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[Discussion+Info+Strategy] Divine Lord Of Jade Purity
(05-28-2014, 12:42 AM)Ultrapyre Wrote: According to the Chinese wiki, the light doge's cd is locked to 2, but the dark doge's cd may not be. For those running tumbler, they'll just have to have their fingers crossed.
Another thing btw. That's NOT normal life tether. If you don't down them both at the same time, not only are they revived the one reviving snags the stats of the resurrected one. It's pretty much saying 'Hey burst here' or 'Use PKOD'

So meaning they will both heal to max when one revive?

How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
(05-28-2014, 12:33 AM)Biske Wrote: Tumbler is pretty brilliant assuming the puppies are fixed, non-synced turns.

Question: For the GSOA on floor 3 with 5 Colour Shield, does direct damage active bypass it? PKOE can kill it cleanly after the double damage to water types then, right?

How would a tumbler beat that stage otherwise, if you don't have Cancer?

PR Verdandi/PKOD/Lu Bu

(05-28-2014, 12:38 AM)hamtaro Wrote:
(05-28-2014, 12:30 AM)Blitzkriag Wrote:
(05-28-2014, 12:27 AM)PsychoticSoul Wrote:
(05-28-2014, 12:24 AM)Blitzkriag Wrote:
(05-28-2014, 12:23 AM)PsychoticSoul Wrote: I think A tumbler team could beat this just fine, god racism wont matter since tumbler doesnt care how much damage u take.


Random Tumbler Leader
PR Verdi
Lu Bu
Cancer or Emergency Heart Converter
PR Idun

How do you deal with 5th round? will lubu, cancer and pkod be enough?

Anyway after thinking about it. The best teams to go are probably as follows:
2)Santa ally with Valac
3)Dual Valac
5)Dual Astaroth team

Personally, imma yolo and bring my Fire mono with a Valac ally to get rid of the elemental disadvantage. Giving it a shot.

I'm assuming they have different initial CD like the revive each other enemies usually do, then it wont be a problem, verdi and idun should heal back half ur hp every turn.

Sry to say I heard both of them hit together... Would be awesome if tumblr can work.

Is possible to use poppy to change difference CD ?
But I am not sure both are fully heal like extra stage of investiture ?

Wow... using poppy to change their CD-> brilliant idea!

So my suggested team would be:

Water Paladuck
PR Verdi
PR Idun

Main Allies: PR Nezha, All SS Ducks/Dogs

Looking For: PR Baph, Mark II, RGB Yanxi, Solomon/Pete, Su siao-syue, 
Main Deck
[Image: 0236565c.jpg]
Other (complete or in Progress)
[Image: u4IzV_.gif]

OK apparently Ultrapyre is right, I'm so sorry guys I've misintepreted stage 5's skill, changes are made.
Its not normal reviving, when one dies, the other will somehow heals itself and absorb the other mob's stats. Or thats whats written in chinese wiki.

How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
0 diamond with
PR dark ed + blue ed + light ds + dark ds + Dark golem / ally - blue ds

super easy but disappointed because the card's passive is
300% full attack, not 300% to any kind of attack...
(05-28-2014, 12:48 AM)Blitzkriag Wrote: OK apparently Ultrapyre is right, I'm so sorry guys I've misintepreted stage 5's skill, changes are made.
Its not normal reviving, when one dies, the other will somehow heals itself and absorb the other mob's stats. Or thats whats written in chinese wiki.

I suspected that too, considering the Puppies appeared in GM JZY stage with the same ability. Good to have confirmation. ^^
Furthur info, there are chances of getting different cd on stage 5. Tumblr is possible but you'll need to be lucky.
How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
I'm going with dual leo. Let see what it can do.
Need alot leo ally max lvl, will remove after sm.
Id: 27566200
Name. Wong ah neh
Ally: Leo max lvl.
Gonna use tumbler deck, so god racism doesn't matter since you don't care about the magnitude of incoming damage.
1. Tumbler (L)
2. Pr Verd to make a lot of calculations easier and removes alot of limitations.
3. Poppy to spilt puppy cd
4. PkoD ( for puppy stage, because cancer is useless against shields, so might as well bring PkoD which is use-able for every stage.
5. Emergency/stats dummy card, to adjust hp to below 13k, and a panic button, things like schemas, urd etc.
6. Pr Idun
Max hp = ( 4.5k + 2k ) = 13k for two enemies. ( 2x puppy stage )

1. Stall and kill.
2. Tumbler through, this deck is made to cope with cd-1 tumble. ( So cd 2 is not a problem )
3. Tumbler and break color, then 6 combo normal rune spin kill.
4. Verd to speed up things.
5. Spilt CD, stack verdandi, finish with PkoD, don't mess it up their skills is trouble.
6. Tumbler and kill.
7. 3 stack with Idun = 500 net damage per turn, just kill him.

Will have second post after clearance. This deck may take some time.
Good Luck.
Suggestions pl0x, how bout PR loki, baphomet, Odin, odin & PR endor with ally PR loki? Able to pass within 5 diamonds?

Sent from my Pokedex - EX
[Image: fcb14757.jpg]
hmm ok i might be wrong but here's what i see from all the discussion and assuming the stats are accurate i think the following idea can clear with 0 diamonds.

so basically as many ppl mentioned, tumbler ally pr idun. and to use poppy to split the puppys' cd. so i was thinking, why not use the same concept as way to cruelty? form a team below 9086 hp, while remaining above 7715. 100% wont die unless u fail to dissolve runes. and just wait for lubu then clear up with pkod.

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