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Diablo is back and now it's insatiable!
[Image: 100?cb=20191123170240]

So with Diablo getting vr it finally got the ability to pierce through enchated shields with the overheal, not only that there's an attack multiplier now to go along the overhealing and countering the downside though is that it requires leader and ally Diablo, Insatiable Guttler of Elements (better known as ovr Diablo or refined Diablo). So let's get the info:

Active Skills:

Baneful Replacement of Spirits (CD 6)
I. Randomly change Attributes of all Runestones:
⇒ Occurrence rate of Heart Runestones increases.
⇒ Heart Runestones will become Enchanted Elf Runestones.
II. When all Members have the same Recovery basic value,
⇒ all Attributive Runestones also possess 50% effect of Heart Runestones.

Plunder of Life - EX (CD8)
For 3 Rounds:
I. Convert 30% Damage dealt on the enemies to HP Recovery.
II. If Team Recovery is 0 at the end of the Round, the number of Rounds with the Skill staying in play will not reduce.

Leader Skill:
Retribution for Sins
I. Elf Attack x 3.
II. Damage received x 2.
III. Launch an Attribute-effective Counterattack as much as 5x Damage received, regardless of Enchanted Runestone Shield.

Team Skills:
I. Elf Attack & Recovery x 10 additionally.

II. By dissolving Runestones of 5 Attributes,
⇒ Damage of Elves will be dealt regardless of Combo Shield.
Both the Leader and Ally are "Diablo, Insatiable Guttler of Elements".

Team Skill:
I. When HP is full, the next Damage received will not lead to your defeat (one activation each Round).

II. 6x Recovery surplus will become a Full Attack, regardless of Enchanted Runestone Shield.
The more the Attributes in the Team, the higher the Attack, to the max x18 for 5 Attributes.
Both the Leader and Ally are "Diablo, Insatiable Guttler of Elements", and the Team consists of only Elves.

So Dual Diablo brings from the leader skills 9x attack, 4x damage received and 2 5x damage received colorless attack that ignores enchanted shield. The team skills bring 10x attack and recovery for elves, the classic elves tumbler, ignore combo shields by dissolving runes of 5 attributes (doesn't specify first batch) plus the classic Diablo overheal as an attack is 6x base that increases the more attributes in the team to the max 18x for 5 attributes! And it ignores enchanted shields!

All effects combined makes 90x attack for elves, 2 20x damage received counter attack and a 60x to 180x attack from overheal!
All this propelled forward by the tumbler makes the team extremly hard to kill thanks in part to the powerfull active skills.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+Tumbler makes it hard to kill.
+Has excelent recovery to get the tumbler back.
+Can heal without hearts thanks to the actives.
+Can do a lot of overheal damage.
+Counters a lot from taking extra damage.
+Counter damage can be used to heal while the leach active is up.
+The attack multiplier is good.
+Elves have a lot of utility.
+With the right members it's almost imposible to die.
=No time extension.
=The Fruties biweeklies (Green Apple, Cherry and Banana) takes place of pr Diablo combine skill .
=No dragonware for elves.
-Locked to mono elves.
-Lowish hp makes phantom enemies more dangerous.
-Fixed leader and ally kills the fun ally combinations of pr Diablo.
-Best members are the rarest elves.
-To get the most of the overheal it requires a rainbow team but there's no rune share.
-To get the all runes=50% heart a fruttie is required.

General Gameplan:

First thing first you want only elves in the team to get that tumbler, without the tumbler effect the team survivability pluments a lot thanks in part to the extra damage received.
A 90x attack multiplier makes the team pack a nice punch and going rainbow or partially rainbow makes it the good old pr Diablo heal to win team but makes it harder to use the attack multiplier efectively. The first active with a fruttie takes the place of the combine skill  and is great when going rainbow and the leach effect of the second active is extremly helpfull even if you don't plan to attack at all.
Multihit non phantom enemies are not a problem so long as you can do damage to them, just use the leach active and fulfill the shield conditions that way when the enemie hits you it triggers the counter attack which heals you most likely to full hp (and even overheals) so the next attack will be received at full health which means the tumbler effect is back! A fun thing to do when doing Shamash stage is to have the leach up then run into the weathered rune of machina Qinlong and see how it kills itself from the counters to the 8 hits!
Between leader and ally there are 6 turns of leach on cd 8 and 2 turns of all runes haviing the effect of hearts (frruttie required) the recovery of the team is excellent and makes it easy to get back up to full health.

Here are some thoughts on a lot of elves and how they go in refined Diablo teams, they are in no particular order. Click on the names to go the wiki page!
To start with there's no going around the fact that while Diablo is a farmable leader, the best members are premium ones.

Supreme Reckoning Daji:
One of the best members for Refined Diablo, she brings a time tunnel, board enchant, rune sharing, dodge the first enemy attack (requires mono elf which you should be running), great stats and +1 second of spin time with her dragon ware. Yes the chased fox is the swiss army knife of elves super expensive and rare but there's few times where she is a wrong choice for the team.

So the active makes damage received zero and part of the strenght of the team is the counter which might seem like a trap option but the important part is that it lasts two turns. Previously I mentioned how it is fun (if hard) to run this team agaisnt Shamash tenth seal stage and attentive players might say how do you survive a 27k phantom anbush with a 16k hp team, because it is an ambush Daji doesn't work but Diamond does! Between Daji and Diamond they cover any survivavility hole in Diablo already ridiculous survival kit. The added 2x team attack is a nice cherry on top.

The Frutties [[b]CherryGreen Apple and Banana (not to be confused with Inana)]:[/b]
Well their active makes heart have the effect of their attribute (fire, earth and light respectively) which isn't bad and actually usefull because the first active of Diablo tends to make a good amount of hearts. The real draw is the team skill that synchronices the recovery stat of all members with the member with the highest recovery, this makes the team overheal more but also makes the first active of Diablo act as the old pr Diablo combine skill.

Divergence Diablo (A.K.A. treant Diablo):
Well he is a weird member the first active brings a board explode and enchanted water, fire, earth, light and dark runes so thats a nice and usefull enchanted quintet shield solver and clears a lot of board hazard but the second active is better for Refined Diablo. The second active makes all runes have the effect of heart for two turns so another pr Diablo combine skill but for two turns!

Attack and recovery up to 2x for 8 hearts dissolved and more damage received is excellent for the team, keep dissolving hearts to keep the effect going.

Attack added from the excellent elves recovery is great, but then a full heal and a board explosion on deactivation (which can be done at any time)? Really good active for the team, even more tools for the survivavility and a way to clear most board hazards means she is great all around for the team. Too bad the extra recovery multiplier from Diablo doesn't affect the active.

Other than having a high hp Diablo is a better leader in every sense. With that out of the way she is not a bad member if going mono fire because her board gives half attack runes, half healing runes and the easy 9 combos of Izanagi's board.

Persistent 2x recovery is good, just keep in mind to dissolve hearts every turn.

Refined Saruman:
Two turns of 2x attack and recovery and the other active is a full heal and a tumbler so all in all a good member.

Divergence Saruman:
Weirdly the first active on the first form is the best for the team unless you have a lot of dark members in the team.

The damage multiplier is a nice boon but the main use is the two turns no crowd control effect. The other nice part is that because it's a side buff you can use it on two different waves.

Adds 2 combos and unlocks the elves, when unlcking it becomes 12 added combos! Bring when an unlock or 2 extra combos are needed. 

Clears a lot of board hazards and has an easy to trigger conditional 5x attack multiplier. Good in general but because of all the board explosions from elves takes a little from the clearing of board hazards.

Three turns of enemy defense equal 0 and a 1.6x to 2.6x attack multiplier. The downside is that because it is a control skill certain enemies are unafected by it.

Nice to make 6 hearts and can last two turns, the extra 1.5x to attack is a nice bonus.

Another defense 0 control skill, the conversion helps when going mono fire and the extra attacks are not guaranteed to be done if you dissolve the board.

Great against burning skills and has a self boost attack which is nice when bursting.

Aurelite 23:
Fixed 23 combos on a short cd (because it's mono elves!) acts both as a booster effect and against x+ combo shields.

Super Seven:
A fixed board that is great, not much to add except that it is an easy ten combo board.

The first part is a nice counter to the enemies that don't allow disolving their attribute runes. The other is nice extra attacks at 30% so mostly for x hit shields.

Atack and recovery 2.2x that keeps in play if you dissolve all present hear runes is a good skill.


She is a 2.5x attack for the other which is good if you want to burst but doesn't bring much more sadly.

The extra attacks are nice but can't guarantee the 6+ heart runes needed to keep it going, still combos well with Emerald if there's a x attack received shield.

The elves main burst option, remember to dissolve water runes for her to attack.

Lady White Bones:
Here she is a full board enchant but there are better options so not too good here.

King Slime:
12 seconds time tunnel but the draw is that heart runes dropping will be adjacent can work wonders with increased heart chance or forced heart drops.

Li Ji:
Two turns of time tunnel and elf attack 2x is great utility too keep in mind even with Daji in play, plus she makes elves runes every wave.

Longyang Jun:
This earth elves gives damage reduction for each attack launched, hard to get to the ten attacks for 100% damage reduction but there's little use on a team with tumbler and extra damage received plus this makes the counter weaker.

Yang Yuhuan:
This is the only effect clear for elves, is a full heal and if there's a fruttie then other members receive cd-1!

Xi Shi:
Well the enchanted quintet runes arranged in 5 combos might seem to be overshadowed by divergence Diablo but already been in combo is good for 2 seconds or sticky path or masked or burning, etc.

Denise (elf evolution):
Magic circle to choose the attribute rune to explode, first batch will be elves runes and increases move time to 12 seconds.

Five turns of 1.5x is good but only she gets the 2.5x.

The Wretched Twins:
Two actives, the first makes fire to heart which can be a good for emergency healing but the second one explodes frozen (the can't dissolve state) and electrified to make enchanted water runes which is great utility.

Move times 10 seconds, attack and recovery 1.5x and all runes have 50% of water is great in the right conditions, specially because it affects the overheal damage.

Good if you expect o grind in some places, a classic really.

Yomi (from yyh collab):
Absorbing the enemy attack means another way to survive!

He brings a lot of utility, board changer, board explode with 2.5x elf attack, time tunnel and self attack 4x for two turns but it can lasts more.

Freeze enemies and deactivates them for a turn plus5 seconds to move time.

Sprites (power released):
Their actives are nice, keep in mind and they might save you a lot of troubles.

White Faced Vixen:
Another two turns of time tunnel but this ones makes hearts into elves runes. 

While the persistent 2x is nice the 1% lost hp per step means you require to heal every turn, not bad but something to keep in mind.

Sengo Muramasa:
Attack and recovery 1.5x is nice but the cd -2 by dissolving hearts makes it good to have some key actives back.


The classic elf, 2x and a 50% shield is great but the problem here is the extra damage received and taking strength from the counter.

The team attack 1.3x is kinda meh, the exploding all runes not of the enemie weakness can play against you but the combo +8 is good.

Good for mono fire to make some fire runes next turn and the turn of activation making heart and fire into elves increases the attack and healing so not too shaby.


A row of  enchanted hearts with 2x attack is a nice attack and a way to recover without having to move much the runes.

The 30% to combos is nice but you need to dissolve earth so she attacks and keeps it going which takes a little from the good of the skill.

Others cd-1 that makes hearts or dark in the column below is not bad specially with the low cd.

This one is good when bursting, having ten hearts is not hard when using Diablo's first active, keep in mind that high defense enemies block the damage.

Is probably the best attack and recovery multiplier with her 2.2x specially because there's a chance that it's ready again inmediatly.

Is great when going for damage with her extra attaxks, just keep in mind that Andromeda requires to attack to do the extra attack.

Heart babylon for a turn is a great way to get even more healing on the other hand it requires column dissolve so keep that in mind.

Morgan La Fey The Wicked Witch:

Delay all enemis by 1 turn and makes the columns below those whose actives are not ready into hearts could lead to some great overheals.

This child of Khaos board conversion doesn't make hearts neither enchanted runes so in that sense Divergence Diablo is better. The advantages of Nyx are a much cheaper team cost, being the only elf to counter black and white runes and the persistent +3 seconds of spin time.

Well if going rainbow Merlin is the best recovery multiplier for overhealing, add in a frutie and each member launches a dark extra attack! So it's also a little bit of damage multiplier.

To get the 3.5x of recovery you need to be at 1 hp which is easy but not good agaisnt phantom or % damage enemies, the random attribute to heart is really good though.

Phantom enemies can't kill you if they do zero damage! The extra 7x if the enemie attack is 18k or more is a nice bonus, plus cd 8 is a pretty short cd.

Yao Hou:
Explodes all non hearts, do a snipe and even has a damage multiplier.

Dark Emperor Tini (from Monster Strike collab):
Elf attack 2x is not the best but the around 30k snipe is a rare utility for elves.

ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.

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