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[DSI] Triumphant Will
Yeah, the main issue is that it's very difficult to 1-shot the boss. If they had made it a different attribute, given us DC or halved its health it would be much more reasonable.

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Would be nice if they halved the stamina too.  Was only 20 stamina for other similar event.

Was going to finish my metazord but this event has totally repulsed me.  He only has 3 actives anyhow.  He sux.

If they were aiming to showoff the "upgraded" Metazord with the new mech properties they should've done so with another stage, not this... This stage has basically renewed my hate for quintet shields because no matter how hard I tried to get all elements on the board, if RNG won't give me that one missing rune and/or skydrops then it'll all be for naught. Not to mention most of the time you'd enter the boss stage with less than full health and he hits like a bloody truck, so it's usually OHKO. It's like that stupid Horror Within stage with E-quint shield on the first round all over again. Damn, just thinking about it pissed me off already.

- End of Rant -

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I do enjoy that MH has basically introduced this card to try to revive Metazord as a functional team and then given everyone a stage that forces you to see everything that's wrong with Metazord and how the new card has fixed pretty much none of that. It's quite the feat.
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