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Defensive Leaders (DDs/Elves/Armor Zodiacs/Tumbler/Idun/Zeus/Wukong)
Main Ailly: PR Idun (Lvl 85)
Need Ally: PR Idun, Wukong

(08-25-2014, 08:24 PM)nadcel Wrote: IGN : Nadcel
ID : 20323683
Main ally : Wukong (soon PR)
Wanted Allies : PR Daji PR Idun

Wukong is PRed now.
Feel rdy to invite me Smile

Need Leo/Galio Ally.

I have Santa, PR faunge, Tyr, Thor, Wukong, PR Idun and many more! ID on my sig.

[Image: e8852693.jpg]

My Regular Allies: Wukong, PR Thor, PR Tyr, PR Faugn and Apollo.

Game ID: 33,393,653
IGN: Acidon
ID: 62,249,684
Main ally: PR Wukong
Other allies: 6* Apollo
Wanted allies: Anything PR'ed and MAX LVL
IGN: Drake
ID: 58,216,284

Main ally: PR Freyr IV (All Max)

Other allies:
Court of Aquarius-Carrie
PR Molly IV (All Max)
PR GSOA IV (All Max)
PR Verthandi III (Maxed CD)
Odin (Maxed CD)

Wanted allies: PR Idun , Leo, Taurus, Pisces
Main Ally:Apollo IV
Other allyBig Grinagon IV,Byakhee IV,Novalis IV, AoD III,All PR Fate sisters(except Valk)
Looking for:Any Newborn Elves, Saruman
[Image: 4ca77778.jpg]

Main Ally:Apollo IV,Thor IV
Looking for:Thor IV,PR Saruman
Ally: Poppy
Need: Wukong (5th seal ^^), Queen of Hearts
[Image: 8d5c7a40.jpg]
Main allies: PR Randeng all max, Margarite all max
Other allies: PR Elizabeth all max, PR Poppy all max, Douman, PR Ursula IV, Changxi all max
Working on: PR Poseidon, Lucy, Lin Yue-Ru, PR Wenzhong, VR Daji, PR Hades

Add me: Margarite, Li-Hsiao-Yao
IGN: [Inc.] thanyou
ID: 20,748,968
Default ally: All max Goddess Athena
Wanted ally: Saruman, Yidhra, Marguerite, PR Idun

I can change my ally on demand, so just drop a PM if you want me to swap to anything! I have a lot of cards maxed, so chances are I'll have what you want!
UID: 20,748,968
Permanent VR Athena looking for all. Feel free to add me!
IGN: wewars
ID: 39692303
Main ally: Domon
Other allies: GSOF, Lightigon, Hephaestus, Decapator, DFTHS
Wanted allies: Icetoragon
ID : 71771529
Leader: medusa fatale
Wanted ally : young idun
Desperately need it for 3rd seal Odin

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