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Defensive Leaders (DDs/Elves/Armor Zodiacs/Tumbler/Idun/Zeus/Wukong)
IGN: Need Saruman!
ID: 4039 8419

My main ally: PR Faugn (max lvl/amol), (can be requested allies => Freyr (max all), Novalis (max all), Diablo (lvl42), Poseidon (Max lvl)

Wanted ally: Saruman!

Main Ally : Tulzscha & Ursula MAX lv amelioration each III
Other : Byakhee & Barbara Ameliorate III
ID : 47,904,010

NEED CAPRICORN (DOMON) asap!!! i wanna try to get Nidhogg Sad

OFFER: Queen Bee

Need: Saruman, Queen Bee
<br />
Main Ally: Queen Bee, Santa, Valkyrie<br />
<br />
ID: 14 013 893<br/>

IGN: Ikkoru;
ID: 51,791,663;
Main ally: Hades ALLMAX;
Other allies: See signature, ask in-game;
Wanted allies: In signature as well, also accepting everybody who will use my allies.
PS: Will delete people if they don't login for too long, if you are deleted feel free to send me a new friend request ^_^
ID: 51 791 663; IGN: Ikkoru; Outdated:
[Image: s.png~original]
Need: Everybody!

IGN: Vell
66 408 606
Main Ally: Lisa lv 83
Other Allies: Tyr 6*, Netzha 6*, Android water 6*, Faugn 5*, big bangs beside light, sloth, PR Idun (soon)
Wanted: PR Wukong

Please lend me your strength oh Wukong masters, at least let me borrow 1 friend slot till next week. need to beat and gain big bang Top and pass 5th seal with overheal deck. Appreciated much.
ID: 66,408,606
Available Ally: Lisa / PR Faugn IV
Looking for: Ursula
Other Allies: Idun, Tyr, Hephaestus, Netzha
[Image: 62381478.jpg]
IGN: GoF Blerghhh
ID :48840308
Ally: Domon (current)
PR idun (max lvl and ame)
Lookimg for ; just add me LOL
IGN: Wezlex
ID: 55 757 834
Main ally: Hades (Lv 99, CD 18)
Other allies: Valac (Lv 99, CD 15), Leo (Lv 99, CD 15), PR Wukong (Lv 99, CD 16)
(switching between allies regulary just pm if you need a specific one)

Wanted allies: PR wukong, PR Daji
IGN : Nadcel
ID : 20323683
Main ally : PR Wukong
Wanted Allies : PR Daji PR Idun
IGN: nutellarain
ID: 67 651 664
Main ally: Tulzscha (L1, CD19)
Other allies: Athena (L17, CD18), Yang Jian (L22, CD19), Fiery Stav (L35, CD9, almost evo)_
Wanted allies: Idun, AoE
*You can indicate additional details like level, CD, amelioration level (where applicable).
IGN: ahblue
ID: 68293311
Main ally: PR idun lvl 92(amolioration lvl 3
wanted ally: Phantomasaur, Sacred Decider Sun Wukong

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