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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] 30 Challenges for the Strong
I cleared with Rose, just stick a lv1 dark gnome in her team and then use her converts into heart at the end then convert hearts into dark with the gnome. Craft and Shyplant/Mysorensis for extra damage if you're feeling iffy. I had an extra Rose in the team for tumbler and 3 Roses + the gnome managed to kill the boss without the other two cards attacking.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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Okay, here are my teams in the order that I cleared the stage, cards max level and evolution unless mentioned:

Atlantis, lvl 1 5* Poseidon x3, Ji Wu Wang, Atlantis ally.

OVR Jackie, fire haunted object, lvl 1 braided Maiden x3, OVR Jackie ally.

OVR Elizabeth, lvl 27 water haunted object, lvl 1 5* Yuki-onna x3, OVR Elizabeth ally.

OVR Freyr, lvl 30 4* water gnome, lvl 1 5* Pontos, lvl 1 5* Yidhra, NVR Odin, OVR Freyr ally.

PR Ursula, OVR Ao Guang, lvl 42 Icetoragon /5* water def dragon), lvl 1 King of Tribulations - Jiaolong (water dragon Crash Fever Ultimate Lord?) x2, OVR Ao Guang ally (thanks Kaerf for th idea of using Ursulla as ally when dual Ao Guang was not working Big Grin).

PR Barabara, pr Byakhee, pr Nidhogg, earth kfc 2x, pr Nid ally.

Abraham, pr Water Keeper, lvl 35 Orochi, kof Chris, water statue, Abraham ally.

PR Athena, pr Panda, lvl 1 Shyplant, lvl 48 5* Gawain, lvl 14 5* Gawain, pr Athena ally.

PR Apollo, lvl 12 6* light Yan, lvl 1 7* Zuus, lvl 1 6* Sima Yi, lvl 52 6* Uranus, pr Apollo ally.

PR Artemis, Crash Fever Yomi, pr Zuus, pr Dark Xi, lvl 29 An-Ka (AKA Septem feeder), pr Artemis ally.

Cao Cao, pr Doris, Achilles, Thetis, unevolved Cao Cao, Cao Cao ally. Using Achilles fusion here was amistake because then I didn't have a fusion to use for that fire Pili guy that increases the multiplier if there is a fusion in the team.

Kyo, lvl 1 Kyo, Yashiro, Dark Athena (DATH), lvl 56 Dark Athena, ally Kyo. A KOF team.

Nobunaga, Metablaze (5* fire def drag), lvl 1 unevolved Nohime x2, lvl 1 Shub-Niggurath, ally Nobu.

Iori, lvl 1 Iori, Sie x3 (lvl max, 57 and 23), Mai ally. Another KOF team.

Hydeyoshi, kof Kim x4 (lvl max, 62, 1, 1) Hide ally. Not a kof team but almost there.

Fire Yan, Refulgent Agnamut x3 (lvl max, 1 ,1), Monster Strike Izanami, ally Fire Yan. So this would almost be a Monster Strike team?

Chessia, Au Shiau Hung Chen x3 (lvl max, 1 ,1), Crash Fever Gilgamesh, Chessia ally. I think using that Pili guy here was a mistake, the team easily grinds the boss and ASHC probably works well in a Princess Sarah/Sun Hsiao Mei team.

Agnesi, Vouivre, lvl 1 Shakuro, K' (that fire kof guy), Li Naotora, Agnesi ally.

Lisa, Pinnochio, lvl 5 Paimon, Morse, lvl 64 Mahonin, Lisa ally.

Mastema, Zhuge Liang, Rider Knap, lvl 26 Spirti of Poverty, Feng Chih Hen, Mastema ally.

Stan, 5* Lancelot x2 (lvl max and 29), Nekomata, Rainee, ally Satan.

Copper Bullet, pr Novalis, lvl 1 dar demonic dragon, Masamune, lv5 4* Byakhee, Copper Bullet ally.

Lynx, Lepus, Deadly Mochi Bunny, Basti, Jade Rabbit the Elixir Pounder, Lynx ally. So three cats and three rabbits?

PR Alola, Aforgomon, pr Odous, lvl 75 Cygnus, Jing Jing, pr Aloha.

PR Dodo, 4* light golem, lvl 18 light melog, lvl 1 Cybelle, lvl 46 6* Ra, pr Dodo ally.

Benimaru x6 lvls 54, 21, 1, 1, 1, 56 yeah not even the ally was max lvl and it was pretty easy.

Yi Yeh Shu lvl max, YYS lvl 1, lvl 42 Ming Hsiu, lvl 1 Ye Shiao Chai, Yocto, ally YSC.

Madam Chyan, pr Modi & Magni, Tang Yu-Rou (commonly refered as one punch TYR), Salonbus, Clash of Kings Agatha lvl 82, Madam ally.

Tsukuyomi, pr Norvi, AR Pollux, AR Alma, pr Gondul, Tsukuyomi ally.

Guan Yu, Yog, pr Cass, pr Medea, pr Circe, Guan Yu for the lols.

And that where my 30 teams.

ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
my 30 clears Big Grin
no repeated members, unless they are designed so (ML). no same card in different evolution stages

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