 2) Spin through while stalling CD
3) Full attack, then snipe with Frostragon to finish them off. 
4) Gretchen and spin through
5) Tefnut 
6) Spin through
7) Full heal with Fusion, use whatever actives are left to snipe and/or burst.

1, 2) Spin through while stalling CD. Use Blazochus for fire runes.

3) Fthaggua and fuse before moving on
4) Spin through
5) Seth, Agnesi
6) Remember earth runes, then Agnesi Snipe and Blazochus 
7) Burst with Seth and Fthaggua

1) Spin through while doing full attacks, stalling CD. Snipe with Rattasauridae to move on
2) Snipe with Rattasauridae to remove heart runes. Spin through
3) Arwassa to heal up, snipe and spin to move on. Turn on Propitious Dragon whenever it's ready. 
4) Snipe and spin through
5) Shu
6) Spin through
7a) Shu
7b) Spin until snipers are back up, then snipe and spin through

1) Spin twice then fuse to heal. 
On turn 3, spin fire and light runes to whittle down the dark enemy, then snipe with Lisa to kill. 
Spin 2 more turns, then kill fire enemies on turn 6. 
2) Spin through, storing light runes. Snipe with Gleamimus and Lisa to kill. 
3) Lisa and spin
4) Spin through
5) Ra and Pluma
6) Ra
7a) Follow the orbs
7b) Full burst with all snipes and actives

1) Spin through, making an enchanted rune. Dolu when ready to move on
2) If you can do a full attack then 1x Dolu is enough. Otherwise, 2x Dolu.
3) Spin through for 3 turns, storing CD. Dolu to move on.
4a) Osiris, Dolu and spin well. Remember where the dark runes are. 
4b) Dolu with as many dark runes as possible.
5) Stall CD a bit here. Dolu to move on
6) Spin once, then Osiris and Dolu
7a) Spin through, Dolu when ready to move on
7b) Osiris and any remaining Dolu

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

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Thanks, really helpful

What I noticed in the earth stage was that if you kill with snipes, the buffs stay on. Theoretically they add to damage also.

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