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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Between Reality & Virtuality (Transmigration)
Stage Info:

1) A team with total HP higher than 30324
2) Member with unlocking skill or craft that delays enemies
3) Team, specific members or craft that can generate 10 Heart runes in 1 turn

1) Full board converters/exploders
2) A team or members that provide damage reduction to tank damage of 30178
3) Board restorer
4) Effect clearer
5) Attack boosters
6) Team that can deal with full board Burning runes

Ying Zheng + Lancelot/Ubume*/Yuki-Onna/Mellow* + Ying Zheng + Aggressive Pique Seal (or any craft that delays enemies):

*Ubume is important so you can tank hits from the enemy in wave 19A since you'll be recovering less. Sandman is an alternative to serve a similar purpose for that wave but Ubume does give a much needed attack boost nonetheless and allows you to tank hits in 12A, as well, making her the superior option.
*Mellow can probably be replaced by Samle in a mono Demon team to buff up HP for you to tank the Ambush on wave 17B.

Other Teams:
Qing Gui:
Hatsune Miku:
Hatsune Miku & KAITO:
Copper Bullet:

Thank you!


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