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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] An Uphill Battle
After failing again and again I finally cleared this with Azatoth.

[Image: f3c7c4f57bff924b641477de9d3a8439.png]
  • Take a 100% recover craft to get past the overheal shield. 
  • Hope that you get reset on stage 39 or the sleeping mob appears on stage 42 so you can get rid of the time debuff (not a must if you are good with 3 second movement time but it killed me multiple times on 50a).
  • Stack the Azatoth board on the boss then burst with everything.

IGN: Wezlex
ID: 55757834
Current ally: Leader I last used myself
Other allies: Artemis, Ursula, Stone of origin SSS, Gaia , Wukong , PR Giemsa, Beelzebub, Apollo, Loki, Aether
Wanted allies: anyone who is active
Stage got re-opened, reviving the thread!

Yusuke team played this at 5am with no sleep xd no hate for spinning

- Louis can be swapped if you feel lucky.
- Bring a craft that allows for some form of hp regeneration. If you meet Aether at stage 47, use the craft to heal up in the case you meet Hades in stage 48. Otherwise this entire run can be done without a craft.

Gon + Killua team

- This team 2 gud.

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