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Did an minor analysis for collaborations we had
With the King of fighters collab we'll be having next patch, this'll makes us have 3 whopping collabs for the last 3 months. MH sure been doin' pretty good this year with all the collabs, props to them.

Some screenshots I snagged:
[Image: 0001591499.JPG]
Kyo Kusanagi
[Image: 0001591500.JPG]
Terry Bogard
[Image: 0001591501.JPG]
Iori Yagami

And here's a bit of history of past collaborations, we got B-Duck,a Hong Kong based consumer-goods company 3 years ago, and this marks the first time MH collabs with another company.
About 1 year later, Disney agreed to collab with MH, but at a smaller scale which was just its villains and was sadly restricted to Hong Kong & Taiwan  not that it stopped us as a promotion for their film"Maleficent".
Around 2015, Taiwanese company Softstar entertainment has joined hands with MH and allowed 3 series of theirs for collaboration, Xuan Yuan Sword, Chinese Paladin and the Richman games over the course of 2 years.
We also got the Monster Strike collab happening in between the Softstar collabs, making Mixi the first Japanese company to partner with MH, in return, the chinese version of MS got TOS characters added in and both sides did a "Grand finale" with better cards/monsters following the closure of the collab.
The Clash of Kings collab occured sometime after that(at the start of last year I believe), the chinese version(again..) of CoK got a minor TOS collab (quite negligible if you ask me)
And around 3 months ago, another Japanese company,Wonderplanet's game Crash fever got together with MH and did a worldwide collab for both games, a major step for MH IMO.
Just last month, Pili puppets collab happened, it's a popular Taiwanese TV show using puppets as actors with voice acting included.
Next patch, we'll be having King of fighters collaborating and that's a pretty huge milestone for MH since the franchise is well-known worldwide.

So far, it seems that MH are only capable of collaborating with companies that are Taiwan/HongKong based but slowly expanding to foreign companies but still mainly Asian ones. Although they made some partnerships with other big companies like Disney and to a lesser extent  Mixi, even then the amount of exposure they got in return are quite limited to Taiwan/HongKong, rarely gaining worldwide exposure like Crash fever's collab.

But enough of that, I want to know what other collabs you guys expect in the future? Off the top of my head, I'd say possibly 'The battle cats' by PONOS and maybe even some manga/anime collab like Naruto. Would be interesting if they did a collab with some Korean game or such, but then again the Big Bang collab got a really bad rep from the chinese side. Anyway, do share your thoughts on collabs here! Cheers!

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Manga/Anime collab will absolutely make the game skyrocket.

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Colabs with bandai/banpresto and bring mecha series is the only colab I waiting for.
Old mecha series like mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Voltus V, Gundam, etc, are my childhood memories.
I'm sure will bring a lotta SupaRobo Taisen fans to ToS.

Mayday collab would be crazy. Much better than Big Bang imo. (and completely different genre, I know)

If there was a G.E.M collab I'm sure we would see many people leave the game.
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Wow the collab for King of Fighters in Crash Fever just ended and then it was TOS' turn, noice

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