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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] An Uphill Battle
After failing again and again I finally cleared this with Azatoth.

[Image: f3c7c4f57bff924b641477de9d3a8439.png]
  • Take a 100% recover craft to get past the overheal shield. 
  • Hope that you get reset on stage 39 or the sleeping mob appears on stage 42 so you can get rid of the time debuff (not a must if you are good with 3 second movement time but it killed me multiple times on 50a).
  • Stack the Azatoth board on the boss then burst with everything.

IGN: Wezlex
ID: 55757834
Current ally: Leader I last used myself
Other allies: Artemis, Ursula, Stone of origin SSS, Gaia , Wukong , PR Giemsa, Beelzebub, Apollo, Loki, Aether
Wanted allies: anyone who is active

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