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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Commitment to the Hope
Battle info, also available on the wiki:

Light Statue1101282(2)1431720880When it attacks, 4 random runes turned to light
Dark Statue154931(1)1689340830Attack increases by x0.4 for each God member in your team, max 3x
Light Statue1101282(3)1431720880When it attacks, 4 random runes turned to light
Dark Guard260161(1)38267603080Disregards control skills. When other mob dies, attack and defense x50 from next round.
Light Guard2179324(4)39031504190Can only damage other mobs after killing this one
Eostre (Light)3a125961(1)1009820Restore CD of beast members
Eostre (Light)3b12596173752409820Enchanted Quintet Shield
Lyra (Light)4142632(2)95765308720Only receives damage after dissolving 15 dark runes. Count resets after it attacks you. Enemy attack doubles after each hit, and attacks twice on sixth hit.
Lepus (Dark)5a157811(1)501655010240Heart runes can't be dissolved for 98 turns. Enchanted Shield. Locks God skills, and attack increases if Gods are present in your team.
Lepus (Dark)5b459211782342010240All runes locked at start of first round, and -20% damage for each rune dissolved when spinning. Spam trojan, uncontrollable.

Light Team
Dark Team
Beast Leader and Ally

Reward is 3* Beast Opal of Shadowfall

Stupid achievement teams since it's a stupid stage. Credit to Bloodmage for the Lu Bu Team idea from my leaderboard. 

1* Clear (Beast Leader and Ally) with PR Mufasa + PR Panda, Sirius Fusion, PR Medusa + PR Aloha

1) Kill side mobs quickly, stall on middle mob as long as possible
2) Stall a little more, turn on Panda, kill right mob on turn 4, then burst down left mob with any skills since they will be restored next turn.
3a) Spin
3b) Aloha and DC for dark and earth runes
4) Spin once, then Medusa to stall a little. Make an enchanted earth rune before moving on. 
5a) Spin
5b) Sirius to create enchanted runes + Mufasa

1* Clear (Light Team) with Dual TSZ + Minamoto Fusion, PR Ra, Camera

The plan: 
1) Kill side mobs, stall on middle a little
2) Kill right mob on turn 4, then fuse and burst down left
3a) Spin
3b) Camera + DC for dark runes
4) TSZ + Spin
5a) Spin
5b) Burst with everything left

What actually happened: 
1) Full attack, whoops they're all dead...
2) Kill right mob on turn 4, then DC to burst down left
3a) Spin
3b) Spin until Camera is up, then Camera + TSZ
4) Spin a couple of times, then DC for dark runes. TSZ and spin to kill
5a) Spin
5b) Burst with everything left

1* Clear (Dark Team) with Dual Lubu + PR XI, PR Endor, Anubis, Yomi. 

1) Spin once, then kill everything on turn 2
2) Kill right mob on turn 4, turn on Anubis when ready. Then Lubu and spin to kill left mob
3a) Spin
3b) Turn on Xi, Yomi + Endor
4) Lubu 
5a) Spin
5b) Burst with everything left

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Wow... easily farmable with Druid team

Aloha, Panda, Furi, Boyciana, Basti, Aloha

ID: 25923781
Looking for: Freyr, Aether, Ninurta, Namtar, Artemis, Beelzebub, Barbara, Apollo, Pontos, Chessia, 
Main Allies: (Double Max+ unless stated) Aether, Freyr, Ninurta, Artemis (CD12), Lucy (CD16), Pontos
Level 237

Teams not ready to clear mono light... dang it.

Farming with the above team
Rd1. Get active up, stall 5 turn here
Rd2. Kill when active up, use basti to be safe
Rd3b. Aloha and DC to stock dark and eearth
Rd4. Kill
Rd5a. Kill
Rd5b empty spin, then full burst, can use DC if charged.

ID: 25923781
Looking for: Freyr, Aether, Ninurta, Namtar, Artemis, Beelzebub, Barbara, Apollo, Pontos, Chessia, 
Main Allies: (Double Max+ unless stated) Aether, Freyr, Ninurta, Artemis (CD12), Lucy (CD16), Pontos
Level 237

I was making a post for this stage so I'm going to just copy paste it here:

Stage info taken from the wiki:


Team consists of only Dark members (excluding team skills).
Leader and Ally are beasts.
Team consists of only Light members (excluding team skills).

DC Reward:


Some things to keep in mind:

The dark statue damage increases when there are gods in the team to the maxium of 16,479 (x3) which is weird because it increases by x0.4 for each god so even with 6 gods it should be x2.4 which should be 13,184, or is it considered to be 3x at 5 gods?
For only leader and ally gods it would be 9888, I think.

The guards on the second level will be annoying, need to kill the light one and then the dark one attack changes to 300,800 and defense to 154000.

3a is the easiest part of the stage, 9.8k defense and only 100 hp, she is there just to recharge beasts, 3b on the other hand is pretty hard. Eostre second hp has 7 million hp and enchanted quint shield, here the answers are a few: Alola if running a beast team, full board enchanters like Maya or Camera Girl, DC to enchant, DC to pass enchanted quint shields and this one I'm not entirely sure but I think DC that pass quintet elemental shield make the enemy a normal enchanted shield for the round (if somebody knows it would be helpfull).

Lyra's second attack will do 28k so that means 15 dark in 4 turns, not that hard with some skydrop luck, just remember that it has 9 million hp and that the enemy doens't attack if you dissolve 15 dark.

The boss first hp most annoying part is the locking gods and making hearts undissolvable for 99 rounds, she also has an enchanted shield, four buffs on the side bar can clear the heart debuff but Panda laughs at that debuff.
Second hp is weird, it locks all runes so unless using a mass converter or full board converter or board replacer or board enchanter the first turn it is imposible to do damage because using the DC will consider that all locked runes where dissolved so sacrificing the second use of an enchanting DC (not sure if a trasposition type DC clears the locked runes) means that it is posible to attack from the second round foward. Also the first round it only does 4k damage and then it greatly increases so that may mean it is a one shot from the second round or maybe not but the important part is that the board lock only happens once. Don't forget to burst cause the enemy has 17 million hp.

Sample teams:

Standard Druids with Aloha and Panda shouldn't have much problem, can add Lynx for Lyra or simply bet on getting the runes naturally.

Lyra and the two achievements clearly say "Hey, listen! Use a Lynx team for this stage!" so it is worth to give it a try if you have her, something like Lynx - Bobo - Lunar Sirius - Pegasus - Silver Bullet/Baphomet could work but it is really important to have at least one of either Sirius, Baphomet or Silver Bullet to take away hearts if there are too many hearts in the boss stage.

For mono light, dunno, maybe some kind of Maya team?
ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
Actually, it is exponential so it is base attack x1.4^x, x being number of Gods. If there are 5+ God's, then its base attack x3
ID: 25923781
Looking for: Freyr, Aether, Ninurta, Namtar, Artemis, Beelzebub, Barbara, Apollo, Pontos, Chessia, 
Main Allies: (Double Max+ unless stated) Aether, Freyr, Ninurta, Artemis (CD12), Lucy (CD16), Pontos
Level 237

Racism enemy skills are calculated as 100%+(40%*x), where x is the number of members affected, with a max of x3.

The God Lock & Racism enemy skill in round 5a is actually a God CD reset & racism, Madhead got the wrong description for this skill (Chinese description is wrong as well).
For those not aiming for craft, use druid variant is safest and fast for farming.
Aloha, fenrir, furi, panda, dodo.
1. Aim for dark one, stall until all up.
2. Fenrir 1st to kill light, 2nd to kill dark.
3a. Just spin.
3b. Aloha+ dc for 15 dark
4. Just spin if you already have 15 dark form previous round.
5a. Just spin.
5b. Fenrir 2nd spin. Ko
Thanks Joe and Carlos!

That God CD reset is annoying, I was thinking of using some kind of Maya setup for mono light and using Maya to clear the lock in 5b but now I will have to slot camera girl. On the other hand this probably means a diamond as compensation because of the wrong enemy skill.

Enviado desde mi BLL-L23 mediante Tapatalk
ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
Here is the light mono I used for achievements:

PR Inanna + PR Light Yan + Sima Yi + Camera Girl + Keijourou + PR Inanna

R1 : killed dark ASAP. Wasn't able to stall much here.
R2 : tried to take the whole 4 turns to kill light. Used Sima Yi to burst dark (4 column conversion)
R3a: Spin.
R3b: Turned on Yan. Used Camera Girl + Inanna + DC (to filter dark).
R4: Used PR Inanna since it gets reset next turn anyway.
R5: Used Keijourou and spun.
R5b: Used Sima Yi (5 column conversion), but too much of the remaining column got dissolved by skydrops to do good damage. Was able to remove the remaining locked runes and got DC back up. Spun columns + DC to burst remaining HP.

Used Sima Yi because I was trying to find a good light board converter in my inventory that wasn't a god and had a decent CD, lmao.

For beast team, I used Druids.
For dark team, I used the Lubu team strategy in the OP but with Lancelot subbed for Anubis. Unfortunately the total HP is too low to tank R3, so you really need to have actives up for 3b.
ID: 40 944 239  
Ally: Khaos (Dbl Max).
Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): VR Greek (FELD), Ophiuchus, Lu Bu, Mastema, Azazel, Izanagi, Rose, Daoloth, etc.


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