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Diamond Seal Event - A Journey to Tianzhu
10-Diamond Seal:
- Tsuchigumo
- Inanna
- Gawain
- Samuel
- rose sisters
- Tyr
- aloha
- Yuki onna
- freyr
- copper bullet
- lady white bone skeleton

Ancient coin seal:
- Amaterasu (is she any good?)
- Rococo
- Phanes
- Karasutengu

140 Draws

3 Water
3 Fire
4 Earth
2 Light
2 Dark
3 Rakshasa

p2w noob.

I love u please be my valentine (next year)

[Image: 6nabheze.png]
 69531602                                      Saviors League (Lv17) looking for members
initially decided only 1 draw for outfit. but one of guildmate mentioned a good point. if i get the card i want from All Max reward in this draw... i can get another one... so...
had 360+ dimes.

125 dimes to get... TSZ... this is... i want Iron Fan...

planned to get Cassandra from All Max reward.
if i press on, guarantee the 2nd black card will not dupe. if i stop, next rotation i might get dupe TSZ and hard to get Iron Fan
still no Cassandra, no Gemini... heck... draw again...
Gondul... that makes me not have exactly 5 Dark Gods, can even get Gemini....
pull... pull... Iron Fan on... 65 dimes

Total 125 + 65 = 190 dimes for TSZ and Iron Fan... WORTH Big Grin
no Cassandra, no Gemini, 1 dupe Circe instead...
only did 50 dimes draw once and got White Bone, Light Elf. the rest drew one by one

coin seal... in order...
1st Azatoth WHUT Big Grin
2nd Rococo... hmm good card... but 100 coins?
3rd Sunnie (dupe) [email protected]#$@$[email protected]

still can make 3 more coin draw... duno... will see...
RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
150 diamonds for Iron Fan
My Regular Allies (max level): PR Daji, PR Wukong, All Babylons, All Norse VR 

ID - 40,752,281
Keeping dupes in case of dragonware
[Image: kkkeFG7.png]
ID: 67339257
7 new cards in 2 10-draws, 4 regular draws and 4 ancient coin draws.

- Spider Demon (Decent)
- Virgo
- Thor
- Apollo
- Gaia (PR might make her viable again, sure I'll take it)
- Yunyang
- Belle
- Suzuko
- Aries
- Pisces

- Fafnir (Collection I guess)
- Florice (Not bad! Been missing that effect clear for a while, and Sun Ce could use the help.)
- Todd
- Poseidon
- Samael (Finally!)
- Inanna
- Loki
- Oichi
- Cancer
- Spider Demon (really? a guaranteed Sindhu and you give me the exact same one?)

Normal draws:
- Demon Lu Bu
- Rosa Sisters
- Samael (2 in a day, after months...)
- Aether (Eh. Already maxed using a dupe.)

Ancient Coin draws:
- Sunnie (Feh. Not super useful unless I had a third.)
- Yocto (I already have one untouched, I don't need you at all)
- Iron Fan (WOOT!)
- Phanes (Same with Gaia, might become viable with PR)

Then I redeemed one Daji for dragonware; Bull King isn't super useful anyway. Not super great draws overall but I guess I can't expect stellar results.
Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

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ancient coin gave me rococo , erebus and then Iron Fan.

Then i foolishly decided to buy the 30+30 and do a 10 draw - got nothing good. MH as usual rewards me in the first 5 draws and then I'm stupid enough to test my luck.
ID: 54962818

Looking for Gaia allies

Forum United 3 recruiting - 126856
3x10 draws and 5x Ancient coins
1st 10x New = Yocto, Tsukuyomi and Boyciana during the 1st 10x(+the Sindhu twins)
2nd and 3rd = nothing new, other than the guaranteed Sindhus
Ancient coins = Sunnie, Wukong, Nobunaga, Gaia (all dupes..), and Guan Yu(NEW!)

Still at 0 Genesis cards, but really within expectations since I'm still at 0 Apollo after 4-5 years playing =.=
Dejavu with rare fire units yet again(3x Nobunagas in this one)..RNG trolling as always

Final round of ten draws:
  • New Spider Demon (Dark Tianzhu)
  • New Haza (!!!)
  • New Rakshasa (!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Dupe Gaia (Dual Max Gaia, here I come)
  • Dupe Dumuzi (Decompose)
  • Dupe Cass (Hm...)
  • Dupe Arthur (Hm...)
  • Dupe DBK (lolwat?)
  • Dupe Sunnie (Dual Max Sunnie, here I come)
  • Dupe Lisa (Machina time?)

Wow, can't believe I got Rakshasa, who is definitely more useful to me than TSZ.

Onwards to Ancient Seal~.
[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116

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