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Diamond Seal Card Draw Event 『The Calendar of Omniscience』
I believe it is average 10-30 draws got her on the 30th draw did 8 ancient seal draws got 2 water Xi's she was the one I wanted the most at that time lol ended up getting fire yan overall still missing 3 cards Phanes, Gondul, and DBK! But got all black cards tho Wink

If your Game Name: Orgasmatron.
ID: 4575154

Allies: Izanagi, Rakasha, TSZ, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, LuBu, Aether, Beelzebub, Barba/Nid, Chessia, Satan, Abraham, I always have Newest Meta Leaders.

Looking For: Current Meta Leaders!
Did 7 Ancient coins draw first - Water Xi (dupe), Anub (dupe), Fire Xi (New), Yocto (New)

Proceed with 1x 10 diamond seal draws - Maya (New), Hephaestus (New), rest are dupes.

Prob the luckiest draws I've ever had for awhile.... haha

[Image: e8852693.jpg]

My Regular Allies: Wukong, PR Thor, PR Tyr, PR Faugn and Apollo.

Game ID: 33,393,653
Did 3 Ancient Seal Draws, got Guan Yu and Fire Xi as new cards.

Pretty pleased. Big Grin

ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
I did 40 draws to get Maya (I've been stockpiling diamonds from the monthly package for ages!), and along the way picked up a few new cards: copper bullet, osiris, swegde, clara and skogul.

I also did 4 ancient seal draws - got a hideyoshi and dupe Anubis.

I have enough for 3 more ancient seal draws, but not sure if I should draw now or not...really only need Abraham, Amata, Merlin, Fire Yan or frigging Daji who has evaded me for four friggin years!!
Had 220 ancient coins, so did 2 summons: Mastema and Chessia, both new. I was missing 31 out of the 44 pool, so non-dupes were likely. Still quite disappointed with the draws (for non-black wanted Izanagi or Guan Yu).

Now wondering whether I should spend all my diamonds in a 10 draw to get another shot at the ancient seal... What do you guys recommend?

Edit: I caved and did 10 draw + 1 ancient. Got 5 new cards (Taurus, Artemis, Forest Keeper, Geironul, Sera) and got screwed with another Chessia from ancient coins...
150 diamonds to get Maya
including 7 ancient seal draws, I got Loki, daji, wukong, satan, abraham x2, chessia, shu, arthur as new cards

Overall very pleased.
Akanto Wrote: Ducks are awesome. Big Grin
2 AC draws - 2 black cards.. aand they both are Fire Bride Xi. I feel both happy and sad..
Started with 230 ancient coins.
18 normal seals + 4 ancient seals to get Maya.

Got Maya from normal seal. There goes 90 free dimes.
Along the way for a new gold card. Fire ethereal
Other non dupes r Izanagi, forest keeper, lubu (human), pilatus, lushang(demon), florice. 8 of 22 draw r new cards .... Not bad I think ....
Did 1 ancient coin seal draw before deciding to use my first diamonds.
Got Maya.
Cost: 0 diamonds and 100 ancient coin seal draw.
Imagine the greatest signature you can ever think of. There ya' go!
Did a 10-draw first. First 8 cards were new (because I lack a lot of diamond seal cards): Wen Zhong, Copper Bullet, Earth ED (yes, really, I don't have this), Light Keeper, Dark ED (again, yes, seriously), Cancer, Alma, Kukulkan, Kukulkan, Yunyang. I wanted WZ so not too bad, and of course I'm happy to see Copper Bullet, but I still lack Novalis so no dragons for me yet.

Then 3 ancient coin seal: Lubu (heck yes), Rococo (okay, at least it's new, though not really what I wanted), Honda (my 3rd Honda...)

Kind of a meh draw for me, especially since all of my friends got at least a black card each :/
ID 67264188
Want: Diaochan, Marionette Tsukuyomi, YYS and YSC
Allies: YSC, YYS, Ophiuchus, PR Loki l91, PR Ra, PR Idun,  6* Poseidon IV l99, Honda, PR Yangjian l93
I accept all active players. Can change allies when requested.

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