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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Dragon Vanished on 7 July
Battle info on wiki:

3* Achievements: 
3+ Dragons
Human Team
3+ Attributes

General Strategy: 

As per usual these days, mobs have high damage (CD 1 with 16k+ damage on the first stage, most other stages are at least 10-13k) and high HP (8m+). Hence you usually need teams with high damage output and rec. Despite being a 5-wave stage, you need a lot of utility to help you through: heart removal, defense break, tumbler/poison (Megumin is ideal). 
1) Kill one ASAP and stall CD on the other. High HP (>30k) is a huge help. 
2) Keep stalling CD here. 
3a) Remove/convert/explode the hearts and spin through
3b) Defense break and fill in the puzzle shield with dark runes. You can probably spend 1-2 turns storing dark runes here if needed, but it will be hard to stay much longer as the enemy has spam trojan. 
4) Either you have a high rec team, ignore poison, or snipe (hello Megumin!). 8m HP with 25% tumbler and 50% poison is no joke. 
5a) A slight breather here. Spin through, finish stalling CD as required. 
5b) You are going to be taking 18k damage to the face every turn, not to mention the 10k+ from the enemy attacks if it's not dead. Exceptions are if you use something which nullifies your own team attacks e.g. Gon, Yamato Takeru, Novalis. Kill it once, revive and kill it again. Make sure you heal up to 18k+ HP every time or you'll need a diamond to revive. 

NOTE: As at 10pm GMT+8, the boss is bugged and does not revive if it dies from a single attack without other team members attacking e.g. Gon EP skill 2, Novalis active skill. It must be a single attack. If there are multiple attacks from the same card (e.g. Draco with Novalis) then the boss will still revive. See bug video below. 
Example of revive bug with Novalis. Skip ahead to 3:21. 

Sample Teams: 
2* Clear (3+ Dragons, 3+ Attributes) with Dual Azathoth + PR Ursula, PR Novalis, Nidhogg, Colin 

1, 2, 3a) Turn on Novalis when ready. Stall as long as possible as you ideally want Nidhogg ready for the poison stage. Azathoth on stage 3a to move on. 
3b) Nidhogg, Colin
4) Spin through in 3 turns (Azathoth snipe ignores tumbler). Nidhogg to heal in emergency
5a) Spin through
5b) Ursula and spin. After it revives, Azathoth with 2nd turn of Ursula.

2* Clear (Human Team, 3+ Attributes) with Gon + PR Duncan, Kurapika, PR Endor, Megumin + Killua 

1) Spin through as quickly as possible. Killua/DC to help burst if needed. Good luck! Turn on Kurapika whenever it's ready. 
2) Spin through
3a) Stack if you can, Killua convert to remove hearts if not. You can use a PR starter here if needed. 
3b) Once you have enough dark runes, use Gon skill 1 starting from Rock to break defence and fill in the puzzle shield. 
4) Megumin
5a) Endor
5b) Killua both skills, switch. Use EP skill 2. Gon switch. Burst down. 
After it revives, switch Kurapika and use EP skill 2. Also use Gon EP skill 2.

2* Clear (Human Team, 3+ Attributes) with Dual Yusuke + Kurapika, Gon, Killua, Megumin. Whale!

1) Kill one and stall CD a bit. Turn on Kurapika when ready
2) Yusuke skill 1 to help speed up
3a) Yusuke EP skill 2
3b) Killua convert, Gon skill 1 spinning from rock to kill.  
4) Megumin
5a) Spin through
5b) Yusuke skill 1, Kurapika switch and EP skill 2 to spin through the first form. After it revives, Yusuke EP skill 2.

Other Teams: 
0* Aqua:
0* Artemis:
0* Artemis:
1* Cathieves:
1* Darkness:
1* Erza:
2* Killua/Gon:
2* FT Lucy:
0* Kurama:
2* Megumin:
2* Natsu:
2* Natsu:
2* Santa:
0* Xuanwu machina:
2* Yusuke:

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi

This post is pretty thorough but here's a take from someone who's missing a lot of cards and figured it out anyway. My account is roughly 100 days old so there's nothing too rare or collaby except Konosuba.

Ainvar's quick guide to 3* and farming Dragon Vanished

2* Azathoth
Top ways to die: accidentally kill floor 1 too fast and then non-enchanted attacks on 2, fail to clear puzzle shield w/ high defense, don't match enough and/or heal on tumbler.
Key subs: Subs don't matter too much except you should probably have Novalis and Ursula and some way to boost the puzzle shield damage floor is nice. Max skill is going to be pretty much required.
My team: Azathoth Ursula Novalis Hydra Daoloth Azathoth (If I had Nidhogg skilled I'd bring that instead of Hydra--instead I have a HP recovery craft)

1. stall up skills, activate Novalis ASAP
2. spin and kill (Novalis up makes much safer)
3a. Azathoth active
3b. Spike with whatever you want/can. A good spin with Novalis activated can do it, but some sort of damage boost, craft, defense break, etc makes your life much easier.
4. If you spin 20+ orbs every round you should be able to clear with no additional help. For safety it's better to bring a heal (Nidhogg, craft)
5a. Spin
5b. Ursula and burst twice. Often Azathoth is coming back around so you can just use that twice.

Darkness 1*
Top ways to die: I'm not sure, I haven't died yet.
Key subs: Huang Zhong is quite useful, and Paladin is also great. Modi&Magni are nice but there are lots of other options. You need some way to handle 3b, either craft or sub.
My team: Darkness Huang Zhong Paladin M&M Gajeel Darkness

1. Spin until dead. This should take a while and that's what you want.
2. Your goal in addition to clearing this floor is to get Darkness activated with no heart runes on the board. Remember if you match 5 a heart will drop--don't do this!
3a. Once there are no hearts and no hearts dropping this floor is trivial.
3b. You need some sort of solution to this puzzle shield plus defense. A craft, a burst, a defense break, something. I use Gajeel, which is a little stressful because you need to both match the puzzle shield AND match all dark orbs without connecting them to the puzzle shield, but I'm a noob that's what I have. When I screw up I find I can still clear with Huang Zhong up and a big burst while matching the puzzle.
4. You should be able to keep up with healing here, make hearts with Darkness if necessary. Paladin is good in emergency.
5a. Don't take too long to kill--the burn can get annoying.
5b. Not difficult With Huang Zhong up this is even easier because of the hellfire. Use what you have to kill quickly especially after revive.

[Image: W3UbW07l.png]
Darkness 4 card clear.
DC is the 10th seal human dragonware

I tried 3 cards but the HP wasn't thick enough to sustain damage on R1. Hattori has bonus spin time and 2.5x for Sensui.

Get Darkness on before r3a.
R3b - store Dark/Light and use Sensui + Hattori + DC
R4 - Heal as much as possible using Light runes. When enemy is at half health, switch on/off Darkness twice to convert hearts and full heal. Switch Sensui when Darkness is off. Turn Darkness back on.
R5a - Activate Sensui 2 and kill quickly.
R5b - Try to store some light/dark runes, then activate Sensui and Hattori and DC.

Same strategy with some more light/heart converters and damage boosters in the remaining slots works fine. You could even clear 2* achievements I think.

Other clear teams - Darkness (usual team), Darkness (no collab cards), Azathoth, Aqua, Hiei - here:
ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.

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