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Diamond Seal Event - Sinister Remains
I am very salty. As usual, I waited for rare rate up day (today). I drew my usual 12 draws. Garbage!

6x Yang Yuhuan
3x Li Ji
2x Bao Si
1x Longyang Jun

I got zero rares and didn't even complete the commons. Never happened to me before. I can't bring myself to care, so I won't draw anymore, but really pissed at this nonsense.


  1. Dupe YYH
  2. New MX
  3. New BS (Poor girl, lol)
  4. Dupe MX
  5. New LYJ
  6. New WZT (!)
  7. New LJ

Don't care about this series in general other than YYH and LJ, so I'm done.

[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
Rate up was great for me today, I got back to back jackpots with Cleo and Eve, got 3 Bao Di in a row though.

ID: 25923781
Looking for: Any ally that is at least dual max

Main Allies: Azathoth, Killua, Yusuke, Aqua, Darkness, Hiei, Natsu, Lucy, Atlantis

CN ID: 878758321
Main Allies: Daoloth, Meso
Looking for: Daoloth, Meso


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