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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] 10th Seal
reserved #5 for Gate to Mechanical City

ID: 39,040,287
Main ally: Terry

reserved #6 for Gate to Mechanical City

ID: 39,040,287
Main ally: Terry

Thank you for all the work. I hate seal 10 and in my opinion, it was a step backwards for the game. I dont know anyone that liked seal 8 which is really just the little brother of this. Seal 9 was probably too short but refreshingly better than the regalia bs. Stages were hard but not impossible and you got a helper at the end.

You get more in seal 10 in the way of a craft and tunestones which you can exchange (appears to be monthly rolling) for things like silver seals and other goodies. So this would be a good thing right? No because they fug it all up with random drops. To double down on this the stages are really hard and unnecessarily restrictive. The restriction doesnt even make sense.

So we play hard, dedicate a lot of time and even money and we are rewarded with this? This is terrible and the a part of why so many people are walking away. Can you blame them? No.

I managed to get to through warzone remains but never tried the last stage due to so many other stamina requirements. I have plenty of silver seals from other stuff and I ignore dragonware that is marginally good. I suppose this would help get you caught up in silver seals if you fell behind with a hiatus.

My main point of this post is you might want to wait on seal 10 until madhead releases a little better cards that are not on the restriction list. Otherwise you might beat your head against the wall. The craft is nice but not needed for anything. It would be nice if the direction of this game changed from adding 4 or 5 debuffs per wave to 1 new debuff that actually takes a brain to spin. Just adding things on top is lazy and imo is not deserving of return support.

Yup, the 10th seal stages are quite hard, but I can't resist waiting cause I want to farm the tunestones for the silver seals. I only farm them during 50% off stamina days, so I've had to write down my team and farming strategies for each stage cause by the time I need more tunestones and the 50% arrives again I end up dying a couple of times attempting these stages before remembering the safe passing strategy.

For the tunestone stages I'm trying to come up with farming teams that doesn't rely on top-notch spinning skills or RNG in order to clear reliably, and will be posting these here as I come up with them. Please feel free to share any if you'd like to and I'll be happy to link to it from the main post.

For now, here's my team strategy for stage 10-2-3-3:

Yusuke - Raizen, Shuta, Shuta, PKoL - Yusuke (craft optional)

(PKoL is not necessary and can be replaced with another light card)

1 Stall 6 rounds, then convert Yusuke 2 and use EP10 skill
2a Pre-arranged board
2b Yusuke 1’s cd6
3 Spin, use Shuta to speed things up. Feel free to use Yusuke 1's cd6 when it's up again.
4a Convert Yusuke 1 and use EP10 skill
4b Pre-arranged board
5 Spin
6 Use Yusuke 2’s EP10 skill, be mindful of the masked trail and do a full attack
7 Pre-arranged board
8a Spin 4 combos, use Shuta if no hearts
8b Spin, use Shuta/Yusuke EP6 every round for hearts


ID: 39,040,287
Main ally: Terry

I've added in a new section "Tunestone farming" to the main post, with videos and strategies for 3 more stages (10-1-1-3, 10-1-4-3, & 10-2-5-4)
ID: 39,040,287
Main ally: Terry

I'd like to see more teams than the 1 card I did 25 draws for and didn't get spending every bit of money I had available for this game that update.
I'd definitely like to increase the available teams options in the list for farming tunestones, but right now it's already taken me quite some time to develop these Yusuke team strategies that I've posted to the point where I've deemed it "safe" enough to my liking, so maybe in the future when I have more time and/or when MH releases better cards. Of course, if there are any suggestions here I'd be glad to include them in the list.
ID: 39,040,287
Main ally: Terry

I haven't been farming tunestones for the most part except to get the main dragonware reward, and I unfortunately haven't been recording what I've been using for each stage.
But if you're looking for ideas for teams that aren't Yusuke/Black Card/Gon-Killua related, I've cleared 10-1 and 10-2 mostly with Hiei, Brahma, and Darkness teams and using VR Dumuzi for some of the Earth mono specific stages (very hard though). Still working on 10-3 slowly with spare stamina (I've passed 10-3-1 and 10-3-2).

Hiei team is usually with Mukuro, Ubume and Ghroth, with extra space for utility.
Brahma with Agni, Parvati and AR Luna, with extra space for utility.

I have these Darkness teams for 10-2-3-3 and 10-2-5-4 which I found fairly easy actually (I used Darkness to farm 10-2-3-3).

[Image: avuGMvsl.jpg]
[Image: GhOXmFKl.jpg]
ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Vishnu, Brahma, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
Thank you johnnytos. Your work is quite commendable and well thought out. Farming tunestones is hard and u are helping quite a lot by this thread. This is basically an ongoing sm.
You now get a Tunestone for the first clear of each level. I got them in my rewards today. I can finally start on Ritual Ruins.
I gave up on the seal after 20 attempts to get a "D" Tunestone. Passed the levels each time but never had a "D" drop.

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