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Defensive Leaders (DDs/Elves/Armor Zodiacs/Tumbler/Idun/Zeus/Wukong)
I have two different accounts.

IGN: TheCatGod / CursedBlackCat
ID: 79172307 / 84066318
Main ally: Lucy / Nezha
Other allies: Namtar, VR Loki, Dumuzi, PR Hephaestus, PR Barbara / none
Looking for: PR Nidhogg / Wukong, Daji

Large variety of allies, ID 79172307 (Current main ally all max Megumin)

Been playing since March 2015. Level 300+

Retired from TOS. Only playing semi-actively. Message me on Discord if you need me: CursedBlackCat#7801
IGN: 冥王
ID: 86807651
Main ally: Idun
Other allies: Tristan, Gareth, Bedivere, Yang Jian, PR Matryoshka, Dodo, Samael
Looking for: VR Wukong


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