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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Burden of the King
Stage Info:

1) Members that can Electrify enemies or Teams that can burst large enough damage in the billions
2) A teams that can survive ambush damage of 17,823 (non-Phantom)

1) Board exploders or cards that convert away Heart runes
2) Fixed board converters or time tunnel cards which allow easier breaking of 23-rune shield
3) Members/craft that break/ignore Enchanted quintet shield
4) Craft that can filter out Light runes

This Ultimate is a lot more forgiving that the previous Ultimates from the patch. Wave 2 is pretty much a stalling wave for your CDs, fuel and ex combos so take advantage of it if you're not confident in bulldozing through the stage immediately. 23-rune shield is annoying but there are plenty of cards that can help with that now compared to when 10th seal (and Behemoth stage) was introduced.

1* Achievement (All Earth)
Goodnight Lullaby Hatsune Miku + Darwin*/Cuff*/Shiryu*/Liu Bei* + Goodnight Lullaby Hatsune Miku + Love Clock Tune (or any craft that can filter out runes):

*If you have a craft that enchants board, Darwin may not be needed.
*Cuff can be replaced by PR Mech Medusa
*Shiryu can be replaced by other Earth exploder or converter like Leeku or Dohko but his EP2 skill makes wave 6B so much easier.
*Liu Bei can be replaced by other cards that provide non-Earth damage like Gao Changgong. However, given Miku's sheer damage output, a member allotted for this specific role is not really necessary. Feel free to include any other Earth Machina or Human member that you like. Li Teiguai is notable for extending spin time for easier combos in wave 6B in case you don't have Shiryu.

2* Achievement (All Machina, 2+ Attributes)
Hatsune Miku & KAITO + Froid*/KAITO*/PR Mech Medusa*/PR Mech Qinglong* + Hatsune Miku & KAITO + Love Clock Tune (or any craft that can filter out runes):

*If you have a craft that enchants board, Froid may not be needed. If not, Darwin is a good substitute.
*KAITO is probably the most expendable member but he's useful for increasing the fuel of your non-Water Machinas faster (make sure to put these cards on KAITO's either side). He can be replaced by PR Mech Griffin (which also increases Fuel) or other Water Machinas (if Fuel is not an issue to you).
*PR Mech Medusa can be replaced by Cuff or Tesla.
*PR Mech Qinglong can be replaced by other converters like Boilerman, PR Mech Baphomet or PR Mech Cerberus. Mikaito's skill can be used in wave 4B instead though so you can technically have this slot for other Machina members like Mobile Fortress, Worldku or Snowku.

Other Teams:
Light/Dark Yanxi (1*):

Seiya (1*):

Ophiuchus (1*):

Copper Bullet (1*):

Diamond (1*):

RinLen (1*):

Aria (1*):


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