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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Cleansing the Vice - Nightmare Stage
Jeez, finally got it with Yusuke - Nathaniel - Pupuro - Kurapika - Louis + Yusuke. DC that can control board state. I'm not doing that again.

Wave by wave:
1) Grind through
2) Focus the one on the right, kill him before he attacks. Then you can grind through.
3a) Turn Kurapika on, should be able to kill in two turns. Don't lose Kurapika ever.
3b) Use one Yusuke's first active then switch the same Yusuke. Nathaniel to ensure 6+ combos.
4) Dissolve whatever you can, use DC. Remove all possible water from the board. You should be able to kill in two turns after that.
5) Kurapika gets neutralized, turn him back on when available, don't switch yet. Kill the mob on the right first, then you can grind.
6a) Okay, so hopefully you get very few water on the board. If you have too little to dissolve you might need to Yusuke, if you have too much, you might have to use Kurapika's second active after switch to do a full dissolve which can kill you later on, but ideally you use Nathaniel here.
6b) I got lucky in 6a and used the remaining Yusuke (active and switch) here.
7) Grind.
8a) Neutralize again. Just activate Kurapika ASAP. Use one Yusuke's first active and hopefully kill? I didn't and had to grind and it was terrible, but it did ensure that I had Kurapika's second active back up in time.
8b) Now, I didn't do this because I'm dumb but I think if you activate Kurapika's switch here it should clear the board? I used a Yusuke's second active here anyway and you might wanna too because no recovery isn't really a stage you wanna settle on. You should have enough HP to take one hit and still take the ambush next turn.
9) I did a basic spin first turn and then Nathaniel here, got 14 combos and killed.
10a) I did a basic spin for two turns (keep in mind he won't take damage til first attack), and then burst using Mega Spirit Gun + Absolute Time. Should kill.
10b) Okay, so if you still have Kurapika here, congrats, you need to push his buff off. On your buff slots you should have Dowsing, and then the two buffs from Absolute Time. Activate Pupuro and Louis. DC. This should kill, Pupuro is going to be the only one doing damage though.

Ugh. Nother card for the bin.

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(08-04-2018, 04:54 PM)Fauxy Wrote: I don't have a defense reducing DC and I tried to go full damage and only piddled away about 20% of his HP with Yusuke burst. I dunno what to do. I don't have Jinnie and does she even work if he's uncontrollable? This card isn't worth the stress and I feel like giving up is just for the best.

AFAIK, Uncontrollable just means you can't put a debuff like Medusa on him. Jinnie's active is a buff on the LHS, so it's unaffected; I've used her so many times in dual Kurama to burst down the last Wave.

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Try use a craft which boost lots of damage and you can get high score. For me, the human craft from Katherine stage is good. Crash Fever Craft, Slime and Opal are ones I can get 30k points, that's about x3 boost. The Katherine craft increases damage by 30 percent, which is total x3.9. Mega Spirit Gun the Yusuki with Raizen team skill and craft should kill, I've done it with my other Yusuki not even ameliorated.

ID: 25923781
Looking for: Any ally that is at least dual max

Main Allies: Azathoth, Killua, Yusuke, Aqua, Darkness, Hiei, Natsu, Lucy, Atlantis

CN ID: 878758321
Main Allies: Daoloth, Meso
Looking for: Daoloth, Meso

(08-04-2018, 05:23 PM)emailtim Wrote: 2nd time I screwed up with the 7+ combo shield. Accidentally dissolved water and then couldn't spin the 7 combos in the reduced time.

Gah. Kept dying at this stage. After 4 more trys realised it was dissolve all water not don't dissolve water. I thought I was screwing up by accidentally dissolving water. It wasn't until I had only 1 water rune that I realised that I wasn't spinning it badly but I had the skill wrong.

Ended up using johnnyTOS' team (thanks for recommending) but still ended up using a couple of dimes on 10a (1 on each run even with Biscuit had heart drought while trying to stall for Yusuke).

Stopped after I got the costume. Fed the 2 and got a lucky skill up so happy with that.
After some on off attempts (haven't been active playing), managed a 0 diamond clear with the below setup.

Used Yusuke, like the majority did, the only rare member in the team is Kurapika.

Yusuke - Kurapika - Molly - Raizen - Leorio - Yusuke

Some thought process of mine that went into this team setup:
I feel Leorio is a really good mini burst when not using Yusuke's active (board not filled with a majority of Light/Water runes)
Raizen's combination skill with Yusuke can be pretty decent early in the game when Yusuke is still unswitched and the passive boosts are a bonus (can arguably be replaced though).

No specific walkthrough from me, as I just went in improvising depending on the stage but I'll try to be as concise as possible (and also recalling what I did lol).
Try to switch Yusuke as late as possible; micromanage it to the best of your abilities. When I mention Yusuke, I meant his unswitched form, Demon Yusuke is well, after it's switched.

3(b) - Molly + (Raizen & Yusuke)
4     - Dissolve at least a set of runes (pray for RNG) and activate DC to filter out water runes, finish it up with Leorio
I first activated Kurapika's self boost active in R5.
6(a) - No hesitation at all, Kurapika's absolute time to be used here
6(b) - Absolute time + Yusuke
8(a) - Actually grindable, just stack Earth runes and you should be fine. Don't take too long though, CD1 15k is huge pressure.
By this  stage I probably already have 1 Yusuke switched.
8(b) - Demon Yusuke's 6EP skill would probably not be sufficient, try popping another active or two. Don't forget to keep your HP above 18k. neat trick here: switching Yusuke, activating Raizen clears the board since they are enchanting besides Yusuke's active of course. 
9     - Whatever is ready, but do not touch any of Demon Yusuke's skill, and Kurapika's as well.
10(a) - Absolute time, Demon Yusuke's 10EP skill should suffice, use Molly, Leorio if available.
10(b) - Carried over absolute time, Demon Yusuke's 10EP skill again, and use the last of your DC here. 

Sorry if the instructions are vague, a walkthrough can only guide you so much, you need to have faith in your judgments and skills. Hope those that are still trying will succeed Smile
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After a a good 20 tries managed a no diamond clear with the team below:

Yusuke, Kurapika, Vepar, Raizhen, Yvette. Yusuke ally

1 - Grind out

2 - Use Yusuke Spirit Gun if you don't think you can kill one of the gnomes in 2 turns.

3a - Trigger Kurapika x4 boost active. You can survive Matsema's 28k attack with your health, but do as much damage as you can and kill at CD2

3b - Switch the leader. Use Yusuke Mega Spirit Gun and spin 6+ Combos on the first batch. If at CD2 it allows for one mistake.

4 - Use DC to filter and rid of Water runes. I used a craft that turns the element most in # into light, so you can filter water and turn those to light. Lol I failed hard in the vid so had to use Vepar and got super lucky

5 - Kill the right first then grind the left one. Make sure three water runes are in the board.

6a - Switch Kurapika. Use absolute time and MUST dissolve all water runes in first batch.

6b - Chip away till about 70% HP, then burst.

7 - Heal for 5 turns. Basically a CD5 grind.

8a - Watch your spinning and dont dissolve earth on first batch. Trigger Kurapika First active to speed up. Use Yusuke Spirit Gun if there are too many earth runes.

8b - Use Yvette's active and Ally Yusuke's Mega Spirit Gun.

9 - With Yusuke's Mega Spirit Gun turning the columns, basically an OHKO.

10a - VEPAR!!! The tornados will NOT trigger if the enemy attacks don't connect. The enemy didn't trigger the tornado ONCE.

10b - Leader Yusuke's Mega Spirit Gun, Kurapika's Absolute Time (assuming Dowsing Chain is still in effect), and DC. Should be enough to break the 54.8 mil def.

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2* with Kurama + Shyplant + Yomi + Pupuro (PR) + Ghroth + Kurama
DC (40% elf attack boost). 

R1: Grind all CD. Leech is enough to heal to full as long as you start at green and end on red.
R2: Kurama 1 skill 1 + Switch Kurama 1 + Kurama 1 skill 1 + Shyplant, spin full attack, and kill quickly.
R3a: Spin normally, with Shyplant every turn. 
R3b: Kurama 2 skill 1 + Ghroth + Shyplant
R4: Switch Kurama + Kurama 2 skill 2 + Shyplant
R5: Target Fire and kill quickly. When Purple is CD 1, use Yomi or Shyplant to survive. Try to stall long enough to get Ghroth back for the next round.  Try to make sure you have water for the next round.
R6a: If Ghroth is not ready yet, you can use Shyplant or Yomi to try and stall a few more turns. Use Ghroth + whatever other boosters you have and dissolve all water. 
R6b: 1 combo to stall all EP/actives back. Kurama 1 skill 1 + Kurama 2 skill 2 + Pupuro
R7: Make sure to grind EP (spin green)
R8a: Take 1 extra turn to spin 1 combo (make sure not to spin green). Kurama 1 skill 1 + Ghroth + Shyplant and separate green. 
R8b: Kurama 2 skill 2 + Shyplant 
R9: Pupuro + Shyplant + DC
R10a: Grind all CD/EP and use Shyplant to speed up the grind.
R10b: Use all actives except Shyplant + DC

1* with PR Yidhra IV + NVR Elizabeth IV + PR Azazel IV+ PQoW + Fylgia + Yusuke
DC (50% defense down + 100% HP recovery)
* (With these particular ameliorations, I had barely enough HP for R10a. Keep this in mind if you are using non ameliorated versions)
* (I spent 2 dimes on this clear - 1 because of a stupid mistake on R8a, 1 because of a stupid mistake on R9)

R1: Grind all CD. Use Fylgia to speed up.
R2: Target fire and Fylgia + Yusuke to kill. Grind Yellow to get CD back
R3a: Fylgia and take 1 turn to charge. Then Elizabeth + Azazel + Yusuke to kill. 
R3b: Switch Yusuke to unmask the board, and PQoW to tank the first hit. Then grind all CD/EP.
R4: Elizabeth + Yusuke (skill 2) and spin light/heart to kill. 
R5: Spin the full water board. This will probably kill both. Kill quickly if not.
R6a: PQoW and Fylgia to charge 1 turn, making sure you have water on the board. Then Yidhra + Azazel and spin 7 combo + all water to kill. 
R6b: 1 combo to grind CD. Dissolve 5 fire and water combos to charge EP. Once all CD/EP are charged, Elizabeth + Yusuke (1) to kill. 
R7: Spin and grind EP.
R8a: Fylgia and grind. * (died here due to accidentally making an earth combo)
R8b: Yidhra + Elizabeth + Yusuke 1 
R9: Fylgia and spin 1 turn to charge. Azazel + Yusuke 1 to kill.  *(died here due to touching the burnt region by accident. This part seems to have bugged out when I revived with no burnt regions...)
R10a: Grind all EP/CD. Use Fylgia once you have her. 
R10b: Elizabeth + Azazel + Yusuke 2 + DC to kill. 
ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.

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