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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Balance of Order (SM+NM)
Cleared the SM Achievements with two teams:

Same Leader/Ally + >3 Attributes: Azathoth + Filler non-Dark Dragon x2 / PR Novalis / Huifre + Azathoth
Mono Fire: OVR Heph + PR Yog / Smilodon / Chessia / Shakuro + OVR Heph

Turn on Novalis, then Huifre at the boss for Azathoth. Turn on Yog's multiplier active + Smilodon, then Chessia at the boss for Heph.

Cleared the Mono Earth Achievement using dual OVR Athena.

OVR Athena + Huifre / Rakshasa / Shyplant / PR Medusa + OVR Athena (Filtering DC)

Wave 1: A set of Hearts + high combos.
Wave 2: Spin through.
Wave 3: Stall for CDs here with 1C.
Wave 4.1: Start spamming Shyplant + Athena.
Wave 4.2: Spin through.
Wave 5: Spin through.
Wave 6: Remember where your Hearts are.
Wave 7.1: Spin through.
Wave 7.2: Turn Athena back on. Burst through with Shyplant + Rakshasa.
Wave 8: Spin through.
Wave 9: Spin through. DC if RNGesus is messing with skydrops.
Wave 10.1: Medusa, then burst with Athena + DC.
Wave 10.2: Huifre.

Don't have Sun Ce or Hideyoshi, so I'll be trying OVR Water Xi and KOF later.

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@Sayokyoku , would it work with same team you listed, but without shyplant?

@vespher yes, just bring another booster. You only really need to burst on stages 7b (Trojan) and 10a (8m+ damage from single mob)

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
(04-28-2018, 04:55 AM)vespher Wrote: @Sayokyoku , would it work with same team you listed, but without shyplant?

Pretty much what aahlsy said. Ali Baba and Ubume immediately comes to mind when I think of Earth boosters, since Rakshasa is most likely what's going to deal 8M in one hit. You can also arrange the runes to trigger any Amelioration swords / split runes up to maximise damage while Medusa is still CCing Giemsa.

Cleared the Mono Human Achievement with KOF.

Mai + Kyo / Kula / Iori / K + Kyo (Enchanting DC)

Wave 1: Stall a bit for CDs; You can overheal him in one or two Rounds.
Wave 2: Stall a bit more.
Wave 3: I got Kyo up here. Stack his MAX active. Remember that you can use either the left two or right two columns to stack.
Wave 4.1: Spin through.
Wave 4.2: Mai's MAX active.
Wave 5: Spin through. Use Kula if you need to CC / convert Water.
Wave 6: Spin through.
Wave 7.1: Spin through.
Wave 7.2: Reactivate Kyo's MAX active.
Wave 8: Spin through.
Wave 9: Spin through.
Wave 10.1: Tank a hit, then Iori. Arrange runes while Iori is CCing. Upon defrosting, burst with K + DC.
Wave 10.2: If you have Enchanted WFE on the board and it's easy to spin, burst with Kyo's MAX active. Otherwise, use Mai's regular active first, then Kula and burst with Kyo's MAX active.

Hsu cleared with an alternative KOF setup, but that one requires you to:
  • Build up Kyo's MAX active on Wave 10.1 after defrost to hit 8M.
  • Pray for Kyo's regular active to skydrop Enchanted WFE on Wave 10.2

Video for reference:

[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
Yay, full clears this week with no major hassle.

Monofire + Same Team Leader/Ally: Hephaestus - Yog Sothoth - Shakuro - Bedivere - Chessia + Hephaestus
  • No majorly complicated gameplay required, just turn on your buffs and use Chessia at boss.
3+ Attributes: Yog Sothoth - Doris - Shyplant - Khaos - Pollux + Yog Sothoth
  • Last wave can be a bit annoying, stack with Khaos so all your team can attack if possible.
Monowater + Monohuman: Sun Ce - Swegde - Leona - Chun Xiang - Cai Wenji + Sun Ce
  • Kind of scary because of how glass cannon Sun Ce is by nature.
  • You want to use Leona and Sun Ce on wave 4, because the mob filling the board with water means that your combos won't be so good, and Sun Ce's team damage pretty much comes from combos.
  • Actually ended up using Cai Wenji at wave 9 because it was looking like I wasn't gonna mash enough fire runes in time to kill. Use Chun Xiang of course on the frozen stage, I also used Sun Ce and Swegde. Compulsion on the boss's first HP bar to set enchanted WFE board for the final HP bar. Regular spin should kill, provided you have enough groups for 4 to get at least 9 combos I think, 12 to be sure.
Monoearth: Gaia - Geironul - Medusa - Yashiro - Lu Xun + Gaia
  • First wave is probably most luck based, you better hope you're not losing too many hearts to Gaia's convert. It took me all 4 turns to kill him, and that's with one set of hearts dissolved every turn.
  • Stall on second, try to have at least Lu Xun up for the third wave, he'll help you stall for Yashiro. Can basically just steamroll through until neutralize after.
  • Stall to get Lu Xun back at summon shield. My Yashiro was on at this point because his CD drops and Lu Xun's doesn't.
  • Athena is a bit of a grind, Lu Xun will let you survive pretty long, but don't risk not killing her once the cumulative shield is down, use a Gaia or Geironul.
  • Medusa to wait out freeze. Same tactic as Sun Ce, I used compulsion to set the board for WFE, actually flubbed a bit and ended up with some lucky skydrop that saved me. You will have lost Lu Xun from not dissolving earth during the freeze, but if you can survive long enough to get him back, it should be a safe grind to finish her off.
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|Skill Training Guide For Newbies|
Cleared the Mono Water Achievement with dual OVR Water Xi.

OVR Water Xi + PR Urd / Cai Wenji / Florice / PR Giemsa + OVR Water Xi (Enchanting DC)

Wave 1: Stall for CDs. You can one-shot him easy.
Wave 2: Stall for CDs.
Wave 3: Spin through.
Wave 4.1: Spin through.
Wave 4.2: Transform Florice and remove the debuff, then burst with Xi + PR Giemsa's extra-hit active.
Wave 5: Xi when you have Earth.
Wave 6: Kill the Fire and Water mobs, then grind for EPs on the Earth mob.
Wave 7.1: Grind for EPs.
Wave 7.2: Burst with Florice's multiplier active + Xi + PR Giemsa's extra-hit active.
Wave 8: Grind for EPs as much as possible.
Wave 9: Dissolve fifteen Fire runes when she's CD3, then burst with Xi.
Wave 10.1: Urd, then arrange the board, remembering that Dark and Heart will be converted to Water by Xi. Upon defrost, burst with Florice's multiplier active+ Xi + PR Giemsa's LD => Water active + DC.
Wave 10.2: Hopefully, skydrops gave you WFE to Enchant with DC. Burst with Cai Wenji + PR Giemsa's multi-hit active.
[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116

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