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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Awakening of Former Pope
Info on Chinese Wiki:

As well as translated by Doppio Vinegar on Discord: 
[Image: unknown.png?width=672&height=630]

General Strategy: 
Unfortunately it's another ridiculous stage where everything has heaps of HP and attack. Achievements are clearly hinting at a Shiryu team with Libra Dohko. 
1) Kill 1 and you hopefully have enough HP to stall CD on the other
2) Spin through
3) Something to deal with petrified runes e.g. 7th Sense, defence break
4a, 4b) You probably want to burst these two stages. Bring something to help with 8 combo shield exact
5) Kill 1 and you can stall back a bit of CD on the other
6) Burst
7) Burst
8a) Stall back all your CD here
8b) Burst
9) If you have enough HP and rec you can grind through the 50 hits, otherwise Libra Dohko or other multi-attack members to move on faster
10a) Burst 
10b) Full burst with everything left

Sample teams: 

3* Clear (Earth Team, Human Team, Same Leader and Ally) with Dual Shiryu + Shiryu, Capricorn Shura, Libra Dohko, Mesopotamia

1) Kill 1 and stall CD on the other
2) Spin through until the debuff is gone. Turn on Mesopotamia and use Shiryu skill 1
3) 7th Sense, Shiryu skill 1, Capricorn
4a) Shiryu skill 1
4b) Shiryu switch and EP skill 2, Libra
5) Spin through
6) Shiryu EP skill 2
7) Shiryu EP skill 1 to kill, remember heart runes before moving on
8a) Stall back all your EP here, while stacking heart runes
8b) Shiryu EP skill 2
9) Libra
10a) Shiryu EP skill 1
10b) Shiryu EP skill 2, DC, any other skills that are up

1* Clear (Same Leader and Ally) with Dual Ying Zheng + AR Tuchigumo, VR Todd, Cleo, Neferpitou

1) Spin and kill
2) Spin through, Tuchigumo when ready to move on
3) YZ for 30 dark
4) Cleo
4b) YZ, Todd, Neferpitou
5, 6, 7) Spin, remember hearts before moving on
8a) Grind through while stacking hearts
8b) Cleo, YZ for 3x non-dark attributes, Todd
9) Grind through. Turn on Tuchigumo to move on.
10a) YZ for 3x non-dark attributes, Cleo for 2 dark columns to stack
10b) YZ for 2x earth and 1x heart, Todd, Neferpitou, DC

1* Clear (Same Leader and Ally) with Dual Eve + PR Yog, Ghroth, VR Daji, Ubume

2* Clear (Human Team, Same Leader and Ally) with Dual Seiya + Shiryu, Libra Dohko, Leo, Andromeda


[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
1* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally)
Ying Zheng + *Lancelot/Cleo/*Neferpitou/*Felix + Ying Zheng + Aggressive Timely Spell (or any damage-boosting craft):
*Lancelot can be replaced by any other Dark Demons with multi-turn damage-boosting skills such as AR Tuchigomo.
*Neferpitou can be replaced by any other Dark cards with time tunnel like VR Daji or Khaos.
*Felix can be replaced by any other Dark Demon with rune-sharing effect skill such as VR Todd (Divergence).

1) Spin.
2) Spin and stall for CDs of all members. Activate Lancelot's 2nd skill only if you're sure to dissolve all Electrified runes. Spin to kill.
3) Use YZ's skill and do Dark-Heart-Dark conversion. Spin.
4A) Use Cleo's skill on two adjacent columns. Spin.
4B) Use YZ's skill and do Water-Dark-Heart conversion followed by Felix's skill. Use Neferpitou's 1st skill and set board for initial 8 combos. Burst with DC.
5) Spin.
6) Use Lancelot's 1st skill and spin 7 combos, making sure to dissolve as many Dark runes as possible.
7) Board should be mostly filled with Dark runes. Dissolve them and kill Light mob. Spin and kill the Dark mob the next turn. Take note of position of Heart runes.
8A) Activate Lancelot's 2nd skill as soon as lock disappears. Spin while stacking Heart runes.
8B) Use YZ's skill and do Heart-Earth-Water conversion. Activate Felix's skill and spin. Don't dissolve Dark runes on initial batch.
9) Grind. All skills should be ready by the next wave.
10A) Use YZ's skill to do Fire-Earth-Water conversion. Use Cleo's skill to turn 1st and 3rd columns to Dark runes. Spin and stack Dark runes.
10B) Use YZ's skill to do Earth-Heart-Earth conversion followed by Felix's skill. Use Neferpitou's 1st skill and convert 1 column of Earth runes to Heart runes via Metasphere and arrange board to 6 columns. Burst with DC.

Cleared using Shiryu/Dohko/Shura/Crescent/Duncan

While I understand it's meant to be a nightmare stage, I hate it's design. It's super lazy, just beefing the HP of the enemies and calling it a day, which was also done for Zeref's NM stage. Definitely won't be farming this card too much.

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