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[Discussion+Info+Strategy] The Holy Temple's Trial - Dark
Hi all Big Grin

[Image: Battlefield.jpg]
(from Google Images)

★ Two-week Exclusive Battles: ★
『The Holy Temple's Trial - Dark』
Time: Nov 18 (Mon) - Dec 1 (Sun)


Event's Start Time:
Apprentice - Nov 18 (Mon)
Elite - Nov 19 (Tue)
Master - Nov 20 (Wed)
Grandmaster - Nov 21 (Thurs)
*Note: The stages have a team cost limit. Stages of all difficulty levels will be ended on Dec 1 (Sun).

Reward period: Nov 18 (Mon) - Dec 1 (Sun)
*Extra rewards will be given when clearing this stage with 0 diamond

Rewards for clearing the stage with 0 diamond (for Summoners who did not lose the battle ("GAME OVER") and did not have to use any diamonds to continue):
Apprentice - diamond x1
Elite - diamond x1
Master - 4* The Witch of Silvernight x2
Grandmaster - Madhead x1

Battle Info:

No noteworthy creeps unless otherwise stated.

All stats subject to change.

Drop rates are only estimates.

Info will be updated some time past midnight of each release

Apprentice: [Drop rate: 1-2%] [Stamina: 10, Exp: 500]
[Team Cost Limit: 20]
5/5: Dark Salamander: HP ~35000 Damage 1782 CD 2

Elite: [Drop rate: 1-2%] [Stamina: 20, Exp: 1500]
[Team Cost Limit: 20]
4/7: 2x GSoD: HP 39K Damage 1510 CD 3
Boss: 2x Baphomet: HP 74K Damage 3540 CD 4

Master: (1 diamond for clearing) [Drop rate: 10-20%] [Stamina: 30, Exp: 3000]
[Team Cost Limit: 20]
Noteworthy creeps:
Witch of Silvernight: HP? Damage 3611 CD 1 Scrambles the board
Lamia: 7.5% poison
Dark Sac: HP 300 Damage 99999 CD 9 Selfdestructs upon death for 5000 damage, avoidable if sniped with active skill.

5/8: 2x Metallic Leopard: HP 90550 Damage 2256 CD 2
7/8: Faugn: HP 15 Damage - CD 1 40% HP damage every turn
8/8: Endor: HP 204K Damage 4228 CD 2 Only moves with 5 combos or more will deal damage

GrandMaster: (No reward for clearing) [Drop rate: ~50%] [Stamina: 40, Exp: ?]
[Team Cost Limit: 18]
Noteworthy creeps:
Silvernight witch: HP? Damage 2755 CD 1 Randomises the board
Lamia: HP? Damage ? CD 1 7.5% Poison
Dark Sac: HP 300 Damage 99999 CD 4 Selfdestructs for 20000 damage when killed. Avoided if sniped with active skills.

Dark Elf: HP 8870 Damage 1650 CD 1 Resets your CD to 0
Evolved Salamander: HP 26K Damage 68630 CD 2 Defense 17K, Reduces summoner's HP to 1 in the first turn
Salamander: HP 9800 Damage 4480 CD 1 Cannot be damaged before it launches an attack.

5/10: Faugn: HP 15 Damage - CD 1 700K Defense, Deducts 70% HP every time it attacks
9/10: 3x Dark Sac: HP 2000 Damage 99999 CD 4 Selfdestructs for 20000 damage when killed. Avoided if sniped with active skills.
10/10: Artemis: HP 23 Damage 3430 CD 1 Defense 700K, Disregards any debuffs, e.g. Poison, Defense break, control etc.

Team cost includes all members of your team, but not your friend's ally.


Pretty easy battle, if you have the right cards, otherwise, this could be living hell.

Dark sacs are the most annoying thing here. Bring snipers to dispose of the sacs or it's almost a certain 1HKO. Stall turns on monsters to reset your CDs, I cannot stress the importance of it.

Ignore defense cards will make your life much easier, especially on stage 5 and the final stage.

Other than that, there isn't really much that should bother you.

Since there are many ways to clear this stage, I shall let the videos do the talking.

So, the following teams have cleared GM:
*All Videos belong to their respective owners
**Disclaimer: All teams are subject to team level and players' skill, it may not work even if you have an identical set-up.

These are the more accessible teams since IMO that's the main point of these battles.

1) PKoE + Unevolved Witch/Light Prime SS/2* Evolve mat + PKoE

2) PKoE + 3x Small SS/Prime SS + PKoE

3) PKoF + Baby PKoF/Baby GSoL/Baby Urd/Medium SS + PKoE

Here's a compiled list of teams that have passed GM.
* If you can't read Chinese, look for the letters BP and click the button below it. The pictures will appear.

As always, feel free to share your rants, thoughts and strategies. Big Grin If you need help in building a team for this battle, do not feel shy to seek for it here. Good luck on everyone bringing all the rewards home!

The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Swift move as always Dada Big Grin

[Image: r4k2.png]
Elf Deck In Use
Any card drops?

[Image: wcd8cy.jpg]
(11-17-2013, 10:20 PM)Cosmi Wrote: Any card drops?

Shouldn't be Undecided
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Why this cost-limited team cost battle is focus on dark?
Maybe Light mono can easily pass it? Idun? Big Grin

Waiting for tommorrow.... Smile
Hmmm this battle doesn't seem to be open yet =/ maybe only open later today
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so I guess I found the way to motivate you Big Grin LOL
at least take also the pic and the links and I'll remove my thread.
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lol dada give meme some chance at rep
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Lolol oops I just saw the thread Meme posted before this. Been working on something else recently so wasn't really browsing the entire forums.

Well, it is good to see people stepping up and making these threads, I might be able to step down soon. Big Grin
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Passed 12am already, but can't find the battle.


few minutes later, another loading from my TOS, and can see it now.
apprentice lvl team cost is 20. (_ _!) How many team cost for GM then?

this round is easy for sure. Another 1 free diamond.

by the way, stamina is 10.
Can see the elite stage, with "coming soon". The team cost for elite also 20, stamina 20, battle 7.

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