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Deck Advice
Hi all,

I am quite a newbie to this game and forum so please be patient with me Big Grin

I am currently stuck on the 4th seal boss and am wondering if there was a better deck I could compose due to my limited knowledge about ToS.

My current team is

Mono Dark:
Loki (5*) level max (leader)
Baphomet (5*) level 62
Little Isabell (4*) level max
Great Schema of Darkness (5*) level 47
Deeperdark slime (4*) level 23

Yesterday I also tried to great a beast team as follows:
Great Schema of Darkness (5*) level 47 - leader
Great Schema of Fire (5*) level 1
Cthulu (4*) level 12
Fullbright Golem (4*) level 20
Baphomet (5*) level 62)

As I have been focusing on my mono dark, my beast levels are quite low so there is scope for improvement there.

I also have the following cards
Metal Fire Golem (4*) Level 12
Metared Golem (3*) level 9
decapator (4*) level 1
Herder Duncan (3*) level max
Magness the Dragonborn (5*) level 20
Earth Paladin (3*) level max
Metallic Fin (2*) level max
Master Sean (4*) Level max
Gluttonous Slime (6*) level 12
Fate Keeper Verdandi (5*) level 1
Shimmer (3*) level max
Jade Golem (3*) level max

What are your suggestions as to some new decks I could build or which cards I should focus on for levelling/evolving.

Thanks in advance!

PS which of my heroes would benefit most people for me to put as ally?

For your mono-dark, Loki as ally. For your beast team, GSoDark/GSoL/DBull

EDIT Misread the question. Many people use GSoD as ally, but later at higher levels more people use Loki.

Lastly, you constructed the teams yourself, I don't see anymore viable teams. All I can say is replace your Fulbright for a Greek Beast when you get one. When you meet bosses that can 1HKO you, add a Demon Bull to your beast team. When you're fighting Diablo, use GSoF as an ally

[Image: 82016452.jpg]
[Image: 3b5f12cc.jpg]
Working on the above

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