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[Discussion+Info+Strategy] Prairie Creature - Dark
Finally cleared GM, no drops at all. Tried with rainbow deck first (Fox, Skuld, Urd, Cass, Medea, PKoE) and got stuffed so went back to the drawing board.
Thought it over and deployed a glu slime deck instead (Fox, GSoD, GSoF, Griffin, Ctulthu, Glu Slime). Quite safe, never in any real danger. Had two dark slime drops, none increased the skill level of my GSoD, sigh

Did three GM clears and quite a number of master ones (GM still a little risky) but no drop. Think I can't be bothered with this stupid toy any more.

On the bright side, I got 8 slimes. Used 6 of them to max my GSOD, rest of them going into slime bank for my second gemini.

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Tried similar deck:
GsoD +
Dreadful Cthulhu, GsoE, Bephomet, Isabel

could win it but did two mistakes when used Bep.
will try it after level up next time with GsoD as allay..

(09-23-2013, 06:02 PM)HanzoLim Wrote: Just completed GM with my beast deck.

All max level: GSOD leader + Ally, GSOF, GSOE, GSOL, Baphomet

almost die afew times but managed to heal up in time. no drop as well.

After trying out, probably GSOF as ally might be better for last stage. But I don't really know about the first few stages as I cleared them before they can touch me. Would probably try out GSOF and see how it goes. Update here again.

Tried GSOF and GSOE as ally n leader. sure win but long battle. and still, no drop :/

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