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Diamond Seal Event - Seven Chakras [Aug 20 - Oct 1 2018]
Bit late. I did manage to snag Shiva during the rate up, no Brahma, but his best setup seems to be with Amaterasu who was the first rare I ever got so I'm not missing out on much. Got 4 Lakshmi who was the most important common to me, so that's settled. One Varuna and one Parvati.

Feels bad to miss out on Varuni, but there will almost certainly be another black card event before the year ends and it's time to start bracing for impact, so low draw this time round.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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I got all 3 rares including a second vishnu in 19 draws. However the real 'rares' are the commons not the rares. Im happy to get multiple copies of the commons since they are so good.

I dont think the rares will last long.


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