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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] 10th Seal
Added a new strategy for 10-1-5-4 to the first post

Yusuke - Gon, Kurapika, Kurama, Sensui - Yusuke

Getting the actives down in the correct order was a little tricky for this one, as many of the mini-bosses had higher HP compared to the other tunestone stages. I was originally using a Meso team to farm this, but then I'd occasionally die in wave 6 due to too many light runes from skydrops. Wave 10a also required thinking (counting the 23 runes), so I thought I'd come up with a safer Yusuke team

For wave 6 (4 rounds team att -100%, explode light, multi-attack), I didn't want to rely on RNG, so I brought Sensui along to remove the debuff

For wave 8, I didn't want to manually spin 8 combos, so I planned to use Yusuke's EP10 skill the round before to get a fixed board where I can pre-plan an 8-combo spin path

For wave 10a, I didn't want to bother with counting the 23 runes, so again I planned to use Yusuke's EP10 skill the round before to get a fixed board. To deal with the vortex, I added Kurama for his time tunneling skill. Then I'd just need to spin the vortex from start to end, reverse spin the path used to get back the original board position, then follow a pre-planned spin path for the 23 runes. To remove the enchanted runes, Kurapika is paired here with Gon.

I also wanted to remove the craft so that farming would be shorter (don't need to activate the craft to deplete the charge in wave 10a), but the team lacked firepower/actives to one-shot the rest of the mini bosses since the team had no persistant boosters (Circe/Cass/Raizen/etc) apart from Kurapika. Sensui's cd6 burst needed 6 or more light/dark runes, so the craft was also needed to generate it, which I used in wave 3 (first HP bar).

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Other than the common mobs, everything else can be one-shot killed with actives/pre-arranged board, and stalling is only necessary in wave 7 to charge some EP

ID: 39,040,287
Main ally: Terry


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