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Defensive Leaders (DDs/Elves/Armor Zodiacs/Tumbler/Idun/Zeus/Wukong)
IGN: Zeys
ID: 65,722,591
Main ally: Wukong
Other allies: AoD, Tyr, Ao Guang
Wanted allies: PR Idun, Wukong,

Main Ally: Ursula(IV),

Wanted Ally: Saruman,Queen Bee

Id: 19383652
Main ally : Circe, Diablo

Wanted ally: Any newborn elves

Main Ally : Heph IV lvl 78
Wanted ally : Saruman
ID : 49 279 063
Name: Najarc
ID : 64,705,050
Ally: Dagon the Deep Dictator (4th amelioration skill, lvl max)

Looking for: Idun the Everlasting Priest
ID: 51889375
Main ally: Valac
Other allies: PR Freyr, PR Idun
Wanted allies: Maguerite the Queen Bee, Yidhra the Bubbling Mermaid
GN: [PxN]TheCrowX
ID: 64,504,534
Main ally: Valac
Other allies: loki,malphas
Wanted allies: Leo
IGN:陳雲鳳 (used to be Claire Veyriel, may revert IGN anytime now)
ID: 8656402
Main ally: Idun the Everlasting Priest [II] (Lv 99, CD 18)

Other allies (changes by request OR if they're required in special battles, PM me in-game):
- Court of Capricorn - Domon (Lv 99, CD 7)
- Paladin Queen of Water (Lv 20, CD 19)*
*will not level until paladin is PRed, I usually use low-HP Tumbler
- Faugn the Dread Devourer (Lv 77)
- Armstrong the Cities Taker (in progress)

Wanted allies: PR Daji, PR Faugn, PR Wukong, Pisces, Leo
TOS English Version, proud K-Pop fan ♥
[Image: MJheq8G.jpg?1]
IGN: iostream
ID: 53,032,539
Main ally: Thor of Fulmination
Other allies: Defensive Dragons, Diablo, Odin, Paladins, Idun, Verthandi, Yihdra
Wanted allies: Saruman
47070818 my id
My ally is water liders max all
I need wukong, leo, pr daji, pr faugn, Pisces

Wysłane z mojego SM-N9005 przy użyciu Tapatalka
Georgi PL
ID: 47070818
Ally: Elizabeth, Mondays duck, Randeng

Need ally: PR Daji, PR Nors Goods ! 

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